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  1. Hey Yamba1, I have a nephew that lives up at Ashby Heights ! He is also a chef at the Yamba RSL. He spends 6 months there, then in Summer, flys off to Antarctica for 6 months as a chef down there. Maybe you know Adam ? I know the area well and visit often. Like jjaycee1, I worked in the oil industry, and spent time in places ranging from North Africa, across the middle east, thru to Indonesia. Working in Instrumentation and Process control installation and QA supervisor. Was contracted with General Electric Gas Turbine Division for a while. Home base was to the south east of Brisbane (YBBN) Redlands , Victoria Point, (right on the bay), and now retired (17 years) to Hervey Bay (YHBA).
  2. P3D v4.4 OpusFSi doesn't get much to do here in Queensland ! Chris.
  3. I am extremely happy with the combination of Rex Sky Force and OpusFsi. Only use Rex for the dynamic changes in the clouds while OpusFsi is injecting real time weather. Here is a picture of a storm at Nandi, Fiji, NFFN on Monday while testing out a new installation of the airport. You can clearly see the storm cell with rain going all the way to the ground, and you can see the mountains either side of the cell. I did check the weather at Nandi on the web, and sure enough, there were storms at Nandi. Looks real to me ! Chris.
  4. Here is a little trip I do often. No nav aids ! From Gladstone, out to the islands, you'll need an amphibian, down to Lady Elliot Island, Bundaburg, then Home to Hervey Bay. Chris.
  5. You can still get Lady Elliot Island from Ant's Aussie Airports here https://www.antsairplanes.com/scenery.html It came in the Bundaburg pack, I stripped out everything relating to Bundaburg and named the top level folder "Lady Elliot Island" with the Scenery and Texture folders below, then added it to the scenery library via my Scenery Config Editor. It works just great in P3D v4, everything is there, even the lorikeets calling and the hut I have stayed in. I have been to Lady Elliot many times, right in my back yard, and I can attest to the scenery's fidelity. Look for Lady Musgrave Island too, it works well in P3D v4 with no problems. It was from a French designer and I can't remember his name. Chris. PS. I scratched around in the archives and HEY, it was done by Richard BUI.
  6. Hi Guys, Updated my signature today ! My old system was getting a bit long in the tooth, and a few weeks ago, I upgraded to P3D v4.4 and could see the bottlenecks that my old system, i7 980Extreme, and the GTX 680 was giving me, as I expected, as I built that computer in 2011. It was great for FSX, but now just not up to the job. I first bought a new nVidia GTX 1070ti Foundation Edition, and from all reports and reviews, was, in some areas, almost gave similar performance to the GTX 1080, with a great saving in cost. There was only a 2% improvement in the 1080 performance for a 45% increase in cost as compared to the 1070ti. The installation of the new 1070ti was straight forward and gave the system a big boost, but I figured I had a bad install of P3D, and was thinking now of a complete upgrade, and re install of P3d. I had no ATC and no illumination of the RWY's at night from the landing lights of my PMDG 737 NGX, amongst other problems. After lots of research, I decided on the equipment listed in my signature below. I bought all the stuff in the USA, much better prices than here in Australia, had it shipped to my friend in Pennsylvania, who then shipped it on to me. Five days later, a box from the USA arrived, super fast shipping and great tracking from USPS. I used my old case, a ThermalTake, an XL-ATX, as the old motherboard was an XL-ATX form factor which is much larger than the standard ATX. One needs to be aware of the different sizes when ordering a new motherboard. The new z370 motherboard is standard ATX so that gave me plenty of room in the case to work with and get the liquid cooling installed. Removing the old motherboard and installing the new stuff went smoothly, except I had to modify the mounting of the cooler block for the processor. Seems the i7 980, socket LGA 1366, is just a fraction taller than the i7 8700k, LGA 1151 and the cooler block wasn't clamping firmly. I just added 4 fiber washers to the underside of the motherboard and all was fixed. Then installed a new Western Digital NVMe SSD, only 256gb to run the operating system. As you may be aware, from reading me here on this forum, I have a real dislike for Windows 10, not going to discuss the reasons here, and was determined to install Windows 7, from my old copy of Ultimate on a DVD. I set the BIOS on the motherboard to boot into UEFI and use the NVMe SSD as the boot and OS drive. Then made an ISO image of my DVD then used rufus to create a bootable thumb drive. Of course, that won't work as is, so I used nLite to slipstream in the new drivers for the new USB ports and the drivers for the new NVMe SSD. These new drivers are for the new architecture USB ports and the NVMe drives that Windows 7 does not support. These new drivers come prepacked with Windows 8 and 10, but are available on the web if you go looking. All the other drivers that I needed for the motherboard came on the supplied CD with the motherboard. I fired the new system up, loaded Windows 7 into the new NVMe drive in the UEFI mode into the new GTP partition, re booted after the install was finished and now I have Windows 7 running on very new, up to date hardware. Again, I got the popup telling me the new hardware was not supported by Windows 7, I got that message with my old system, telling me I had to upgrade to Windows 10 to solve the problem, so I quickly installed the patch I had in my software library and killed off the annoying intrusion. Just about all my software is now installed on a SSD, D: drive, and this morning, installed P3D v4.4 and tested. Working perfectly, as far as I can tell, and right now, downloading my scenery from ORBX. Chris.
