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  1. Trusty 1070 ti indeed. I also kept that for now with my whole new build (that and my disks are the only stuff I kept)
  2. Hey, I have pretty much tried all I could think off. I verified Global, Vector and the Libraries. Somehow it looks like I am missing a lot of 3d night lights (mainly within the city blocks). It first came to attention upon installing Larnaca from JustSim and comparing it to their screenshots a lot of lights were indeed missing. Another shot of Vienna shows large patches of missing lights (at least I would assume lights to show up there). The problem is I have no idea if and when this occured. I didn't really pay much attention until I noticed this with Larnaca, so it's impossible to tell if it has been like this since the last time I fully reinstalled P3D v4 or if it happened recently and if it did when. The only thing I can think of right now is upon installing LGSK from 29palms I had issues with autogen in their scenery, which I could resolve and an installation of a AutogenMergerConfigurator or something. Any ideas? Am I missing somthing here? Thanks
  3. You've ran into the same problem I had, which was resolved in the thread "ESGG - one little problem". You need to use the new Orbx Central interface to download.
  4. Isn't FTX Central 3 the one to use? Came back to P3D not too long. Perhaps I have missed something. UPDATE: Oops. Looks like my rock was too comfy to get out haha. I already wondered why there were no updates for quite some time. Downloading the new central now.
  5. Haha who knows. Could have been that you got your own cloud system running in anticipation of MSFS. Anyway thanks for looking into it.
  6. Hi there, Congrats on releasing the airport. Was very much looking forward to this one. There is just one very little problem ;-). Could be that perhaps you haven't just wrapped it up yet, but I thought if this isn't intentional I might share. Thanks a lot and Cheers,
  7. Well I for one mostly fly airliners and I don't want to limit myself in flying in a specific region. I want to explore the entire world, especially places that I probably will never see in real. Of course TrueEarth is visually superior than any LC-based scenery, but at what cost?? openLC for me is the perfect balance between visually appealing (there still is a significant difference to default) and optimized enough not to burst my disk or hardware and gives me the entire globe (well hoping that Orbx will indeed finish the missing openLC gaps). Even openLC Oceania would be on my buy list as there is more to Oceania than just AU and NZ and I love flying around the Pacific.
  8. When it comes to terrain (Global, Vector, openLC, etc...) I pretty much got everything except TrueEarth plus several airports here and there. I'm also one of those that have no use for TrueEarth. My wallet is open for all missing openLC packages, Australia V2, airports that can cater airliners and Buildings HD.
  9. Would really be a shame if the openLC line weren't to finish. As a global jetliners flier TE is just too much and openLC just makes that huge difference, which is enough.
  10. Is Australia V2 LC based like all the other Full Fat regions or will it be like TrueEarth. I hope it's the former.
  11. Hi, I was just wondering if YMML is still on the update list for dynamic lighting. About 2 years ago there was a post saying all airports will be updated and YMML seemed to be one of the first ones as it was showcased with screenshots. Just curious or maybe I have missed something. Thanks
  12. Ok thanks. Yeah I though that might be the case. Just wanted to be sure.
  13. Hey there, I know you are probably thinking "Who forgot to disable repeat", but all I am seeing is that e.g. SceneryTech doesn't go along well with FTX Global + Vectors but no details as to what is causing conflicts. If FTX Global is just textures and SceneryTech is just landclass data what's causing issues outside of openLC or FTX regions? I am a bit openLC spoiled... it's hard to go with less, but I'm a world flyer and don't want to limit myself to Europe or the Americas. I know Africa + Middle East has been announced and I think screenshots were even posted, but there doesn't seem to be much news or attention. There have been claims that Africa is still due this year, but there hasn't been anything on openLC Africa for months. Not to mention if and when Asia will come along. And right now Asia is exactly what I am looking for. So until openLC Asia comes along (which probably still is a long way if ever ) any ideas what could be used to at least make it look a bit more organic (if you know what I mean). Does SceneryTech really screw things up, cause that right now is the only thing that I can find that would make sense. Thanks Cheers, EDIT: Yeah, this probably is more for the General Forums. Sorry about that... feel free to move it. Thanks
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