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  1. Great views! I live in Kalispell so this was a fun thread! I will be doing the same flight this afternoon!
  2. I have two 500Mbit internet connections that my firewall load balances. FTX central doesn't even come close to utilizing even half of one of my connections. STEAM on the other hand will use up to 85 MEGABYTES per sec of bandwidth because it establishes multiple connections to download games.
  3. We all purchased these fantastic products from ORBX. Calling other users ignorant or lazy is not the right way to handle this situation. These forums are designed to provide help and assistance to others, not to denigrate folks for simply trying to get their purchases downloaded or working properly. Installing all of the global and regional products can be a daunting task, especially on a new p3d installation. FTX Central 3 has come a LONG way in making that almost painless for most folks but it is a new application that a lot of folks were unfamiliar with. As with all new things, questions
  4. I am seeing slow downloads as well via FTX Central V3. I LOVE the UI and the idea that this application will install all of my ORBX addons, but the servers hosting these files need more bandwidth. I have a 200Mbit connection and I am barely getting 5Mb/sec for short periods of time.
  5. This has been happening to me...but only in the NGX
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