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  1. Is this an update or something? I have NOCAL and SOCAL so imma getting this too?
  2. Du hättest mir oder jemandem vorher geben sollen der Englisch spricht. (Einen Post im deutschem Forum z.B.) Der letzte Satz ist schwer verständlich.
  3. Or you take off in EDDK and head north til DUS then fly heading 320 -300 and you will have a looot of things to see
  4. The thing that I want to know right now if the EDDF RWY 18 end is finally accurate O.O It's pretty unique... In ADE you can not make the runway number and markings disappear.... and I'll definitely not buy the scenery from Aerosoft https://www.google.com/maps/@49.9995221,8.5267524,351m/data=!3m1!1e3
  5. So yesterday i decided to take a run to Marsa Alam. (Düsseldorf to Marsa Alam) A city in egypt wich is a veryyyyy nice diving spot and has a pretty scenery. Got to take some screenschots: The To wasn't in the best weather. typically germany
  6. Oh well then I'll have to wait a bit more Hopefully you have included my home city Dormagen as we have a Store (LIDL) here around with a bright red roof and a big Chempark - both very nice to spot wenn takeing ouf in Düsseldorf to the south (can confirm by myself ) - because my town is just perfectly between between Düsseldorf ( Germany North) and Cologne (Germany south) These are the Coodinates: 51.0982918 6.83313925943 Oh and by the way the Schattseite is officially austrian
  7. Well the big problem of texture REPLACEMENT is that, they REPLACE the default textures wich are logically in the default folder. Same goes for REX and stuff like that. GSX for example is outside of the root folder because it's a bunch of scripts and models wich have nothing to do with the default P3D itself. So if they want to do, that they would need to "tell" P3D somehow where the new textures are wich is way more prone to errors and bugs as just replacing the default ones. Further as you mentioned by yourself the question is if it's even possible.
  8. Was a kind question. Do you go through your life without asking questions? Where is the problem with a kindly asked question?
  9. In the announcement I've read that Vector relies on a 3 thd. party software. Can you give us any more information about that because I already miss my coastlines . I do NOT mean an eta or something, more like if the devs are, unlike for the Lancair etc., still active. Further the development has been named as "quite critical" what exactly does that mean? Please tell us even if it's something we all don't want to hear . Cheers Henrik
  10. +1 But I would really like to know what exactly the problem was The Devs where silent as a grave.
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