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  1. Sounds like a good time to put another log in the fire Larry!
  2. That's the San Jose area TTM. South end of San Francisco Bay
  3. Glad she's ok Don. I know the money hurts but they are family!
  4. Getting it now, thanks Ken! I should know them all but at times I'm not 100% sure when cloud watching. This will help their names fresh in the mind, I hope. I have an app called Peak Visor that shows me all the surrounding mountain names and elevations. Good for N Calif I guess, YMMV
  5. Hope you're enjoying it Jack. The entire area is beautiful and fun to explore.
  6. Hdg 075 from the airport about 7 miles. Heading will take you to the coast over the boat ramps.
  7. Nice realistic capture for sure! I've flown out of Lake Union on Kenmore Air a few times. 1/2 hr flight around the area doesn't cost too much if you're on vacation in the area. Groupon has a two for one promo sometimes.
  8. Sure, here ya go. It's not a comparison, but shows the Terra Flora trees. To be honest, I haven't seen the SFD trees. I removed that folder and installed Terra Flora instead. Couldn't be happier.
  9. Thanks Renault! Men and their toys! Where would we be without that spirit of adventure, invention, risk/reward. The contraption that really got my attentions was the guy atop a barn, with stiff, fabric covered wood wings, jumping into the wind with a big smile. Didn't work out too well for the fella but it took guts to test the unknown.
  10. A good look at current screenshots will show you the difference if you already have SFD. Maybe check in the Orbx Compatibility Forum for a better answer.
  11. Hi Joe, I just looked and KCOE is not listed in Orbx Global Airports freeware. Hope you find one at FSDeveloper.
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