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  1. The bridge is not built to take the weight of a stationary aircraft. Thought you knew that.
  2. I'd leave the tinkering to someone....else.
  3. Just a head's up. P3Dv5 Lake Tahoe. Loading it from the scenario window it starts to load, gets to the cockpit view, vision clouds over and "P3Dv5 has stopped working".
  4. Tada! Well done mate. EDIT: Yes I remember now. There used to be a warning message saying "Oi! Shut dayn ya sim you plonker" Or words to that effect.
  5. Nick strikes again! My P3D WAS running. I'd forgotten all about it. Must be the coronavirus. I'll be back
  6. Post here or Orbx Central forum? I carried out the Verify files bit. I also closed O.C. and started again. Got the same result. Should I uninstall the libraries and reinstall. Standing by.
  7. Yep, that did it. Thanks Nick. Happy/Merry Thingy.
  8. Hi Nick. Objectflow isn't in Documents. It found it's way into C:\Orbx Scenery instead. That being the library folder I made during the Orbx Central setup. Still delete/reinstall?
  9. Hard to know where to put this. Nick, would you move it if this is wrong? Installed GB 1, II and III. Fine Uninstalled the old ENG. Fired up P3Dv4.5 and get this OKing it sends me onward and upward and I haven't yet noticed anything untoward. I've had a dig around but couldn't find anything obvious(or NOT obvious either) How to rid myself of the pesky thing?
  10. It seems it does. I only have the Libraries weather and 7 is there.
  11. It has to be said that Nick must be not paying attention. Given that he had contributed to the very thread that Tym pointed to. Nick, have a 'tsk tsk'
  12. Why thank you Tym. 'ppreciate it. Search engine ain't what they were in my day! EDIT: Tada!
  13. Looks like they're beavering away looking for an answer.
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