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  1. Doh! Is it really that simple?? Many thanks, Nick.
  2. I've been successfully using FSXSE with EU England and UK2000 Airports. I thought I'd try Orbx Shoreham (EGKA) but I'm disappointed with the windsocks. Firstly, they're plain (the ones in the advertising video are striped - not that I mind the colour!) but more importantly to me, whilst they do indicate wind direction and strength, they don't 'move' realistically in the wind as the UK2000 ones do. I'd like to find a way to remove the Orbx windsocks, but I haven't figured out how to do so. If I could do that I could then reactivate the UK2000 ones. Does anyone know if it's possible and, if so, how I go about it? I have some experience of ADE if that would help, although I'm not sure which file I'd be changing. Thanks.
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