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  1. Thank you Doug, Issue does seem resolved, thanks once more:)
  2. Loaded up on the default scenery of GCLP, seems this issue is more severe than I thought. Tried to reinstall P3d Client,scenery and content. The issue is not ORBX Vector. Edit: However disabling ORBX Libraries in my addons seems to fix the issue, as seen on screenshot
  3. ORBX Central is launched once a week, and everything is updated
  4. Hi Nick, thanks for the reply! I do have the Global Base pack, and other than that EU Norway. Kind regards Joakim
  5. Hello, When I've got ORBX Global Vector enabled I get these patches that constantly popup and move around with night textures. I've reinstalled Vector, Deleted terrain.cfg and lclookup.bgl, with no avail. Only thing that seems to fix it is to disable Vectors. Now Vectors seems to cause a problem, but I do not think vectors is what's making it. (Note the key word of the day is "Think") Generally I feel that It's not ORBX Vector I'm seeing as things just look bad,cities just covered with trees etc... I was stupid enough getting Black Marble Vectors(See more have had issues with that addon combined with ORBX Vectors) Althought a nice looking addon it ate my frames, and seemed to make things look bad during the day. I've deleted BMV since then, and removed it from my Addon/Scenery library, yet ORBX Vectors is in conflict with something. In the chance this is not BMV I've come here for help, or in case anybody else has tried to remove it with fault. Is there some file I've missed perhaps? I'm definetly not the worlds smartest person, but I did try to change the order of my scenery library, but I've included it in case I've done something wrong there. Regarding FTX AU, I don't know how it got there, i don't own it, I didn't add it to my sim, It just appeared. Now that sounds dodgy I know. Kind Regards Joakim
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