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  1. Do ORBX Paware airports for England work with TE GB South ( I own almost every Orbx airport)? Thanks Rob
  2. I’ve been waiting for this one. Can’t wait until it is released. Great shots by the way. Thanks Rob
  3. I had a similar issue after installing TE Netherlands with long load times. I never had any issues before this and once loaded my FPS were awful. My solution was to backup my scenerey.cfg file, delete my cfg file and let P3D rebuild it. Once rebuilt I closed P3D and went into FTX Central and inserted my points in settings again. That fixed my issues with long load times. Hopefully this will help those and I am running P3D 4.4. Thanks Rob
  4. Instant purchase from me as well. Keep them coming from this region. Thanks
  5. Option 2 with seasons for me. I definitely don’t want to fly between areas where seasons are present to another that is summer only. In my opinion it would ruin the immersion factor. Thanks
  6. Great Video as usual. RTMM is what keeps me flying in Alaska. So much to explore and fun sites to visit. If you have ever watched the movie The Thing, it was filmed in Stewart, BC up in the mountains. There is a cool video about the logistics involved in the special features and I love visiting the areas in CIRP as the movie takes place in those areas. Thanks again. Rob
  7. Here is what Tokyo bay looks like. I took this this pat September as I am over there at least a couple times of year. Great country to visit for sure. Rob
  8. Ezochi, I am in Sagamihara but travel around on the weekends. Thanks Rob
  9. I am actually here for work and I see more helicopters flying around then anything lol. Beautiful country it is fore sure. Rob
  10. Double J, why would you give it a fail? I am sure there will be mistakes here and there, especially with such a large area to cover. With user input I am sure Orbx will be able to fix those areas over time which are identified by the community. Thanks Rob
  11. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ponie Up
  12. Great shots. Nice to see someone on here from the same area as I am from Chehalis. What weather engine are you using?
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