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  1. I finally did it.....all 667GB of it..........

    +1 Good point!
  2. Ground scenery craters

    Agree with Nick. I'm looking at it in P3Dv4 and it looks normal. I also just checked KMKE in P3Dv3 and don't see any craters anywhere. Sorry this doesn't help with the issue you have but it's probably related to the AEC tool or mesh.
  3. Take a look at all the airports that list "Creature Flow" and you'll find an assortment of animals, fish, whales, etc. A small airport near OG39 has some animals that cross the runway at unexpected moments!
  4. Happy Birthday Sniper31.

    Happy Birthday Landon and I hope your skies in CO are clear! Rob from smokey Calif
  5. Abnormal features screenshots

    Welcome Dodo, I like your idea as well. Perhaps when you post something you found amiss at an airport you might use the airport ICAO code as part of your main Title in the post too. This way the developer of that airport is more likely to spot it and take a look for you.
  6. Early Christmas

    Just a thought.......just give them access to your Orbx account and they can sneak in and purchase products for you and leave a card with the money to reimburse you.
  7. New desktop cockpit WIP

    Last picture is a corker Ken! Must resist............
  8. Uninstalled FSX

    Normally you would leave FSX installed until you have P3Dv4 installed and your Orbx goodies installed to it. Reason is that Central will copy files from your FSX installation and only have to download new files that are specific to P3Dv4. Might still work if you left the Orbx folder in the old FSX there, but I'm not sure about that.
  9. HB Nick Cooper

    Happy Birthday Nick. Great to be 40 again,eh?
  10. FTX Global Range Airports and OpenLC

    Short answer......yes.
  11. All good suggestions here Gerold. Only thing I could add is that when you make the switch be sure to keep FSX at first so FTXCentral can use a lot of the Orbx files while installing sceneries to P3Dv4. This way Central only has to find the files needed to update your FSX files to P3Dv4 and not have to download the entire lot.
  12. Just purchased 77S Creswell (Hobby Field)

    I'll be driving by 77S this Friday again. Did so 2 weeks ago heading to the Oregon coast from N Calif. Always brings a smile to my face knowing how it looks from the air. (virtually that is) :-)
  13. something dumb....

    Do you have Vector installed? Might try using the AEC tool (run it and it will correct many elevation issues) and see if that corrects it. Barring that do a search for KSEA on your entire flt sim folder and see what extra bgl files might be lurking. Possibly in the Scenery/World/Scenery folder is my best guess. Even if you uninstall the PNW region using FTXCentral and reinstall it, this may not remove a non Orbx file for KSEA causing the problem. However, it won't hurt anything.
  14. Happy Birthday Stew!

    Happy Birthday Stu, and a raised glass to your daughter as well for coming all that way to surprise you!
  15. something dumb....

    Hmmmmm....if you look at your scenery library within the sim does it show an entry for this T2G KSEA? If so, maybe you can uncheck it and see if that clears it up. Or does it have an Uninstaller you can run?