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  1. Do you mind to send me a copy of Westsim_Innsbruck_GP_P3D.BGL because the new version is also causing crashes when crash detection is on.
  2. After having a look in the Scenery Folder of the LOWI scenery I could figure out that the problem lies within the following file: Westsim_Innsbruck_GP_P3D.BGL When removing it from the folder the problem with aircraft crahes dissapears. But so does the scenery base layer of the Orbx LOWI scenery. Runway, taxiways and surrounding grass are back to default, which does not blend well with the rest of the scenery. Since the Orbx Central only provides unreadable backup files within their zip-files one cannot restore the last file before the change on 22.06.2020 a
  3. Same here since I updated to the latest version. Any help appreciated.
  4. Hello together, first of all I would like to point out that I am quite impressed with the ORBX products I own and have not run in many issues with them, that could not be solved by minor changes that are described on the web. Recently I purchased all of the Papua products here and the Mesh, the Jackson Intl. as well as Emo Mission work stutter free with reasonable FPS, but all of the 7 Tapini Bushstrips cause severe stutters on my system. I get severly jumping FPS between 10 and 40 FPS, normally these stay at constant mid 30ies and above if at unlimited and if locked to
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