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  1. I'm always under 10,000' this is going to be great. Been waiting for a bit but worth it.
  2. As always I had been waiting for this before I tried anything else. I'm sure it will work great with SF and EF. John
  3. I would wait to update to 4.4 until all the 3rd party apps are all updated and working. This will save a lot of frustration on everyone's part.
  4. Lets go with something in the east. I say Japan. There is nothing from that part of the world, good place to start. John
  5. I'm on 4.3 now and I'm still waiting for REX to get the WX Radar working. Once they get that working I think I'll stick with 4.3 for a while. Everything else is working great. With my new rig even better than I thought. It's very frustrating to up grade and then wait for things to work after they say it will work and then it doesn't. John
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