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  1. Not surprising then that you would call Star Wars "SciFi". Which it definately is not.
  2. They just happened to have picked areas where the generic landclass is mixed with photoreal textures of certain geographic landmarks. It's like showing pictures of Mount Vesuvius back when Europe came out.
  3. You are going way overboard with your assumptions. Orbx has always had a mixed portfolio. Yes, the times of LandClass based regional packages seem to be ending. But as long as people use P3D there is still a market for it. And the rest of what ORBX does is Airport Sceneries. And those will not suddenly fall out of demand with MSFS. If at all the demand will probably rise.
  4. That is not set in stone. That was the initial plan, but the developers are looking into wheter that can be changed.
  5. Here is one. His work has always been the first go to for the UK since FS9 for me.
  6. I'd recommend you update to the newest version and see what happens. If you have problems you can still go back to 4.1
  7. It depends on the temperatures and the amount of rain. I paid attention to this closely in the last years because I wanted to see what would be a realistic setting for fall textures in the sim. Of course in real life it is always a gradual process. But the point where all trees have their autumn colours is not reached before mid October. And then it takes about 4 weeks until they have all fallen. So to represent that in P3D's monthly texture cycle, fall colours should only appear in October. The same goes for the spring textures. Blooming of trees starts at the end of March. But it takes until the end of April until all trees are green again. And the yellow rapeseed fields that are part of the ORBX textures can only be seen in May in real life. So both Fall and Spring textures show up too early in the sim and are prevalent for too long a time.
  8. Every year the same questions. This has been going on since FS 2004. Yes, the season change comes to soon. Even changing to fall colors on September 22nd would be too soon for most areas. Where I live you get fall colours from around October 20th to November 15th. Then the leaves are gone. But in the sim it has always been top of September. For whatever reason that has still not been sufficiently adressed. And so each year these topics show up.
  9. I just took a little spin around the scenery in VR. The performance is top notch (well maybe also due to the fact that it is currently 33°C with zero clouds in Belgrade). I love it. The specifics of the geography with the totally flat area around the airport which then gently rises up as one passes the River Save. If there is one thing I would like to see added it is Beogradska Tvrđava, which I consider the most important landmark of the actual city. You guys crafted Novi Beograd in all its godawful ugly socialist architectural splendor, and kind of overlooked the only beautiful architectectural and historically significant landmark left in the whole city. So if you have some development time left in a future service pack, that would be an important addition.
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