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  1. Great shots of my home town. Chris, Urangan, Hervey Bay.
  2. Yep, it is old, I got it for FSX years ago, and then a free update came out for P3Dv4, so I tried it out. I'm to, waiting for something decent for Johannesburg, don't know if I'll live long enough to see that ! My FSDG Cape Town is OK, but it could do with some modernization. Chris.
  3. Ok, lets try this one again. The previous posting got deleted because, I suppose, not enough Orbx scenery was showing. This flight is the very last QANTAS Boeing 747 flight out of Johannesburg, on Thursday, 26th, March, 2020. On Saturday, 28th March, 2020, All Qantas 747's were retired immediately. Orbx Global Base Orbx OpenLC Africa. Johannesburg International Airport, (O.R. Tambo Intl.) FAOR, by NMG Simulations. PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Sky ActiveSky for P3Dv4 REX Sky Force for P3Dv4 AIGTech AI traffic, One Click Installer. From the FlightAware.com website. Qantas 64 QFA64 / QF64 JNB JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA SYD SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA left GATE A18 OR Tambo Int'l - JNB landed at Sydney - SYD THURSDAY 26-MAR-2020 08:16PM SAST FRIDAY 27-MAR-20200 4:53PM AEDT (1 hour 28 minutes late) (1 hour 26 minutes late) 11h 37m total travel time AIRCRAFT INFORMATION Aircraft Type Boeing 747-400 (quad-jet) (B744) Boarding at the Gate. Push Back Complete. On Taxiway to RWY 21R Line up on 21R Johannesburg. Heading out to the Indian Ocean coast, Pietermaritzburg and Durban. If you would like to fly this route, here is the Route Data, you know what to do. DCT APDAK UQ48 APMAT/N0498F320 DCT TGV/N0495F330 DCT 3142S03247E 3346S03432E/N0492F320 3727S03735E 3944S03928E 4256S04208E/N0488F340 4542S04450E 5032S05117E 5322S05723E/N0485F320 5427S06027E/N0482F330 5625S06847E/M082F330 5710S07500E 5718S07626E/M083F350 5722S08302E 5539S09450E/M081F330 5440S09829E 5334S10228E/M079F310 5221S10707E 5150S10921E/M083F350 4951S12019E/M084F370 4835S12505E 4713S12858E 4519S13312E/M084F390 4121S13937E/M083F370 DCT KAYTU DCT ML/M084F390 H129 DOSEL Y59 RIVET Chris.
  4. Hi Stewart, I just added a bit more to my post. I was sure I had the problem in FS2009, a crash at 16000 ft between the Sunshine Coast and Hervey Bay, so I looked it up. My memory is not as sharp as it was. Chris. Edit:- I looked it up in my FS9 notes, wasn't as easy to do in FS9 as it was in FSX. Insert one line into the config file, DisableForceCollideDetection = 1
  5. This problem dates back to the release of FSX in 2006. Errors in the coding and the completion of DirectX 10 were never fixed or completed as Microsoft shut down the FSX team and abandoned the project. Experienced Simmers have had "Crash Detection" turned off for the last 14 years to avoid the problem. Unfortunately, the Microsoft errors, short comings in their code have been carried over into P3D, and only Lockheed Martin can fix it as they now have the source code. So, turn off your crash detection and enjoy your flight. Chris. Edit:- I was suspicious so I checked back in the archives, and this same problem existed in FS 2009 A Centenary of Flight. A quick Google search finds the problem dating back to at least May 2004 and discussed in the forums on flightsim.com.
  6. Stewart, you have that around the wrong way. Johannesburg International Airport is JNB or FAOR From Wikipedia:- O. R. Tambo International Airport (IATA: JNB, ICAO: FAOR) is a major international airport situated in Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa. It was originally known as Jan Smuts International Airport, after the former South African Prime Minister of the same name. The airport was renamed Johannesburg International Airport in 1994 when the newly elected African National Congress (ANC) government implemented a policy of not naming airports after politicians. This policy was later reversed, and on 27 October 2006 the airport was renamed O. R. Tambo International Airport after Oliver Reginald Tambo, a former ANC President. Note the date 27 October 2006, after FAJS was hard coded into FSX. Caused us problems and work arounds like dummy airports. The new ICAO Code Started on 26 July 2012, this was be designated FAOR. I'm using NMG Simulations FAOR, https://www.nmgsimulations.co.za/product/nmg-or-tambo-intl-airport-johannesburg-p3dv4/ , and it seems to work OK, now the P3Dv4 update is out. Chris.
  7. Agreed Nick, All you have to do is to stop the sim from seeing the areas you don't want loaded. Yes, I have been at this for a long time too, even did the the Complete Hervey Bay airport here after they did the expansion to take the 737's in 2005 and that was for FS 2004 A Century of Flight. Of course I had to buy Orbx Hervey Bay the day it came out ! Chris.
