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  1. Hi Wolfgang, I simply uninstalled , deleted the Running Cache turned Bing on and re installed. Appears that will fix that elevation problem, and crashes. Cheers Bob
  2. Hi, appears I am not the only one....further to the above. Did resolve the CTD's by deleting rolling cache, uninstall and re install as previous reports suggest. What I have noticed Buildings in the air around the Quay and Darling harbour making this not the most perfect release that one expects from Orbx. My PC ...i7-9700, 5Ghz ,32gig Vengeance RAM, 1080Ti
  3. Is anybody else experiencing my problem, with Sydney City Scape I get CTD's. I cannot fly the drone either. If I uninstall it no probs.
  4. Hi again, sorry miss led you, I thought it was OK but after doing a 'verify ' the problem remains, I get that "error message"
  5. Pat, it was just a question. If what you state a "snap shot in time" The r/ways/taxiways are surely a product of then graphics not of actual. The airport has been updated ie the extra bridge... I was merely asking if there any plans. thanks for your reply Bob
  6. Hi guys, Wondering if in the near future a new upgraded release of Brisbane airport is on the cards. As it was one of your earlier releases it has I think, requirements for some improvement especially in the taxiways and runway. I compare to YMML and YBCS and can't help but be very disappointed when using YBBN. I have Prepar 3D ver 4 and have tried many settings but cannot even come close to what I deem as acceptable let alone the standard that ORBX have now reached. You might be waiting for the second runway before this can be done, so if you can consider it I
  7. Thanks guys for all your responses and great to hear some affirmative action is happening. Thanks ORBX for all your great stuff please keep up the good work. As some have commented " I will have no hesitation " buying any material from ORBX. The quality is hard to beat and when you say to yourself how could they improve on this. " WELL " what can one say.
  8. I was wondering why ORBX havent released this airport as yet. I am sure a lot are in the same mind. There are others in good old Auzzie I would like to be looked at. ie. Hobart, Perth and Townsville to mention a few. So how about it ORBX! We do luv your stuff...
  9. Thanks for that. Clearly understood now. Not getting the waterfall any ideas, have tried different scenery settings, still no waterfall.
  10. I have downloaded EMO mission but unable to find in airport search. I have tried to uninstall to re install but keeps asking to install and still in search AYEO does not come up. FTX central shows as installed. Any clues?
  11. Thanks Nick, maybe too early in the AM is my excuse. Could not work out what my next step was to be but now!!
  12. I have FTX Central 3 installed, if this is what you are getting at?
  13. Global Vector FSS0428378. In FTX Central, its telling me an update to 1.45 is available so I have tried to download it several times. After updating it still shows an " Update is Available" ? TnB
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