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  1. Hi, I've been really enjoying the TE series for X-Plane but after the most recent update to TE Washington (I think it was a small one to prepare for the upcoming KORS) I have found the water around the coastline to look different (no reflection, no waves, etc.) as attached pictures. I tried re-installing but received the same result. I looked at the other TE installments I have (e.g. GB and Oregon) but they are OK. Am I the only one with this and is there something I am doing wrong (e.g. scenery order)? Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Thanks Tony, it was xEurope (hidden away), I removed it and all good now! Much appreciated!
  3. Hi, Apologies if this has already been answered. I have found these beach anomalies (as attached), the first 2 around Cardiff and third around Portsmouth. I have tried to see if it is my scenery order, the default XP scenery or if others have had this but no luck. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Many thanks mate - all good now, much appreciated!
  5. Hi Nick, Thanks for the reply. Price doesn't change - I did try but haven't clicked the pay by card option, as attached
  6. Hi, looking forward to EGKA for XP. ORBX always do a magnificent job. I own EGKA for P3D and wanting to purchase for XP but there is no discount showing (which is unusual as it always has just come up automatically). Any help is much appreciated.
  7. Thanks for posting! I was driving myself crazy trying different ways to fix it and also thinking I was the only one with this problem wasn't helping either. I tried the fix and all good! Thanks so much for letting me (and hopefully others if they have experienced it) know, much appreciated!
  8. Thanks mate, yes I did. The strange thing was the first time I opened the control panel the yellow dot was marked on the default option and then I changed it. I opened it again aftre noticing it didn't work and then opened the control panel and there was no existing yellow dot. I thought maybe it's not picking up the option when i press the transparent option and wondering if there maybe a file in the Overlay I could just delete to get rid of the default option.
  9. Thanks for the response and good idea. Here are 2 screenshots after I had clicked the transparent option and closed the window and then booted up X-Plane.
  10. Hi, I tick the transparent roads box and close the window and then fire up X-Plane but the roads are still there. Screenshots as provided, any help would be much appreciated.
  11. Absolutely yes for AFS2! ORBX looks great in VR and I will buy anything any new scenery for Aerofly
  12. Hi, thanks for that - that fixed the install and had no problems in the installation process and I moved the files into the proper folder. I loaded it but the trenches are still present (as attached) - is there something that I am missing? Many thanks for your help
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