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  1. Saved by the Tree

    Hmmm.. all I see in the original post is a meme with a black box and the text. Nothing more, no picture no video.
  2. Saved by the Tree

    You mean like this?
  3. Germany South - München - A Few More

    Schwanstein not Schweinstein. Schwan is the Swan, Schwein is the pig.
  4. Germany South some more.

    Nontheless it is one of the outstanding geographic landmarks of germany, being the southernmost point. I do have LOWI, but I'd expect something like this to be included in a full fat region. Considering that you seem to be from that area, I'd say you do too.
  5. Germany South some more.

    Hmm, the southernmost tip of Germany is not covered according to that KMZ...
  6. Germany South - My First Previews

    Do I spot the Watzmann in the haze in picture #6? And I also recognize where the first one was taken. I drove by on my way to my summer vacation a few weeks ago. It is right next to the austro-german border in close vicinity to LOWS. The mountain in the Salzburger Hochstand. Come to think of it the following ones I also recognize. It is the Hoher Göll and Jenner in the second and the ridge where the Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle's nest) is situated in the third. I'm aware that these are beta, but I'd like to point out that the rural roads, for example the one that the busses use to drive up to Eagle's Nest, are missing.
  7. FTX Norway, Narvik

    So sad. JOBS!
  8. Take a look at the first picture in JV's post. I can see them.
  9. I see what you did there.
  10. Time for Brazil - Yellow - Inverted fun.

    The Cathedral. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rio_de_Janeiro_Cathedral#/media/File:Rio_de_janeiro_cathedral_sao_sebastiao_2010.JPG
  11. Yay! Finaly Africa.
  12. Few trees in Bolvia.

    Oh the paper one could make with that...
  13. Winter in Taz

    If you miss REX, just point the interface to your V4 folder. Done.
  14. announcement New ObjectFlow2 is now in beta testing

    Finally an update. Thanks for that JV.
  15. I Just Can't Do It..........

    My FSX was uninstalled when P3Dv3 came out.