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  1. Seems vector is not working for me. Global Is fine but when I install vector scenery does not look right and some pauses occur during play followed by the aircraft turning into a black siluette ending up with the game crashing. This is the second time I've tried to making it work even after a clean win10 install and p3d v3.3.5. I'm running a 5820k clocked to 4.0, 16g ram and gtx980 with latest drivers. I'm also running REX essential plus if that helps. Don't know what to do anymore. Thanks.
  2. No, no third party LCs, just ORBX. decieded to just install global for now to see how it goes.
  3. Hi, I run P3d 3.3.5v with Global,vector,open Europe, Alaska/Canada plus Engalnd, USA NCalifornia regions and tree HD. When I start a flight from no particular area and later return to the same scenery all is messed up. The problem began after the new updates. Thanks.
  4. No, no loss in performance though I must say that frame rates in individual regions have always been very low compared to the rest. ( England and Northern California )
  5. Same problem here. P3d 3.3.5 with global,vector,open LC EU and Alaska/NA, England, N.California and HD trees. Thought I was the only one with the problem. Starts well when you take off from any runway then as soon as you leave the area and return everything is in a mess.
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