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  1. Hi Stillwater, Pretty much the bottom line is that Microsoft wants EVERY computer on the planet running Windows 10. The updates now for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 are all about crippling your system so you have to move to 10. This is the latest attempt, "Unsupported Hardware" that came with an update last November. The pop up above crashes you out of what ever you are doing, back to the desktop and you loose whatever you were doing. Microsoft have convinced manufacturers to change the architecture of the USB ports on all new Motherboards and the drivers only come embedded in Windows 10. Intel and AMD are in on the act as well, I would suggest have been bought off by Microsoft. There is a sickness in some 'overseas' corporations that are compelled to control the world population in telling us what we can and cannot do. Apple do stuff too, slow down your phone to a crawl with the updates, so you have to buy the latest model for $600 / $700 which they manufacture in Asia for $25. I'm sick of people over seas telling me what to do in MY country. Chris. PS, \Rant off
  2. Hi Stillwater, Yep, experienced all that. Here is my pathway to a fast boot and a fast loading of P3dv4. Started at Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and FSX. Of course plagued with the limitations of OOM's of FSX and all that goes with it, but had good fast boot times to the OS and loading FSX. Moved to Windows 8.1 x64 Pro. and FSX, everything slowed down, and same problems with FSX. Tried Windows 10 x64Pro, hated the interface, slow to boot to the OS and FSX took forever to load. Moved to P3D v3 with Windows 10 and everything got slower. So, I'm a fiddler, and I have plenty of time to mess around . Here is the best combination I have found that suits my system and I'm happy with it. I'm now running Windows 7 x64 Ultimate , my old copy, but boot to UEFI rather than BIOS. Yes, it can be done, the USB drivers are available and you can get a universal tool from the Gigabyte website to slipstream the drivers into a WIN 7 install USB. I now use the GPT file system rather than the old MBR, Master Boot Record. Of course you will need a motherboard that supports UEFI, but most modern mortherboards are that way. Everything now runs at a super speed, from POST to Windows Desk top is 15 seconds, and all my programs load faster, including P3Dv4. It is still compatible with my other hard drives, so no changes there except my dedicated Flight Sim drive, which is now formatted in the GPT file system. You can start here, https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/manufacture/desktop/windows-setup-installing-using-the-mbr-or-gpt-partition-style And there are plenty of links on the page for further reading. PS. BTW, The new USB drivers and drivers for the NVMe style of SSD are included in the Gigabyte tool. Windows 7 didn't know about these things as they weren't invented when Win 7 came out. Chris.
  3. Sorry Smudger, that didn't work. I am now sure there is something a miss with the installation. I don't get the drop down box to select the pilots voices. When I click on the box a thin line appears below the box and nothing else. As I don't have so much installed yet, I think I'll go for a new operating system install and start over with P3d 4. I have been chasing this for over a week on an off and I think now it would save time and frustration to start over. Should have my new graphics card by the end of the week, so it might be a good time to bite the bullet. Thanks for all your help. I'll come back and let you know how I get on. Chris. BTW, I pulled my 2 SSD's with the old operating system and FSX on the other, so if I keep having problems with P3D, I'll pop them back in and wait for improvements in the up and coming v4.5.
  4. Ken, I don't think it exists in Windows 7 Ultimate. Here is my control Panel. Maybe I'm missing something
  5. Hi Scott, Thanks for your input, but I have done all that. There are 11 pages of suggestions on the LM forum and I have tried them all and still no go. I think it is version 4.4 that is really buggie. There are lots of inconsistencies, eg, a simple one, from the time I double click the Icon on the desk top to the very first splash screen, some times it is instantaneous and other times it takes 2 minutes 30 seconds. Or it is a bad install. I think I might start over or wait for 4.5 to come out. I just ordered a new nVidia GTX 1070ti Foundation Edition, couldn't justify a 1080, no, couldn't afford it. (pensioner, and the treasury would have a fit !) I don't have much ORBX stuff yet, just Australia, Hervey Bay, Fly-Tampa Sydney and my PMDG 737NGX installed to do these tests. Chris
  6. Hi Ken, The ATC is there, the pop up window pops up with the "~" key and I can select stuff from the menu, but I don't get any sound and the pilots voices drop down menu in the options menu under "Information" doesn't work. I click on it and nothing happens. I'm starting to wonder if there is something wrong with the installation. I only have a couple of addons , so I might start over. And as far as the effects go I think I have to do a major upgrade on my graphics card. Chris.
