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  1. Hello , Out of the blue today cannot load Orbx Central anymore, Have no internet connection, and can only work offline is stated on screen because everything else related to internet is working also Orbx forum or other sites, don't know what happened, why central is not making connecting anymore to Orbx servers. pls advise what to do Operating system: W10 2004 Simulator: P3D V5 Screenshot: Issue: Orbx Central don't start up anymore.
  2. If all add-on scenery and airplanes are available for P3D V5 , there is time enough to switch. expect that most developers will try to get their product working in coming weeks in P3D V5.
  3. no, not yet, because i don't know if the update of essa is necessary , or only needed for HF3 or P3D V5 can you advise me what changelog is for this ESSA update thanks for reply
  4. After updating ESSA scenery have lot of flashing textures in scenery , have already verified files, but same issue. working still with P3D V4.5 HF2 can is be the issue not updated to P3D HF3 ? hope somebody has solution.
  5. Can somebody explain what this tools does in Orbx , because it is an option te install, and not installed by default. but cannot find anything here in the forum about this new option in central. thanks for explanation. rgds Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  6. no , was not ticked on. but was never ticked on and until version V4.02 nothing was changed in my cfg has update v4.031 or V4.033 changed something in this respect ?
  7. Yes, but from orbx only Objectflow.xml , have all my orbx scenery in P3D V4 root installed, have not migrated anything and rest of scenery addon third party , has no irregularites have checked also addon Cfg , and there are no gaps in between any number
  8. no, but don't know how it changed , supposed it was changed during update central from V 4.0.27 to V4.0.33 last week and it not only ORBX but all entries in cfg have mismatch between area and layer of 6 rgds
  9. Good morrning have strange issue in scenery CFG after update Central there is a difference between , Area Nbr and Layer Nbr , as far a as know they should equal see example [Area.101] Title=ORBX!VECTOR_EXX Local=ORBX\FTX_VECTOR\FTX_VECTOR_EXX Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=107 can somebody explain what happened because I can rename hundreds of entries but like to known what cause this. thanks for comment
  10. Have same issue, have nothing in ORBX Library , all in P3D Root , and order is exact backwards you have in layer ordering. My Scenery CFG starts with : Vector_Exx and ends with Vector_OBJ
  11. have just updated and scenery layers are changed in CFG, All Orbx entries are now on bottom , not happy !!
  12. but can I go inside central without updating , because when I startup central, it automatically starts updating to latest version, and I like to decide myself when updating to latest version, because read that several issues are being worked on, and only wanted to update when especially these layering problems are solved. rgds
  13. Where can I find a changelog list of all updates from Central until now 4.010 - 4.015 when reading forum after every update there are new issues , but can find list of changes and fixes in updates. should also be nice that Orbx team gives overview with known addressed issues are being worked on and are not fixed. thanks for reply. rgds , Operating system: W7 Simulator: P3D V4.5 Screenshot: Issue:
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