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  1. Hi Doug. Thanks for posting. I have managed to solve this by moving the addon airport (RJBB) entry in the scenery priority down to below the Orbx!VECTOR entries, except Orbx!VECTOR_EXX. When I went below the _EXX entry, foliage was sticking up through the taxiways. I can still attach the files if you'd like, just so you can see what's going on, and maybe provide some insight for posterity. I use the Lorby Addon Organizer app. Normally, I just put addon airports right below the FTX and Orbx entries in the priority list. I have a dozen or so (including another nearby Japan airfield, RJOO) that are right after those entries, and they play nice. Not sure why this one all of a sudden had an issue. Cheers! add-ons.cfg scenery.cfg scenery_add-ons.xml
  2. 'm not certain when this happened, but I just noticed that my addon airport RJBB in Japan all of a sudden has these two giant patches of land that just showed up next the the airport. They most certainly were not there before. It might just be coincidence, but I hadn't seen this before I updated the P3D client to HF3 (I'm still running 4.5). I do have Orbx FTX Global and Vector installed. I have downloaded the latest Orbx Central app, and refreshed / verified my products' installation and all seems well there. I refreshed the terrain.cfg file. Nothing seems to work, other than unintalling the RJBB scenery package. It used to be fine!
  3. Anything new on this issue? I see someone else has posted on this issue recently.
  4. Thanks so much, Nick. Yes, my evil squares can change colour also. Sometimes they look a little like reflections in water. For what it's worth, I have FSX-Acceleration on this computer with FTX and Vector Global and do not see anything like this.
  5. Has anyone tried to reproduce this yet? Is there any other information that I can provide that will help figure this out? I'm kind of stuck right now. This takes all the realism and immersion out of flying in P3D. Is it possibly something on LM's end that needs to be looked at? I have not posted there because I assumed they would just tell me to do their troubleshooting steps (already done) and then refer me to ORBX support! Thanks!
  6. This screenshot is at KGTF. The squares seem to appear only on terrain that is that light green color. I can slew all around the border areas between Canada and USA and find the squares everywhere you see that green terrain, whatever land class that is.
  7. It seems to happen nearly always in elevated, arid or semi-arid areas of the american west. Maybe elsewhere in the world, too, I'm just not too familiar with where there might be other "high desert" type places.
  8. My test airport for this right now is KGTF. I have tried refreshing the terrain.cfg sveral times now. Still really bad with the black squares. Maybe it isn't just me. Can anyone confirm this in 4.5 with just Global Base? Go to KGTF, Hit F12 and zoom out a few steps. Black squares!!!!
  9. I also did what LM recommends for troubleshooting, including deleting the LM folders in Program Data, LocalApp Data, RoamingApp Data. Everything looks fine (default scenery I guess )until I run FTX Central and re-migrate, then the messed up black areas show up again.
  10. Yes, I did that. (I think). That involves backing it up, deleting it, and launching P3D, right? I did that.
  11. Hi All. I can't stand having to post this, because I've read through several posts of people having this issue and getting it resolved. Unfortunately, I've tried everything I have seen suggested, to no avail. I have done a clean, pristine install of P3D 4.5 latest available download on my system (I5 @3.5, GTX-1070, Windows 7-64 Pro) then installing FTX Global Base and the latest libraries. I am getting black square textures peppered all around several locations. As far as I've been able to test, this is occurring primarily if not exclusively in the mountain west of the USA. KGTF, KRNO, KGJT, KMSO are a few locations where they appear. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the P3D client. I have tried rebuilding the terrain.cfg. I have tried running the "force migration", which seems to resolve this for most posters here. No dice. I have anti-virus turned off during download and installation. I have un-checked the box which tries to use local versions of files in order to make sure I am downloading the entire files from ORBX. I have run the migration troubleshooter in the ORBX folder and everything seems OK according to it. I also own Global Vector and EU Scotland, but right now I don't have them installed while I try to fix this issue with Global Base. I don't know what else to try. I've tried various texture size and resolution settings in P3D itself. No change that I can see. I do not have any addon scenery (or anything else, this is a clean install of P3D) ARRRGH!!!! I hate this BS! Why can't stuff just work how it is supposed to??!! Thanks!!!
  12. Hello. I have Global Base, Global Vector, EU Scotland. I just had to re-install FSX and all my addons (in the process now, actually). I have used FTX Central to re-install my products, but every time I run the verify files button for any of the entries, it keeps finding and downloading more files. Shouldn't it be done doing that when it has been run on all the products I have? I have run it now 3 times each for Global Base, Vector, Scotland, and Libraries. It just keeps finding more files to download. Thanks.
  13. Update- The good news is I was running the FSX-SE version of Global Lights Config. I have since downloaded the correct version to FTX Central and I have run it after installing Global Base. It seemed to work fine, and UTX Lights installed fine and they are working. The bad news is that FTX Global Lights are NOT working.
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