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  1. LOL, this topic and comments is funny to say the least. The entire argument hinges on LEGAL copies. Common sense will tell you where you got your "files" from. I do have one question for John about the one PC rule. I have a multi OS portioned HDD with Vista, 7 and 10. I am in the process of moving FSX over to 10 as I was never able to get it to run like it should in 7. However it runs great on vista. How does the license look at same computer but different OS on a separate partition? Will this still be considered the same computer or will the license verification see it as a different computer? I ask this as I am getting ready to purchase several ORBX titles, and really don't want to waste the license on Vista when everything will be over on 10 in the coming months.
  2. I'm still fumbling my way through the new forums. So far I like it. Now just need to find the newbie manuals.............. lol
  3. Reminds me of another FS developer, who is still working on their release of an aircraft (it's been 3 years). They posted pics and gave a small peek at some video of what was going on, and the forums exploded with "when will it be released?". The most annoying posts to me are the ones that keep asking for constant updates and release dates. Like most I have seen in here so far, I wait. Annoying the developers of a upcoming release does nothing more than take away from them finishing it, so they can post the obvious answers. As a newcomer to ORBX, I like what I have seen so far and await the release of SoCal. This way I can make a nice Christmas gift to myself when I start buy more ORBX products.
  4. lol yeah lots o coffee. Got into a headwind, crossing the BIg Pond (Atlantic), headed to Sydney from Newark, and landed with less fuel than I would have liked. Don't like arriving with less than 2k lbs of fuel left. Makes for nervous pilots . That's good news, My default Pago Pago in FSX, would have me line up on approach looking good, but as I got closer the ILS would seem to deviate from the runway. This would put me in the grass next to the runway headed for the ocean on the left side. Not something you want to happen when your landing a 777! I just have to buy the Global Base, and vectors before I put it in. From the screenshots I have seen of it, I can't wait. Thanks for the info.
  5. I did a search and couldn't find this question. I hope I'm not repeating one asked that I didn't find, if so my apologies. I know the default Pago Pago in has my approach to rwy 5 off by about 200'. I havn't added anything that would upset the rwy deviation of this airport. I have always wondered why it was like that. My question is this: Does the ORBX Pago Pago line up correctly or has anyone had a rwy deviation since installing the airport? Be kinda nice to not have to correct on approach anymore from landing on the grass headed for the ocean. I haven't installed it yet, as I'm currently in a 18h flight for FedEx VAC.
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