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  1. Hi Richard, FTX AU is installed and YBBN,YMEN, YMLT, YPJT, Tasmania Demo and AI Traffic Aus/NZ. Cheers, Neil
  2. Thanks for your replies, Will try your recommendations Jeff. I only have FTX Global and no addon mesh, and my Libraries are upto date. Cheers, Neil PS: I have not installed AU Holgermesh, , Never even thought about it, to be honest, although I did have it when I was on FSX
  3. Sorry its a late reply,had to sort out how to do this. Cheers, Neil
  4. Have just tried out a new purchase, ( Melbourne/Essendon, YMEN. Doing an ILS on Runway 26, there is a house suspended in the air, at the threshold, just to the right of the runway centre line. What could be causing this ? .
  5. Sorry if these seem to be dumb questions, but. My P3Dv4 is installed on my E: drive, and I wish to know exactly where to install AU Australia, and AU AI traffic. I have downloaded the traffic already but dont want install it as yet, because I am not sure which path to take. I have updated FTX Central to v and there is a recommendation to update the ORBX Libraries v 171001. Once again where do I install it to. I used to have AU Australia for FSX, and had a look at downloading the P3D version, on clicking the P3D version it started downloading. Is this an automatic upgrade ?, or still p
  6. Have upgraded from FTXSP4 to AU Australia and the end result is not a pretty sight. All the buildings have no walls, and the roofs just float in the air. The landscape is terrible, with big square patches in blue, the sea scape is the same, I was quite happy with the original setup, and thought that an upgrade would make it even better, Not so, it's simply horrible. All my simulator settings are as recommended in the reference guide. If this cannot be rectified, is it possible to return to the original Aus SP4, without having to download it. Using Windows 7 Home premium 64bit, with FSX Go
  7. Hi Guys, Thanks for the answer, I have successfully installed Aus SP4. Only after installation, and reading the info in FTX Central, did I find what you had already told me. Cheers, Neil
  8. Although I downloaded the above late last year, I have just reinstalled my FSX sim, and decided to install FTX Aus SP4. After finding the download, in which there were 10 rows, each containing numerous files. The bottom one is labeled (Application). I clicked on that, and the wrapper installer opened up. Went through all the questions, and the installer opened up, and started to install FTXAus. It ran for awhile then stopped, and asked for Disk 2 to be installed. Which disk, is required?. As its a download i don't have a disk, or does it mean disk 2 from FSX. I think that for non comput
  9. Hi Guys, Thank you for your full and well explained answers to my questions, much appreciated. Cheers, Neil
  10. Hi Guys, Am considering purchasing the Aus. SP4, but I have a few queries. I have GEX Australia, and I read that SP4 is compatible, but I am not impressed with the land elevation around some airports, mainly YPPH and YPJT. Its almost if they were in a bowl, and completely unrealistic. Will SP4 create the correct elevation around these airports ?, and any others around Australia. I have also looked at the list of Australian airports available, in which I see YPJT, but YPPH is nowhere to be found. Considering that its the main airport WA, I find this a bit strange. Finally,do I need FTX Open
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