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  1. Hi guys, flying around Germany for about two weeks now with MSFS2020, I've found some strange issues regarding landmarks, especially TV and cooling towers. Seems as if the AI "sees" a circle in the Bing-map, gets a height from OSM and finally pulls up the circle resulting in a silo without any texture instead of a TV tower. My findings so far: Europaturm Frankfurt/M, Duesseldorf, Bielefeld, Leer, and Vienna in Austria. The whole thing leaves such a fantastic impression, so that this issues are really annoying. I'm hopefully looking forward to something like "German Landmarks" from Or
  2. Everything as usual: -Awesomness -Excitement -"Triggerfinger" waiting for the purchase-button.... Again another pearl in the collection. Thank you guys for your engagement.
  3. WARNING: Reading of the review will cause purchasing the product! (Tested for you)
  4. Cute tiny gadget, the Piper. And a pretty landscape.
  5. Sounds like a similar problem, I had on weekend on FSX. The solution was : Update LOWI and activate a chekbox in LOWI settings: "Use together with Germany South [X]" (maybe in other words). Please check.
  6. Yesterday I wanted to see the issue. From high above, everything seems to be ok, but from a lower level - especially from behind as seen in the first screenshot, you can see the level of the falling water much higher than the river itself. You may wash your plane by flying through I'm using the ORBX FTX stuff (OpenLC North America) without any other Landclasses or so. The view from second pic shows several "hills" inside the water (e.g. below the bridge to the left behind the tower) and a little ship which is cruising in front of the left falls will periodically dive and come up again. Scar
  7. In Addition: I've got very good experiences with Scenery Tech's Landclass Asia. In my opinion absolutely woth the money as long as ORBX doesn't focus Asia as "full fat". The pic shows Beruwala (Sri Lanka) with STLC Asia comparing with Google Earth.
  8. I mostly agree. But as far as I've seen, this is for not seperately available sceneries as England, Norway, GEN, or the US countrysides. I find those issues mostly in Asia, Africa or South America. My favourite: Cairo. With Vector lots of buildings are located in the middle of the river Nile. So this is worth to be overhauled at all. (Right after the development of the more important things like GES ;-) )
  9. Full ack. I began in 1983 with MSFS V1 and kept faithful up to now with FSX. Thank god that there is a competition between P3D, XP and AF today. We all will win in the end.
  10. That's exactly what I fear. Maybe wrong. There's definitely a market for it. Low Budget High Definition Flight Sim for VFR and mostly fun - adressed to the younger ones I think. I have tons of questions about it and will probably "google" the answers. I've time until the release of P3DV4. Then I will decide how to continue. Until then I'm still happy with my FSX, ORBX, REX4, AS2016 and so on... Nevertheless: Great screenies at all, you can sell as greeting cards from Innsbruck.
  11. So marvellous, indeed! How to get real faces in there? And the Off-Roader on the last one is also not standard inventory...
  12. OK. Here we are: Near Bergen but still without Norway. It's just OLC Europe and Global Vector.
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