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  1. I was informed the other day that Americans don't understand 'Bespoke' Just saying.
  2. The other day I was asked to 'port over' a paint from MDS to P3D. I said I look at it. I did and it turned out to be totally different. It would have meant a new paint. It did, however, disabuse me of the idea of 'porting over' anything from one sim to another!
  3. Can you recall what it was like to have FSX/P3Dv1 though to v5.1 when you didn't have your favourite aircraft/scenery with every new version? so you scuttled back to your comfort zone? MFS is just another step up the ladder. Embrace the advances made by MFS and in no time you'll look back at the previous sims as, yeah, they were good but you can't go back. Unless you're still married to FS9 that is. Which reminds me, where is my favourite little airport Stapleford? Oh I do miss it. I'll have to go back to P3Dv whatever. Nah, I'll wait.
  4. No! It's fantastic to have something new and exciting during these Difficult TimesĀ©
  5. This also happens with the AST Piaggio P149. There's something Asobo isn't telling developers methinks. Do as Bobbie says, you'll be good.
  6. Do be aware that Experience install itself next time you update. The option to not install it is greyed out. Next time make sure the Optimise button is unticked before you uninstall it.
  7. Which ones are listed and which are missing? I've a feeling you are looking under 'Orbx' for something that may be 'Gaya'. Just a thought.
  8. Just to rub it in, whenever I see posts that state 'v2468 driver ruined my sim' my first thought is 'You've been putting your sticky fingers where they've no right to be.'
  9. Aaand. In over 10 years of flight simming I have never seen one iota of difference between one driver and the next. Ever.
  10. Too clever for it's own good as my old Mum used to say. First job when installing new NVidia drivers is to UNinstall GeForce Experience
  11. You give me hope. I'm bracing myself for 80 in July.
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