  8. Nick, Unfortunately my little program is not suited to everyone's computer, in as much as the program doesn't know where all the files are located on each individual computer. But, it is really easy to make up a batch file to suit each individual computer once you know the principal of how it works. First, you have to make a bunch of folders in the root of c: drive so the batch file can locate them along with the Program Data\Lockheed Martin folder. Name the new folders with the areas in which you want to fly. Now make up a bunch of "Scenery.cfg" files, one for each area in which you want to fly and save it in its respective folder. I use Scenery Config Editor to do this. It is best to make a "basic" scenery.cfg and an "all areas" file so you can get back to known states if something goes wrong. Now, the batch file, you may like to make one for each area, or if you are OK at writing batch files, you can combine all operations into one. But, simply, the batch file has to delete the Scenery.cfg in Program Data\Lockheed Martin (etc) and then copy the Scenery.cfg from your area folder to the Program Data folder. Heck, if you wanted to, you could do this manually, but it is a lot of messing around. I just tested this again just now, with all areas installed but only Australia v2, and Hervey Bay set as active, 5 minutes, 15 seconds from double click on desktop icon to Scenario panel. Now, with all scenery layers deleted out of the Scenery.cfg file, except Australiav2 , Hervey Bay, and of course the default layers, 8 seconds to Scenario panel. One could go down the "re naming" path but you could run up against file permissions etc so I figured ,for me, simple is better. Maybe some of the Kids out there might like to take this up, give them something to do, I'm getting too old now for this, I just want to go flying. Here is a little sample. @echo off c: cd c:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\ del Scenery.cfg c: cd c:\Europe\ copy Scenery.cfg c:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 exit Chris.
  9. Hi Dennis, Unfortunately you have come up against a characteristic, flaw, limitation, that is a carry-over from FSX days. P3D, like FSX, scans almost every file in the simulator during startup, the more files, the longer it takes. There is a solution, I had written a small utility program for FSX years ago and it works equally as well with P3Dv4. A few days ago there was a discussion here on this forum, https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/189262-only-wish-to-load-certain-Orbx-files-from-library-after-migration/?tab=comments#comment-1638499 , I had gone to my other computer where I do my work, to get the old software, but when I got back here, Nick had closed off the thread, so that's where we are now. There will be comments that will present solutions, like disabling scenery areas etc, but they will not prevent the simulator from scanning every file it knows about. I explained it all in that other thread. Would be a good idea to read the thread from the top. Chris.
  10. Maryborough (YMYB) to Hervey Bay (YHBA) Off we go. Climbing out of Maryborough. Maryborough township and surrounding sugar cane farms. Over fly Hervey Bay airport, make sure no one is stuck on the RWY. Uncontrolled airport here. Turning down wind to RWY 11. I can see my house ! On short final. Almost home. Just have to find our parking place. Chris.
  11. Hey Jack, You up early or very late to bed.
  12. Hi Jack, No, nothing special, I just set the brightness and saturation in P3D and just use the "V" key to do the capture. Hope you Guys are flying these, I'm having a lot of fun making them and flying them.
  13. At Brisbane, the Qantas Dash 8's park at Gates 3, 4, 5, and 6, around the back of the Qantas Terminal, so I put a picture in.
  14. Here is a One and a half Hour flight to dust the cobwebs off your Majestic Dash 8 Q400, and see Central Queensland coal fields. From Wikipedia: Moranbah Airport (IATA: MOV, ICAO: YMRB) is an airport serving Moranbah, Queensland, Australia. It is located 3.25 nautical miles (6.02 km; 3.74 mi) south of Moranbah and operated by the BHP Mitsubishi Alliance, a coal mining company. The airport averages 40 QantasLink flights each week, most of these being Dash-8 Q400 aircraft. QantasLink 757 QLK757 LANDED 21 MINUTES AGO MOV MORANBAH, AUSTRALIA BNE BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA took off from Moranbah - MOV landed at Brisbane - BNE (on time) (22 minutes late) 1h 20m total travel time. Orbx Australia v2 (contains YMRB) Orbx YBBN ActiveSky for P3D v4 Here is your route data, you know what to do. DCT NIPOM W727 SUSGI V123 BN Chris.
  15. Here is another short flight you can do while being stuck at home. Virgin Australia 2972 VOZ2972 / VA2972 LANDED 7 HOURS 23 MINUTES AGO BDB BUNDABERG, AUSTRALIA BNE BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA took off from Bundaberg - BDB landed at Brisbane - BNE WEDNESDAY 01-APR-2020 WEDNESDAY 01-APR-2020 02:15PM AEST 02:48PM AEST (20 minutes early) (6 minutes early) 33m total travel time Orbx Bundaberg YBUD Orbx Australia v2 ActiveSky for P3D4 Here is your route data, you know what to do. DCT BUD DCT SMOKA Y177 BN
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