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  1. there is scenery for cook Island and NZ auckland city payware, but not sure how it worked in P34 V4.5 had installed in FSX and P3D V3.4 where it worked good, but thats was 32 bits software. for P3D V4.5 will be try and error, sometimes it works fine without really notable problems. but don't expect especially for cook Island orbx scenery quality.
  2. you forgot also madeira P3D V4 Kigali P3D V3 Lagos Nigeria FSX Monastir Tunesia FSX
  3. What also would be helpfull that these new TE sceneries installs directly , without files needed to be first downloaded in zip then extracted and at last installed, because for scenery of 200-300 GB we need 600-900 gb free space to install. and think that many people don't have this space free on drives.
  4. in flying mode I dont experience much differance , only in loading time ssd are much quicker, but prices are really crazy can buy 8 2TB HDD against 1 SSD 2TB
  5. if you need more info , look on youtube and search for Cloning ssd, there a many tutorials how to do it it is really easy and in max 1-3 hrs you are up and running again with your larger ssd , the old one can be use for other purposes.
  6. there is a differance between cloning and imaging, with cloning you make a exact one to one copy of your harddrive I have done this hundreds of times. the only thing is that you must take care that you cloned ssd has same driveletter as the old one.
  7. it is really easy , buy a bigger ssd , clone your old smaller one to your new ssd disconnect your old ssd and reconnect your new one and happy flying again. much easier then a XML exercise. rgds
  8. Wonderful shots, but what kind of framerates you have around big cities like amsterdam, rotterdam , and what is approx size of this region for download.
  9. very silent after previews two months ago, can we expect this update soon ?
  10. this is still preview area, so not ready for download. as soon as released cp will give you notice, like all updates.
  11. yes they work fine , but only france is as much data as whole orbx in total.
  12. Cote dázur is already in development for some time, hope we will see this beauty in 2018. for the rest of france we have another company that covered all French regions, and also spain is available in photoreal , so don't think orbx will spend to much resources to make stuff that is already available in quite good quality. looking more for a Swiss/Austria package, to extend the Germany regions. because Austria and Swiss packages don't blend to well with orbx regions.
  13. should be nice if luxemburg will be added too, then you have all Benelux as full region what bring nice complete coverage together with united kingdom and Germany.
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