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  1. Please advise if Orbx is planning to offer an AI package that incorporates North American Commercial traffic not unlike the excellent job done for Australia 2 ? If its coming in the near future I will hold off buying a pay-ware package from a different supplier. Your GA/Commercial package for Australia is brilliant IMO, and I would prefer staying loyal overall to your excellent products. Raebo CYEG
  2. I suppose I will get the usual blowback from some, but here goes. I have been flying MFS products since their inception, Yes I am that old. Presently and exclusively I fly FSX Steam, the A2A, B-377, with Rex Real Environment Extream Plus HD, FSUIPC registered, all Orbx scenery packages and ForeFlight professional. I built my own computer using the most powerful components on the market as of 2018. My ultimate goal was to fly trouble free 6 hour plus flights with ( No Omm’s) and extremely smooth 50 plus fps, and with no less than 35 fps @ airports like CYYZ which will really grind down your FPS. I have achieved my goal using FSX Steam. As for being a 32-bit system I personally have nothing but good things to say about FSX Steam. I did have problems if I got to greedy using HD clouds in REX, ( Definitely not needed, 1080 is just fine ) while Orbx Vector was the worst addon I ever bought. I turned off Orbx Vector and all my OOM problems disappeared and I honestly can’t tell the difference with it being turned off. My suggestions if like me you want to stay with what I believe is a very stable platform ( FSX Steam) 1) Buy/Upgrade to the most powerful equipment you can afford especially look at the 980/1080 GTX ti Nvidia graphics cards. 2) Don’t use or buy Orbx Vector, the rest of their product offering however is simply superb. 3) Try to keep your addons to a minimum, keep only those add-ons that you really feel enhance your experience while being trouble-free. 4) Read Nicks guide, his last and most definitive guide, read it over and over, study it like a College Course. It's probably the very best advice ever written for this hobby. As for Prepar 3d, I have seen it, I have flown it, but I seriously can't see what the big deal is. For those that have stepped up to this massive reinvestment and are pleased then I am happy for you, and for the future of this hobby. We can't afford to lose anyone, we want this hobby to grow with the technology advances. As for me I have never ever enjoyed this wonderful hobby more than I do now, being retired I fly by the book every day trouble free.
  3. Thank you so much for these handy lists. Many of these freeware airports are as good as the payware airports IMO. Go to CYMM to see what I mean, truly spectacular. I require at least 6000 feet for the exclusive aircraft( A2A Boeing 377 Stratocruiser) that I fly everyday. There are many 6000’ plus airports to choose from. I am presently working my way to each of these airports enjoying their individual characteristics. Thank you Orbx for these freeware airports.
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