  7. My first real flight with my new install of P3D v4.4.xx and my new nVidia GTX 1070ti. A real flight of Virgin Australia, Sydney to Brisbane on Monday the 18th February. Flight : VOZ965, Boeing 738, Arriving at 17:39 AEST.
  8. Sorry Smudger, that didn't work. I am now sure there is something a miss with the installation. I don't get the drop down box to select the pilots voices. When I click on the box a thin line appears below the box and nothing else. As I don't have so much installed yet, I think I'll go for a new operating system install and start over with P3d 4. I have been chasing this for over a week on an off and I think now it would save time and frustration to start over. Should have my new graphics card by the end of the week, so it might be a good time to bite the bullet. Thanks for all your help. I'll come back and let you know how I get on. Chris. BTW, I pulled my 2 SSD's with the old operating system and FSX on the other, so if I keep having problems with P3D, I'll pop them back in and wait for improvements in the up and coming v4.5.
  9. Ken, I don't think it exists in Windows 7 Ultimate. Here is my control Panel. Maybe I'm missing something
  10. Hi Scott, Thanks for your input, but I have done all that. There are 11 pages of suggestions on the LM forum and I have tried them all and still no go. I think it is version 4.4 that is really buggie. There are lots of inconsistencies, eg, a simple one, from the time I double click the Icon on the desk top to the very first splash screen, some times it is instantaneous and other times it takes 2 minutes 30 seconds. Or it is a bad install. I think I might start over or wait for 4.5 to come out. I just ordered a new nVidia GTX 1070ti Foundation Edition, couldn't justify a 1080, no, couldn't afford it. (pensioner, and the treasury would have a fit !) I don't have much ORBX stuff yet, just Australia, Hervey Bay, Fly-Tampa Sydney and my PMDG 737NGX installed to do these tests. Chris
  11. Hi Ken, The ATC is there, the pop up window pops up with the "~" key and I can select stuff from the menu, but I don't get any sound and the pilots voices drop down menu in the options menu under "Information" doesn't work. I click on it and nothing happens. I'm starting to wonder if there is something wrong with the installation. I only have a couple of addons , so I might start over. And as far as the effects go I think I have to do a major upgrade on my graphics card. Chris.
  12. I have almost completed my installation of P3D after years of 30 years FSX and the earlier editions. This is a brand new installation of the Operating System and a new Install of P3D v4.4. I have been flying the PMDG 737 NGX between Sydney and Brisbane to test things out. I have OpusFSI running OK, and UTLive performing as it should and I am overall pleased with the installation. Two things I find missing are, no ATC, cannot select Pilots voices and I get no sound even thought the pop up seems to be working. What is annoying about this is there is no ATIS on arrival at YBBN, so I never get to know what runway is in use. Also, I have no contrails behind any aircraft at any altitude and in any weather. In UTLive I have selected the contrails to last for 180 seconds and still none. I have searched the LM forums, there is 11 pages about the no ATC issue but no resolution and also no resolution for the no contrails. I see now that those threads are now locked. I'm wondering if anyone here has the same issues and I'm not the only one with these problems.
  13. What you guys are missing here is that what Windows Explorer displays in any of its windows, has no relationship to the order of the placement of files on the hard disk or SSD. The placement order on the disk is controlled by the disk on board controller. When you upload a bunch of files, the HDD controller will decide what order they are uploaded, not Windows Explorer. It is all to do with how the files are indexed on the disk. There is 2 ways to get the files on the disk indexed in order by name, copy them onto the disk one at a time or use a program like O&O Pro Defragmenter and select defrag by name. This gets into the hi tech side of HDD's, but be assured, what you see in Windows Explorer defaults to a sort by name. In fact, you can sort in any field, ascending or descending. So, the way to upload pictures, is to do them one at a time to maintain the order you select.
  14. Just doing a comparison may not help. A font file may be corrupted or just not installed in the registry. Not knowing what O/S you are using. I would copy all the fonts from the instal disk, only 15, into the FSX Fonts folder and then right click on each font file and select "Install". This works for Windows 7. Not sure about Windows 10. You can Google "Installing Fonts in Windows (your O/S)". If you go to the registry, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Fonts, you can see all the fonts that are installed. FSX fonts have to have an entry here. I have the PMDG 737 NGX and 777 installed and the associated fonts show up here in the registry. Hope this helps.
  15. FSX uses some special fonts for the menu bar. They are on disk 1 of the install disks in the fonts folder. Reinstall the fonts from that folder and make sure they are registered, then all should be OK. Windows can't find the correct fonts and is trying to make a substitution that doesn't work. Had this problem years ago.
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