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  1. Dead! I f was Scott I'd ask for my money back from his host.
  2. Both you and I know that that advice will NOT stop people obsessing about FPS. FPS is what flight simming is all about.
  3. There ya go mate. No worries. Can you feel a 'Closed thread' coming on? Devaluing Likes.
  4. I have it set so that any email containing the words 'released for X-Plane 11' goes straight to junk. Sorted!
  5. For the record, Nick, you're quite right. The Hobbs meter does not work! It does show willing though, the 'tenths' digit flicks from 1 to 0 continuously.
  6. I really must hone my comedy skills. I was kidding. I know what it is, I just never bothered with them.
  7. To be honest Nick, I have NEVER looked at a Hobbs meter in my life. If one came and poked me in the eye I wouldn't be any the wiser. The only thing I did was to use Doug Dawson's sound dll (renamed it orbsnd.dll and 'everything' works. By that I mean the aircraft operates as it always did, nothing seems to be missing, What does a Hobbs meter do anyway? Where would I find it? I'm now going to start obsessing about it! Thanks for that.
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