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  1. Really brought out the beauty of this area John.
  2. Sounds interesting to me. If it's aviation related and I can experience it I want to see it. No one knows yet just where it will go but it'll be fun to see in no matter what.
  3. First Flt Sim Expo for me and it was amazing. Orbx outdid itself in every way. Had a great time working at the Orbx booth on Sat and Sun, meeting all the team, seeing all the other vendors, and interacting with many simmers from all around the world. Here's a pic of the hotel itself and one of a simmer taking the controls of an Orbx TrueDeck Panel by Flight Velocity. (checking my bank now so I can get one!) Renaissance Inn, Orlando Site of the Flt Sim Expo 2019
  4. Sorry to hear that Jack. I'll be there with Orbx and was just wondering if any of our forum members will be attending. Would love to meet you!
  5. That was amazing! Need some rake and shovel work up there on that strip.
  6. Love it when a plan comes together! Nick's a helpful guy alright.
  7. You may want to start a support ticket explaining what you did by mistake.
  8. PADQ was (and still is) included in the Orbx Global Airports freeware section that includes airports from around the world. It's not a separate download.
  9. Hi As long as your purchased products are in your Orbx account you can install them to P3Dv4 without any problems. You would have to have purchased specific products developed for XP for them to work in XP or airports that have been ported from FSX/P3D to XP. I don't see a list of what you have installed in FSX or FSX-SE so can't really be specific.
  10. Thanks for showing these Macca! What a beautiful city.
  11. Couldn't agree more! Loved Doris Day, such class.
  12. Well said Kilstorm. I'm enjoying all 3 of those sim platforms as well. Exciting things happening to all 3 at the same time! I'm not one of the guys posting those great screens of TE Washington but I can assure you that you will like it when it's ready.
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