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  1. I made a flight yesterday (testing) from Klamath Falls to Crater Lake, OR. As Crater Lake starts to come into view the scene is jaw dropping! I've been there many times IRL. If fact I'll be there tomorrow on my way up north to Seattle. I'd have to go back and check on whether or not the Lodge is modeled.
  2. Love your attitude Ivana! Skypark looks to me like the beginning of a fun Virtual world of aviation, catering to many different tastes. Might cost me two coffees a month, but I'm certainly onboard to give it a go and see what your virtual aviation world looks like. Does the app allow for some intercommunication with other users? Not exactly multiplayer but maybe shared stats?
  3. Surprised anyone knows Frank Zappa Scott! Jim Morrison was just before he started the Doors. New Year's Eve 1967 after a concert at the Filmore in San Francisco (went often) I went to an after party (can't remember exact location...ha ha) and met Grace Slick and Janis Joplin in person. That concert was actually at a place called Winterland in SF tho, the Filmore was too small for that one. Used to watch/listen to Jefferson Airplane and Grateful Dead live (for free) in Golden Gate Park that summer too. We won't talk about the Hippies and the Summer of Love in SF.......LOL I lived right across the bay from San Francisco......good times.
  4. Ha Ha......I'm only 70 so I remember everything! Now where are my glasses?
  5. What a fun thread! Met Clint Eastwood at his ranch near Burney, CA. Frank Zappa (anyone know who that is...lol) and double dated with two girls from Alameda, CA and Jim Morrison (from the Doors)
  6. Hi there apshift, XP does not support animated figures like FSX/P3D. No graphics settings in XP will make them move. Hopefully in the future XP will allow for animated figures.
  7. Hi Matt, There are files in the freeware sections for AI traffic for both AUS v2/New Zealand and North America listed here: https://orbxdirect.com/freeware If not already in your account (make sure you have the option to show all products, not just installed products in Central) then add them via Orbx Direct and install from your copy of Central.
  8. I completely agree Bob! I hope to again try VR soon. We are in the Golden Age of simulation for sure and I'm loving every minute of it. btw, if you don't mind what is that aircraft called and where can I find a copy ? I don't have any addon aircraft for XP yet. Is it a Lake Renegade, or just similar?
  9. Happy Birthday JV! Time for a shot of JD!
  10. Really brought out the beauty of this area John.
  11. Sounds interesting to me. If it's aviation related and I can experience it I want to see it. No one knows yet just where it will go but it'll be fun to see in no matter what.
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