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  1. Were you able to uninstall and reinstall FTX Global through central V4?
  2. It frustrates me as well, but after all it has only been a week. Hopefully at some point
  3. Alright, from my side i can say that i had these issues with central V3 as well. I updated to Central V4 in trying to resolve this issue which did not help.
  4. As in P3D 4.0 or FTX central 4.0 ? I seem to recall it happening after P3D 4.0 as well, if that is what you mean
  5. Hello Orbx. i started noticing some time ago that i felt that my sim lacked a lot of the old Orbx Global lights and i started digging in some old screenshots to find some comparison and came to the conclusion that the sim today have a lot fewer autogen night lights than it used to have. I therefore ask is this a bug or is it intentional? At the moment my sim shows some of the vector lights (e.g. highways, main roads etc) but not a lot of the "common/generic" or whatever you should call it lights, that the average city used to have. The screenshots i have back from a few years ago is taken in P3D V3 and those shows a lot more night lighting than the new ones from P3D V4. Some i found post indicated that it was an issue of too low autogen settings, so for this test i increased all my autogen to max setting which did not change anything. If i hover over a large city for example London (see the bottom screenshot) there are lights from all the highways, but almost all the "generic/common" ones is missing. There are some spots there and there but nothing compared to what it used to look like. My current setup is P3D V4.5 HF2 - Orbx Global, Vector, and openLC europe, Orbx Central V4 with updated libs - i did a verification of all files through orbx central before posting this. The 3 first screenshots below is old screenshots from P3D V3 - below those is screenshots from P3D V4, for comparison 2 of the screenshots are from similar locations. (EGPH and ENBR) P3D V3 EGPH RW24 ENBR RW17 Generic P3D V3 P3D V4 EGPH RW24 ENBR RW17 London
  6. Hello, I have kind of the same issue. I had "Innbruck Airliners" & "Corporate aircraft" turned off before updating the scenery, now after updating even though it says in the config panel that they're off(unchecked), they still appear in the sim. If i then try and turn them on by checking "Innbruck airliners" &" Corporate aircraft"in the config panel, close the panel and then open it again, the two appear unchecked when opening the panel agian. So to sum up right now they're displaying in the sim without being checked in the config panel, and i am unable to activate or deactivate them in the panel as well. I've tried restarting my PC/The panel multiple times, no luck. P3D V3.4 - Windows 10.
  7. I am having the issue with missing taxiway lighting in ESSA after updating to 3.4 as well. Looking forward to update
  8. Simmarket is gonna get a lot of refunds on justsims LOWI tonight This looks stunning i just cant stop scrolling through the pictures, please keep this European scenery streak going !
  9. Hello Marcus. After updating to P3D V3.3.5 the problem with the disappearing lighting at the gates and the cargo ramp is now gone. Though the taxiway lighting now flickers a lot and the runway approach lighting disappears when reaching 3-4 miles final. ( i think it is similar to Tolips issue ) if you require video or further explanation please say so
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