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  1. Can I have a try and buy still cant true earth and stock eglc to work let alone adding this on . Recommended specs and settings for a smooth performance with true earth please.
  2. after the disaster of TE GB Im holding off not sure rtx 2080 is man enough. Specs please ORBX this time video card memory and processor of course if you to fix TEGB I would be more willing to part with my money. EX ORBX fan .
  3. English region is barely flyable in some places with moderate settings with FTX England . This looks brilliant just hope it will be well optimised and some of the issuses in UK around London are improved .
  4. Downloading as well 10gig wow going out for the day hopefully will finish by time I get back
  5. I have tried with scenary config editor as soon as you open ftx central again your regions will be re-applied . Seems to works as a temporary off not sure what will be mucked up in the background JV says you cannot turn off regions. Aerosoft egll and ftx england is a no go always disabled English regions when running aerosofts vas eating machine . Tried turning do L.O.D to second lowest just took off . Fine without England loaded . I appreciate the vas problems are not allways orbx fault but nice to have option as orbx has no egll as alternative.
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