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  1. Rob Abernathy

    Airports that spark memories

    Thanks for the idea John! I think I'll travel the trails from the Lewis and Clark expedition to Oregon.
  2. Hmmm....thanks Stewart! I'll have to try that on my next down low flight.
  3. One thing of note is that with TE products, as opposed to landclass based scenery, is that you won't see roads cutting through buildings. It's so much more natural looking.
  4. Rob Abernathy

    TrueEarth UK P3D

    Gorgeous! I'm from California and since TE GB S for P3D and also all 3 for XP, I haven't flown anywhere else except for testing something.
  5. Rob Abernathy

    Addicted to true earth Orbx

    Some of the best screens I've ever seen Martin! Glad you're enjoying the TE series.
  6. Rob Abernathy

    the updated Stockholm Arlanda + SODE + AI

    Thanks Urmel, great info and easy to follow. I've done the edits suggested and will now go have fun rechecking the latest Orbx airports that just had SODE implemented. This should really add to the realism and overall enjoyment!
  7. Thanks Benny. Learned a lot from that video.
  8. Thanks to Stefan and everyone for bringing this up and all the great responses. Being a beta tester is my way of saying thanks to Orbx for all the great products and untold hours of enjoyment I had up until N California was being tested. That's when I became a tester, through my friend Neil Hill. I had bought all Orbx products up until then and yes, I get the new stuff free, but I spend a lot of time pouring over things as they are developed, tested, changed and retested. Yep, we miss stuff and it always amazes me something can get by us...ha ha A labor of love, so to speak. I'm lucky to have the time to do this and be part of a great community. Heading the Flt Sim Conference this summer in Orlando.....can't wait!
  9. Rob Abernathy

    ORBX FREEWARE - MMLT Loreto, Baja Mexico

    Loved it Roger! Glad I stumbled into the screenshots forum today.
  10. Rob Abernathy

    Barra - the sands and airport

    Just went there last night for the first time my self. Nice shot! It's the only airport with regularly scheduled flights on sand in the world.
  11. Rob Abernathy

    A Nice View

    Now that's funny!
  12. Rob Abernathy

    General hardware advice

    Hi Peter, Welcome to the Orbx forums. Looks like you found the right place if you like great scenery and helpful members! I'm running XP11.30 at 60-85 frames on the specs in my signature. This is with pretty high settings and digging into the TE GB series in XP11 and now P3D. (P3D only in testing, not available yet) It's a recent upgrade and I'm quite happy with it. The highest end of Filou's list was out of my reach, but maybe ok for you.
  13. Good find Terry! Gansner Field isn't far from me and I've been there a few times. The Orbx version is wonderfully done.
  14. Rob Abernathy

    CityScene Orlando a few more.

    Hi John, I'll also be in Orlando this year, in June for the Flt Sim Expo!