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  1. It's FSX: SE so I actually have it installed in my steam files (steamapps-common-fsx) Everything seems to run ok, I get the textures, but I always am a little concerned when I get windows I shouldn't get. And yes I did run the latest orbxlibs, however I didn't run FSX before running orbxlibs, is that a problem? Because at the end of the orbxlibs install, it gave me the same message (couldn't locate scenery.cfg) EDIT: And yes, sorry, I do have a scenery.cfg and scenery.cfg_orbx_backup in my program data
  2. When I try to change my TML setting to 2048 in FTX Aero and I click Apply I get, Value cannot be null Parameter name: path. And it reverts back to 1024 and closes. How do I fix this?
  3. Just installed FTX Global BASE and FTX Trees HD, tried to apply group and it says it can't locate the scenery.cfg It's in plain sight in my fsx folder in it's usual spot, why can't it find it? should I have a copy of it elsewhere?
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