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  1. Don't have the extra 60 bucks and I really like the REX weather radar, they're not going to put it out for v5. V4.5 with the hotfix 3 is doing just fine for me. I can keep all the settings almost all the way to the left set at 2048 and still get a good 40 FPS with no problems.
  2. I love the weather radar so P3D 5 is not for me now. I also Like the new wave action that came with the Freeware Ferries Addon.
  3. I have already installed misty moorings and Tongrass F. All works good once you get all configured.
  4. Trinidad TB21 GT Turbo Edition By Lion Heart Creations. It's my Favorite and set as my default.
  5. As I said this has been on two different computers and reloaded about 3 or 4 times, and it just did an update. so if it's still doing the same thing in V5, and as some have said in different places, is it P3D's fault, I don't think so. Just saying, S. H. and live with it. After reading more into the LM Forum posts. I've lived it with from FSX to P3D v4+and 2 computers, over 5 years now. It will seem to be a live with it factor. I'm OK with that. Case Closed. Thanks Doug. John
  6. I have the same lines. Look at my screenshots in the floating buildings post and you can see them. Yes I do have NA Pacific Northwest installed.
  7. I know this is freeware but it has bothered me for a while now. I had this in FSX and in P3D 4+. Always the same ones. With the new update I thought maybe it was fixed, but no. It doesn't mater what my settings are they are there. Is there a fix or because this is freeware it is a live with it type of thing. here are some screenshots. Off the right wing here. to the right of the compass Hard to miss here. Has anyone else ever noticed this? It's just them there and that's it.
  8. Final into Klamath Falls
  9. It's been awhile. With things working better I'm back to flying again.
  10. Are you going to have any presets for 2.68 for 4.5 Hotfix 3. I know it just came out, but? And as you have said with 2.67 it not all that compatible with EF. Not to worry I won't be using EF until the bugs are worked out. Some say they are but I don't think so. My personal opinion. John
  11. Will there be any problems with the new hotfix 3 LM just released today with any thing. The new one is It looks like it's all in the client with a few things in content.
  12. I looked closer at what the installation file was saying. It was saying that it could not install into the c177 I have installed. That doesn't surprise me. It is a FSX plane that just happens to work in P3D. If I try to add anything to that plane it will cause a problem With P3D all together. The WX Radar I have tried to add and it will crash P3D every time. In that case I am going to say I do not have a problem. The c177 and P3D work super great as long as I don't add a P3D add on to the c177. after all it is a FSX built plane, but works great in P3D by itself. And the file does say it's installed.
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