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  1. Sorry for the late delay, @Mitchell Williamson. Thank you very much for the answer(s) to my question! Those two latter libraries were most curious about. As it used to be common for the main ORBX libraries entry to reside at top of the ORBX sceneries, was not sure about the lookup and global lookup positioning. The above helps tremendously! Many cheers! Ken
  2. Operating system: WIN 10 v1909 OS build18363.535 Simulator: Prepa3d v4.5 Screenshot: Issue: Within the scenery.cfg file, exactly where should the ORBX Libraries, ORBX Libraries Global and ORBX Libraries Lookup be located? In my current setup after re-installing OLC Europe, ORBX Libraries sits above all ORBX apts and regions, and ORBX Libraries Global / ORBX Libraries Lookup (in that order) fall below ORBX!OPENLC_zBASE and above the Bathymetry entries. ALL ORBX sceneries *except* for the ORBX Libraries and ObjectFlow2 are in main Prepar3d folder, the latter two being in the
  3. Finally have reached my limit of testing/hunting to cure this issue in P3Dv4.5 HF2. My FSX version am not having this problem. I have followed a previous post on this issue to no avail. All items discussed have been done/checked. I've uninstalled then reinstalled - though this time to the ORBX Library. Unfortunately, currently am not able to do a complete uninstall/reinstall as am now on a metered internet connection with very limited data (pains of rural living - ). Vector doesn't seem to be working correctly again as I disabled AEC for a test, didn't work. When I reran Vector auto-configura
  4. Oh, and THANK YOU, @Nick Cooper ! As always, you are a highly needed ORBX Team member, who comes through despite many of the same questions being asked again and again!! Many cheers! Ken
  5. I went in and re-layered according to what you indicated, and sure enough the roads/traffic are back. Only strange thing is I now don't have SEQM runway, but SEQU which is in middle of the town (and I believe inactive). This issue, however could be a FSAero error... Many cheers, Ken
  6. In my case, no... this is all with the latest ORBX Central installer - all I did was reset my insertion points to below addon scenery and below ORBX regions, with Advanced layering ON and let the new installer go at it after getting the Honolulu package. I don't mess around with "adjusting" unless given (or reading in support forums) of a work around. Maybe time to update the post about the proper layering in the scenery cfg for the whole group, since reading the user guides offer little in answering this particular line of questions. I will look at the config file via Addon Organ
  7. Anyone else noticing this issue? Since updating to latest version, have noticed that the *actual* road lines* for major Freeways/Highways are missing, thus I am not seeing any road traffic. Examples are from today's flight while passing overhead Nashville, Tennessee. Occurs in all global areas. And this is just N-NW of FB's KSFO... Finally, by DEFAULT SEQM... Have Global v 1.4.3, NA OLC 1.2.0 and Vector v 1.6.3, and using Prepar3D_v4_Academic_4.5.12.30293. Also have all NA, EUR and NZ region
  8. I am also encountering this issue, but for me it is happening In my regions and/ or areas of Global (i.e. NA_SoCal as I cannot use the Region without getting horrendous FPS issues (LA in particular). Ken Wood
  9. One solution for floating people at another airport was due to the mesh resolution not being set to 5 meters. Might try that and report back! Cheers!
  10. Thank you, Lee - for the insight. As I didn't change any settings in KGPI's control panel, that should not be the case, but one never knows! I shall go through and see. I did a complete uninstall and re-install. I kind of doubt UTLive would have much to do with the issue, but shall check into that as well. Cheers!
  11. ...and for some of us, it still does not fix the "sunken in ground" issue(s). So now begs question - which order does one do the "Verify files" in? I originally did in this order, Global, Regions, LC then airports. Virtually everything I own had updates done to them. To check a theory I then ran Global Base again, and it again updated - I then ran England again, and it re-updated. Puzzling... Kind regards,
  12. Greetings All... Recently acquired Jarrad Marshall's Bozeman KBZN scenery. As one approaches holding point for RWY 30, well... you can see the sign is wrong. I know it has been out for quite some time and surprised this was not caught / reported (least after scouring forms) . It is minor, but still So just thought I'd go ahead and report it. Cheers!
  13. Happy to report that the "fix" from gsand did work for me as well! I just uninstalled the scenery content, Global and HD Trees, rebooted, and then reinstalled the three. Thank you, gsand for figuring this issue out. Kind regards ~
  14. So appears NRM does not need to be uninstalled and reinstalled? Woll give this suggestion a try, but man - a possible three hour download for Global isn't fun...
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