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  1. Hi Fulvio, I have not had any bother with the sim at all, since activating the sharpening. I performs exactly as it did before but now the screen is much sharper. I had the sim running as I did the adjustments in Nvidia control panel and could see the difference right away. Stands to reason as the video card is down stream of the sim. I have the sharpening setting up to 0.66 now and everything looks really good. Chris.
  2. 441,08 has a new feature in the Nvidia Control Panel, under Manage 3D Settings. A new entry "Image Sharpening". I tried it today at the default settings, and there was an improvement, I then took the Sharpening up to 0.59 and the images in the sim are really crisp. Chris.
  3. Thanks Paulk, things are improving but it has been a long haul, expect to be able to get out and travel again next year. So, back to my experiments, I have made 2 images of my C drive, one a standard install of Win 10 and the other an install of Win 10 cleaned up, so I can quickly swap from one installation to the other to make comparisons. What I find is that the cleaned up Win 10 definitely performs better. Now, with my sim fully loaded, 501 scenery areas in the scenery.cfg file, 11 areas added via xml, ActiveSky v4, Rex Environment Force, Rex Sky Force, and heaps of AIG OCI traffic, and GSX doing push backs and stuff, I made a test flight from Boston KBOS to KPHL, going across Long Island Sound, west along Long Island, over KJFK, NYC, to KEWR Newark, then south over Lakehurst, NJ, and on to Philadelphia International, flying my PMDG 737NG using a planned flight in the FMC, so I would do the same course and altitude each time I flew. The poor i7 2600 never got over 19 / 20 FPS with the standard Win 10 install, lots of stutters, with lots of long pauses over NYC and JFK and at times was down to 3 / 4 FPS. With the cleaned up Win 10, I was getting 28 / 30 at the gate at BOS and during push back and taxi out to RWY 27. Over Long Island Sound (mostly water and a bit of rural Long Island, 30 / 34 FPS. At JFK, down to 19 / 20, over KLGA (between JFK and NYC) 15 / 18 FPS, over KEWR (looking southwest) 23 / 25 FPS, and landing at KPHL, 15 / 18 FPS, and there was lots of traffic at the gates. There were still stutters, but only approaching JFK, LGA, and EWR, and even then they were about only about half a second. So, there you have it. A cleaned up Win 10 does perform better. Next, I'll install Win 10 cleaned up on my flight sim machine and see what the i7 8700K can do at 5ghz with the 32gb RAM. For these tests, I still run Win on a SSD but I needed a larger drive for the scenery, so I installed the scenery on a 1Tb HDD I had spare in the workshop. I got most benefit from the second video above. I pulled out 157 programs, 11 more than Chris Titus had done, but I knew I wouldn't need those extras as I was only going to run P3D. Other tools I used to check performance was AIDA64 to keep an eye on CPU load and temps., RivaTuner to measure fps, and MSI Afterburner to watch the GPU loads and temps. A tip for anyone trying this, I had big problems extracting the "install.wim" from the "install.esd", that was in my image. I found, after lots of reading, that nLite will do the job no problem at all. I couldn't get the command line method to work using PowerShell and the DISM command, seems I wasn't the only one ! Every thing was easy enough to do, just had to have the spare time. So, there you go, take it for what it's worth. Hope it will help someone out. Chris.
  4. First, this posting can be moved to the hardware section, but I first put it here for some exposure. Everyone seems to be chasing better frame rates and the elimination of stutters. And, a couple of qualifiers, I have plenty of time to mess around, recovering at home from a dose of the big "C". Twelve months in fact and I'm getting sick of being sick. And, I have a spare computer to mess around with, an i7 2600, GTX 960, with 12 gb of RAM, and 120 gb SSD. You see from my signature, I still run Windows 7 on my FS machine, but I realize I will have to change to Windows 10 at some point. So, scratching around on the web, I came across these 2 videos on you tube. The guy seems to know what he is doing and has quite a collection of videos on his channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVy4GAtkh7Q and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYOsevW3KdA I got myself a copy of Windows 10 Pro 1903 and tried it out to see if it would run my Prepar3D_v4_Professional_Plus_4.5.12.30293 run any better. So, if you are comfortable in messing around with the internals of Windows, give it a go. This is what I found. I loaded up P3d and only added FlyTampa KBOS Boston and my copy of PMDG 737NG. I used Boston as it has the xml method of add on. With the untouched Win 10, I was getting between 30 and 35 FPS at gate B35. All sliders to the right. With the modified Windows, at the same place with no changes, my frame rates jumped to between 95 and 100 FPS. Just remember, this computer had no other apps installed and a clean install of P3D with only the 2 addons. Things may change as I add more stuff, but so far it looks promising. So, take it as you find it, watch the 2 videos, and if you are inclined, give it a go. Chris.
  5. Here is our house pet, George. He has his own 'doggie' door, so sometimes he goes missing for a few days. Only in Tropical Australia. Chris.
  6. Reminds me of this ! From Wikipedia The Boxing Kangaroo was the official mascot of the Australia II effort. The win was received with much enthusiasm in Australia, with the Men at Work song Down Under becoming the official anthem for the crew. Chris .
  7. Of course the autogen buildings and trees can be resized. After all, it is just a digital world, all just ones and zeros. They were created that size so they can be re created to another size, or converted to another size. God didn't make it and it is not set in stone. All one needs is the time, the know-how and the willingness to do it. Chris.
  8. I fired this old girl up the other day (Apple IIE). Dragged it out of the shed, a quick dust off, and away we go. Surprised it still works. Of course I still have the original disks, hand books and box the software came in. Chris.
  9. Hi Downdiver, The ORBX Airport Elevation Correction tool has nothing to do with third party meshes, it only works with FTX Vector files. If you suspect your PILOTS FS Global Ultimate NG as being a problem in an area, first, disable that area in your scenery cfg file. If the problem disappears, then you have to find the mesh Cell that is giving the problem. I listed the procedure here, https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/107872-sca-compatibility-with-fsdreamteam-klas/page/5/?tab=comments#comment-1474690 Comment 174. I too have PILOTS FS Global Ultimate NG and have used this procedure to fix some of the airports, namely, KPHX and KLAS. My Pilots Mesh is the next entry above 1107 Base and below ORBX!VECTOR_EXX. Hope this helps out. Chris.
  10. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on the latest hardware, and using UEFI instead of the old BIOS. See my signature. I would love for someone to show me the Technical reasons why Windows 10 performs better than Win 7, other than just saying Win 7 is old. "Not supported after 2020" doesn't cut it. If your system is up and running and you have complete backups, so what if a virus gets in, or some "vulnerability" gets exploited, format the disks and start over. Restore on my system takes about 15 minutes. So, for those of you that are still running Win 7, don't fret, your system is OK. Just make sure you are running Windows 7 x64 Professional or better, to access 192 gb of RAM, (Home Premium can only access 16gb). You can pickup Boxed Win 7 Ultimate on eBay, x86 and x64 together in the box, for under $100 here in AU. The only problem we have is with the new hardware. Most manufactures don't supply drivers anymore for Win 7, but there is is a couple that still do for their new boards. Serious "Gamers" prefer Win 7 and thus a couple of manufactures still cater for the gamers needs, but you have to scratch around on their web sites to get the drivers. I accept that I will have to go to Win 10 some day, but with my new system I should be good for another 10 years, by then I won't care too much. Hey, I too have been at this for a long time, 45 years. Chris.
  11. You will have to map the drive and create 4 symbolic links. Chris
  12. Hi Ben, What is the difficulty in moving your .lua files into the Prepar3D v4\Scripts folder. Seems to work for me ? Chris.
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