  7. I have almost completed my installation of P3D after years of 30 years FSX and the earlier editions. This is a brand new installation of the Operating System and a new Install of P3D v4.4. I have been flying the PMDG 737 NGX between Sydney and Brisbane to test things out. I have OpusFSI running OK, and UTLive performing as it should and I am overall pleased with the installation. Two things I find missing are, no ATC, cannot select Pilots voices and I get no sound even thought the pop up seems to be working. What is annoying about this is there is no ATIS on arrival at YBBN, so I never get to know what runway is in use. Also, I have no contrails behind any aircraft at any altitude and in any weather. In UTLive I have selected the contrails to last for 180 seconds and still none. I have searched the LM forums, there is 11 pages about the no ATC issue but no resolution and also no resolution for the no contrails. I see now that those threads are now locked. I'm wondering if anyone here has the same issues and I'm not the only one with these problems.
  8. What you guys are missing here is that what Windows Explorer displays in any of its windows, has no relationship to the order of the placement of files on the hard disk or SSD. The placement order on the disk is controlled by the disk on board controller. When you upload a bunch of files, the HDD controller will decide what order they are uploaded, not Windows Explorer. It is all to do with how the files are indexed on the disk. There is 2 ways to get the files on the disk indexed in order by name, copy them onto the disk one at a time or use a program like O&O Pro Defragmenter and select defrag by name. This gets into the hi tech side of HDD's, but be assured, what you see in Windows Explorer defaults to a sort by name. In fact, you can sort in any field, ascending or descending. So, the way to upload pictures, is to do them one at a time to maintain the order you select.
  9. Just doing a comparison may not help. A font file may be corrupted or just not installed in the registry. Not knowing what O/S you are using. I would copy all the fonts from the instal disk, only 15, into the FSX Fonts folder and then right click on each font file and select "Install". This works for Windows 7. Not sure about Windows 10. You can Google "Installing Fonts in Windows (your O/S)". If you go to the registry, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Fonts, you can see all the fonts that are installed. FSX fonts have to have an entry here. I have the PMDG 737 NGX and 777 installed and the associated fonts show up here in the registry. Hope this helps.
  10. FSX uses some special fonts for the menu bar. They are on disk 1 of the install disks in the fonts folder. Reinstall the fonts from that folder and make sure they are registered, then all should be OK. Windows can't find the correct fonts and is trying to make a substitution that doesn't work. Had this problem years ago.
  11. I'm repeating myself again. Your drive C: (boot drive) only needs to be 64gb. My Windows 7 on a 64gb SSD, only occupies 33gb. Takes 4 minutes each way, to backup and restore using Active Boot Disk. My FS is on drive E: and is mirrored onto Drive S:, uncompressed. Most times if there is corruption, 9 times out of 10, it is Windows 7. Takes 4 minutes to restore it, and my FS is up and running again. If I inadvertently mess up the FS software, I can copy back the corrupt folders or files from the mirror drive. If I copy the lot back, that takes about 20 minutes. The only way out of computer disasters is to back up your data. I remember the days when I took home punched tape backups, just in case the cleaner threw them out, or a mouse chewed them. An ASR-33 TTY, tape reader and punch if you are wondering.
  12. Do a search for "rex_road_highway_textures.exe", it is freeware and does improve the roads. It has its own installer, so there is no fiddling around copying and pasting textures.
  13. If you are running the Sim off a mechanical hard disk, I would first run, from the command prompt as an Administrator, "Chkdsk" with the /R option and then defragment the drive and then see if it improves. Sometimes it is not the sim software but something a bit off in the computer hardware.
  14. If you get a hold of "AI Traffic Manager" (Freeware), you can create your own single flight, a round trip, and use the Qantas 787. All you need to do is create one flight and compile it into a .bgl and put the file into Scenery > World > Scenery folder and away you go. The program is simple to use and comes with a lot of utilities that sorts out your AI traffic.
  15. And the other place where stuff gets started is > Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler. You can disable tasks or delete or create your own in that window.