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  1. Thanks for input, Yes I did delete rolling cache which didn't work. But I have everthing working now. Having EGPN as only addon and deleting content.xml solved problem with EGPN After this I just copied all the other addons back in Community folder and all is working fine now including EGPN
  2. Thankyou for quick response. I had uninstalled EGPN so I reinstalled it this time installing it into MSFS folder rather than Orbx library and with only the Orbx EGPN folder in the Community folder, EGPN is working fine with no CTD having selected EGPN 3 or 4 times. So I guess it is something else that caused it. I will reintroduce other addons into the Community folder one by one to see which one if any breaks EGPN Thankyou again for quick reponse
  3. Since UK & Ireland update selecting EGPN from main Menu in MSFS 2020 causes CTD during load. Removed Orbx EGPN and it works. Reinstalled EGPN and get CTD again
  4. Have just installed LDDU and some of the mountains to the north are just black or blue ORBX_LDDU.docx
  5. Would have mentioned this pre FTX Scotland SP4 release if I had kept up to date on what was in the pipeline. Something to add to the low priority to do list is that runways at EGPN are no longer 28/10 but have been renumbered 27/09
  6. Having updated FT Global Vector to v1.40 and ORBXLIBs to v160708 I now have an airport elevation problem with UK200 Scenery Heathrow. v3 running Prepar3d v3.3.5.17625. When setting location to this airport the aircraft is positioned several feet above the ground. Aircraft then falls to ground causing a scenario reset. This airport has always caused this problem for me with FTX Global Vector but previously the problem was always resolved by running Airport Elevation Correction Tool. However AEC is not correcting the problem since upgrade to v1.40. EGLL does not show up in either AEC
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