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  1. Thanks Adam. I'll also give your preset a try and I book marked the website too!
  2. Very nice set of pics showing in the circuit just how beautiful Matteo has made this airport and area. Well done!
  3. Excellent pic! I've been to Half Moon Bay many times and your shot captures it perfectly.
  4. 2001 Ford F250 t o haul the travel trailer, 2000 Dodge Durango 4X4 for town and off road, and my trusty 1948 Ford F1 pickup truck.
  5. That sneak peak view of the upcoming TE Washington is amazing! As a long time simmer (think Commadore 64) I am fascinated by the rapid advances in technology these last few years Looking forward to seeing it and giving my Scout Amphibian a real workout!
  6. LOL So true Matthew. In my case as soon as I think the testing has slowed down along comes an entire new TE region or another LC product or airport! The real fun of testing is knowing just how much everyone is going to enjoy the new project. It just keeps on getting better. See JV's video of the new TE PNW to see what I mean....WOW. And no, I haven't seen any of it yet.
  7. Missed this one! Hope it was a great one Marcus and many happy returns of the day.
  8. Just to add my heart felt best wishes Renault. Hurry back!
  9. Wonderful depiction of a real flight merged into flt sim. Can you tell us what is that app you are using?
  10. Always a pleasure to see your screens Stewart. Nice time of day and once again Marcus has hit it out of the park.
  11. Great stuff Robert! Nice to see RTMM in action and of course great looking scenery as well.
  12. Wouldn't the PNW demo area for FSX also work in P3D?
  13. Hi Kurt, You almost had me there for a second! I thought ' I couldn't have missed the Enable Car Rental option in the CP while testing could I? LOL April Fools Day here ya know.
  14. Well done Stewart. Always enjoy your posts. Keep 'em coming.
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