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  1. HA! @mglan80 First allow me to ask if you have bought the 747 Immersion package yet? And now story-time...in a previous life I worked in tech in Silicon Valley, as you can imagine we were inundated in buzzwords all day. Cloud, Big Data, Disrupt, just to name a few, reading articles to keep current was always a bit dull. I mean how many times do you want to read about cloud storage, or hackers breaking into a cloud server? Then one day some guy came up with an INCREDIBLE extension for Chrome that produced a great amount of humor out of the blue when reading articles. T
  2. Sorry to hear that, glad I was able to answer the question for you.
  3. Hello Captain, V2 is a completely new product from the ground up. Textures, Assets, variables, and new features for an all new aircraft. There is no update or upgrade from V1 to V2. Keep in mind $42 is AUD not USD. Thank you!
  4. Hello @pro22virus I sent you a PM and would be happy to connect with you 1 on 1 to ensure we're on the same page regarding our A320 product line, both versions. Edson
  5. Eric checking in to see if this was resolved? If not please reach out to us directly, this is community user to user support here. help.parallel42.com //e
  6. Hi there, not likely. We no longer actively develop for FSX. //e
  7. @Christian Franke hi there! Edson from Parallel 42, we see you posted on the community support forum but didn't submit a proper ticket to us directly. Lets get that started so we can help you out 1 to 1. Please visit help.parallel42.com and submit a ticket for support with any info you have on the issue including screenshots. I think perhaps you assumed this was an Orbx product so you followed their instructions for support, we're here to help on our portal! e//42
  8. Hi @Jack Sawyer Just checking in to make sure you got that all installed ok? If not, happy to one-on-one with you at help.parallel42.com //edson
  9. Our sincere apologies, this hiccup was out of our control and due to a corrupt file on the CDN. We've issued a fix you can find here: https://parallel42.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/44001891716-fix-chaseplane-reboot-loop //edson
  10. Hello everyone! I wanted to chime in real quick with an update, we've been moving a few walls around to prepare for the grand opening. Unfortunately that meant we had to close off to the public. As things move into place this morning you'll start to see portal.TheSkypark.com come alive again and other web properties as well. So sorry for the scare and lack of update, sheesh we should post news in this thread too it seems!? =) The next update is coming shortly on the Pilot Portal...and it's a big one. Keven & I have been deeply immersed on the bizdev side... More so
  11. A fantastic move, and I'd most definitely run the 5 season pack sacrificing a little bit of the detail.
  12. Just a heads up that this has returned in v4, Tried re-install, tried the file provided above, and tried both hard and not hard winter. Flickers are back =)
  13. Resolved, a huge thanks to @Nick Cooper from a very happy South American!
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