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  1. Update: I have now edited my scenery.cfg file in several steps starting with a "virgin" version as it was created by the FSX installation program with 120 layers. I then added in steps of 10 layers more and more sceneries taken from my problematic "full" cfg file. With that procedure I was able to identify two culprits which blocked scenery loading (terrain loading actually) at 37% for more than 30 minutes... It was a summer and a winter set of a Swiss helicopter scenery I had installed together with the Lama X helos.... Now with a load of FTX sceneries installed and active I still have a stop in the loading process at 37% (sometimes at 33%, e.g. when loading KMRY) for about 2 1/2 minutes, but then it continues and the sim is usabel again after about 4 or max 5 minutes total waiting time. I guess I´ll have to live with that unless I deactivate a few ORBX sceneries, namely NCA in particular, but also European airports. Should someone have similar findings or completely different ones I would be grateful to read about them here. Thank you for your patience and I hope that my ramblings can be of use to some other users now or in the future. Cheers Juergen
  2. This is to let you all know that I have the Pacific Ocean again filled with water in Monterey Bay.... But I still have the extremely long loading times at 35%-37% for the terrain. So, in order to "cheat" my way to Monterey I set up my usual C172 at ELLX and slewed and/or moved the plane over the map to the West coast in increments, i.e. from ELLX to KBOS, then KDEN, then KPDX, then KTVL and finally to KMRY. Each step took between 2 and 4 minutes to load the new scenery with a stop of 70 to 130 seconds when 35, 36, or 37 percent were loaded. Then another slow down at around 70% for autogen to load and then slow and steady up to 100%. This seems to have something to do with the FTX files though. When I set all FTX sceneries to "ACTIVE=FALSE", the loading proceeds with no particular interruptions in about 1 minute. With the FTX sceneries set to "ACTIVE=TRUE" the loading is as described above, sometimes I just killed FSX after 5-8 minutes or so. When this happens, the CPU shows around 40% use by FSX and the memory usage hovers around 700-800MB. When I slowly changed the locations in steps, the CPU usage was about the same, but the memory usage was around 1600MB. I hope that someone has seen this behavior before and can give me some hints on what to look for in order to find a solution. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP! Cheers Juergen
  3. I had the same problem, read this thread and after unsuccesful attempts decided to de-install and then reinstall my Northern California scenery. Since then, however, I cannot even load the airports KMRY and also KTVL any more!!!! FSX stops with around 40% CPU usage for a looong time and at 37% "loading terrain data" .... I hope that someone has a solution to this VERY annoying problem. Thank you Juergen
  4. Problem solved with support in the German forum! Setting the global mesh to 5m (was 38m) and the scenery detail to max (7cm) made those piles of dirt go away! Thank you Friedi for your help!
  5. Hello friends: I managed to transfer my scenries from FSS to the FTX Center and did all updates offered to me... Unfortunately something apparently went wrong, because I now have problems with the terrain which I did not have before. Both in Monterey KMRY and in South Lake Tahoe KTVL there are parts of the surrounding terrain protruding into the scenery and that goes as far as to cover buildings or static planes or cars. To illustrate my problem I have attached a few screenshots for you..... Perhaps someone has an idea what is wrong there and can suggest a solution. Thank you already in advance for your help and suggestions. Cheers Tortuga47
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