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  1. Tokyo - fireworks and Mt Fuji

    Here is what Tokyo bay looks like. I took this this pat September as I am over there at least a couple times of year. Great country to visit for sure. Rob
  2. Japan, the PNW of Asia

    Ezochi, I am in Sagamihara but travel around on the weekends. Thanks Rob
  3. Japan, the PNW of Asia

    I am actually here for work and I see more helicopters flying around then anything lol. Beautiful country it is fore sure. Rob
  4. OpenLC Phoenix

    Double J, why would you give it a fail? I am sure there will be mistakes here and there, especially with such a large area to cover. With user input I am sure Orbx will be able to fix those areas over time which are identified by the community. Thanks Rob
  5. AirDailyX "PonySim" April fools

    I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ponie Up
  6. Alaska. Any further plans?

    RHaas you are missing out on some great scenery. SIRP and CIRP are great additions and you can't complain about the price. If you have every watched the movie, The Thing, they actually filmed that in the mountains of Stewart, BC, so it is actually pretty cool to fly the CIRP package out of Stewart. To each's own though. As for Alaska, keep them coming. I can't wait for Norway Airports as well. I have been flying Norway exclusively lately. I bought SCA, but I love the mountains and Fjords. Thank goodness I have a great paying job to support my Hobbies/Orbx addiction
  7. SCA..... Le Sud

    Great Video!!!!!
  8. Yakataga to Yakutat.

    Great shots. Nice to see someone on here from the same area as I am from Chehalis. What weather engine are you using?