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  1. ha ha That reminds me of one Christmas where I gave my Dad a baggie of Cheerios labeled "Donut seeds".
  2. Sounds tasty! All we have near here are Nanaimo Bars.
  3. Happy Birthday John! Thanks for all you've done for the flight sim community.
  4. When a friend asked my two son's where they learned all their building skills, and they pointed to me.
  5. Happy Birthday Ben. Keep up the great work!
  6. That's for sure! If I had know retirement was so much fun I'd of done it first. Just to add: I don't forget things, it's just that my head is full and I have to delete something in order to retain something else.
  7. Very nice screens and btw, a visiting car from Michigan is a nice touch and not out of the realm of possibility. Just takes money to get your car on the island!
  8. What JohnnyJohnJohn said. If you don't have the Alaska region then don't buy those sceneries, only to be disappointed.
  9. On a lighter and aviation note I survived a wheels up landing in an Grumman S2 at NAS Corpus Christi once! Pretty exciting to say the least.
  10. I share one with you Rodger.....alcoholism. 33 yrs sober now Sudden passing of my wife was very difficult.
  11. Being a tester I don't want to sound like a fan boy, but my gosh Filou, those shots are the best! Nice registration on the aircraft too.
  12. Same here! I'm in good company then olderndirt. Edit Seems a logout/login to Discord sorted the Invalid Invite error. Looks promising!
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