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  1. Yeah I just installed it again and ran the migration. All back to normal here - you may want to consider doing the same. The only thing that's bugging me is that there is no way to do that with ORBX Central. Is that an oversight or intentional?
  2. Hi all, Am I blind or is there no forced migration possible with the new ORBX Central? I need to do it and used FTX Central is that safe to use because FTX says updates are available and ORBX Central does not.
  3. HI all, upgraded my system and had to reinstall windows. Now I have a fresh install of V4.5 and FTX is stuck at select simulator. Any suggestions?
  4. Hi, No I have no other bgls installed here (traffic/scenery etc.) After a reinstall it looks good: Guess that did it.
  5. Okay so here are my files: All vanilla no editing from my side. P3D V4.1 settings are: Additional note: "Holgermesh AU" is installed
  6. Wow thank you. All these years and never heard of this VASI . I mean there are VASIs (2 above 2 or diferent colours) or PAPI etc. but this is new. Thanks a lot! But still having the problem with the terrain
  7. Hi, Is there a way to fix my all whites? The terrain thing: It looks differently when I select no ground polys in the control panel. When this option is selected then no objects are shown just the ground textures but when I select with ground polys then this in the screenshots happens.
  8. As one can see here the lights seems to be displaced: Here again 4 whites and the issue with the terrain. There is also a significant and visible change of the halo when crossing 280 ft. approx.
  9. I did today issue still persist. In addition to that on app to rwy 19 I always have 4 whites, regardless of A/C altitude. On my last flight I where 2 dots above and then 2 below (ILS) for testing and all you see is 4 whites.
  10. No haven't tried replacing the textures yet but the question is how a simple texture replacement can cause this? There are just a few spots where this is happening e.g: threshold rwy 19, twy A5 and a bit of the runway 32. I tested the scenery before use but only at the gates and found no problems. All objects are there everything is fine it's just those few spots.
  11. No I do not as this issue is independent from that other post. Currently I have objects enabled - in the other post they where disabled.
  12. Thanks. I do not have the default textures anymore as I had never any issues with these textures. Will find a solution.
  13. Hi all, My problem is that the layer below the objects is clipping through. Also the texture quality of the taxiway is very low and I do not think that this is the way it should be. using P3D V4.1 Vector is not messing with this scenery. Any suggestions?
  14. Hi all, When I choose No groundpoly in the options this is the result. Is that how it should be? The Manual is a bit useless here as it tells nothing about the options available. Thanks in advance
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