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  1. here is also my order number and date. ORDER NUMBER: FSS0444709
  2. Hi guys since i have installed orbx on my new win10 pc running FSX ACCELLERATION, i noticed some strainge squares on the ground anche tue follow me while flying. It seems like there is no scenery. I post also a picture (taken with an ipad) Any ideas? matteo p.s. i don't have GEX, UTX or others
  3. Hi everyone, i've just bough a new gaming PC and i'm now installing all my addons. I bought orbx a year ago, I've uninstalled it from my old pc and today i've intsall FTX GLOBAL, VECTOR; OpenLC EU and OpenLC Canada and Alaska. After starting the simulator and begin my flight i noticed that the scenary wast't correct: there was water, land, forest all mixed. Do you think i should unistall everything via FTX Central 3 or there is another solution? Cheers Matteo
  4. Hi, Today i've installed a New Airport addon (a freeware of Capodichino Airport in Naples) and when i start my Flight the plane is under the level of the ground. Everything is under the ground! I've got ORBX FTX Vector and Open Lc Europe. It also heppen in some Aerosoft scenery in Germany. I need help to fix it Cheers Matteo
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