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  1. Hi Gerold, I have had quite a few meals there, the least expensive and best food in the bay. Great club, $10 to join and $10 pa to be a member. BTW. I have a Honda Civic at my Aunts place in Newtown, PA. USA, so I get to drive on both sides of the road in real life ! Glad you guys like the shots, something a little different. Chris.
  2. P3Dv4.5 ORBX Hervey Bay Bahrometrix Chevrolet Suburban Active Sky for P3D v4 Arrival. Chris.
  3. I would go and have a look at this thread on these forums. Chris.
  4. What error is showing in the Windows Event Viewer ? I would start there. Chris.
  5. Hi Don, I used to have this problem all the time, lots of You Tube content being blocked here in Australia, I think we must be on a "black list" ! The way I get around it is to use the free VPN in the Opera Browser, it hides your IP address so they don't know what country you are in. I only turn on the VPN as I need it with a click of a button on the tool bar, then refresh the page, then up comes the blocked content. Lots of news and interview content from the USA ( some FOX, always CNN, ABC, MSNBC, Face the Nation, Meet the Press) is blocked here in Au, this is the way I get around it, works every time. I don't think ORBX will get to change Google / YouTube rules. Hope this helps. Chris.
  6. Hi Gerold, You are a great ambassador for Hervey Bay. Just let me point out to the others in the FS, ORBX community, Hervey Bay is the "whale watching capital of the world". This season, we had 30,000 Humpbacks in the bay, some were seen as far south as Kingfisher Bay Resort (shown in your shots). The mothers call in here with their babies to rest up before their long journey back to Antarctica. A group of researches come over from Hawaii to count and photograph them for identification. The watching rules have been relaxed recently, and now you can get into the water with the whales, they are very gentle. Unfortunately, the Queensland Government has incorporated Hervey Bay into the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and are charging tour boat operators exorbitant fees to enter the park, thus many boats have been sold off and tourism has dropped way off, 60%. Also, the story that the "Reef" is dead due to climate change is untrue, but again has had a big impact on tourism. Here, on the southern reef, we have seen a 300% increase in coral cover over the last 3 years. Think about visiting here, best climate in the world, 20 to 30 degrees day time temps (68F to 86F) all year round. Whale season, August to November. BTW, Great shots. Sharpening makes a difference, use it myself.
  7. You're right. I have to get back to bed, almost 4am here. Had to get up to take medication ! Look out for some more of my Flight Sim shots. Have a great day. Chris.
  8. My little guys turn up right on 5 in the afternoon every day, about a dozen. They all line up outside the back door waiting to be fed ! All I can see is these little eyes looking at me in anticipation. Butcher Birds. Some times they come inside and watch me work. Seem to be happy just watching ! Resting in the afternoon sun. Chris.
  9. Yes Gerold, ActiveSky was running. I too was surprised how realistic the visibility was. I climbed out of the haze at about 14,000 feet to a clear blue sky. Great piece of software. BTW, I live right on top of the hill at Urangan and from the back bedroom window, I can see all the way to River Heads down the Great Sandy Straits, and out the front, I can see across the bay towards Bundaberg. In Paradise with my little friends. Chris.
  10. All my Aussie friends know what this is all about, Bush Fires. I see in the news that a couple of volunteers lives have been lost. P3D v4.5 HF2 PMDG 737- 800 NGXu ActiveSky P4. (shows the haze well) Rex SkyForce ORBX Global, Australia. FlyTampa Sydney YSSY. RWY 34R, ENTRA Departure. Waiting My turn ! Chris.
  11. I had a great friend, who has since passed on, who lived at Rancho Mirage. It was about 105 degrees in Palm Springs, so we caught the tramway and played in the snow at the top. Got 35mm slides somewhere, must pull them out and scan them. Great times.
  12. P3D v4 HF2 Orbx YHBA PMDG 737NGXu ActiveSky P3Dv4 Repaint from Avsim Library, Virgin Blue B737-81Q (VH-VOJ) "Head to Queensland" by Mathew Tank. Chris.
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