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  1. Perfection! More, more, more, please...
  2. Perfection! More,. more, more, please...
  3. Love it, Heiko. Downright gorgeous. Even the car park is attractive! If I wore a hat, I would raise it to you ...
  4. Somewhat challenged, sizewise. Check your brakes!
  5. Thanks, everyone. Touch wood, it has now stopped. Bizarre...
  6. This very loud, intrusive peep-peep-peep has started up wherever and whatever I fly.I could handle Morse many years ago,ago, but not now. It's consistent, so presumably not an airfield ident. Can anyone rid me of this pest? If that involves killing tedious Seattle radio, I shan't shed a tear.
  7. Bowerman Skagit Anacosta Diamond Point Walter's place
  8. Can't see the runway? Fork left between pylons 5 and 6
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