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  1. Try using a left mouse click (hold) and drag the map either left or right. I just looked at mine and didn't see Samoa but did see all my AUS v2 and airports ok. Dragging the screen to the left (for me) showed the map again but now I see Samoa. Try and see. :-)
  2. Thank you very much! I see there are two libraries. Do we need both the NAPS and CBD ones or just NAPS.
  3. Good going Ben! Smoke free for 30 years now. Think how much money that was! I know it's not easy to give up but soooo worth it.
  4. Very nice shots there Jack! I've been there twice and there really are big oaks on the property. Behind one of the hangers you'll see a couple.
  5. Great! Daughter lives 4 miles from Payne. Been there a lot of times. Good for Boeing!
  6. Hi Ken, That's exactly what the updates are for, to make them compatible with AUSv2. AUSv2 has been a fun update for me to virtually tour the continent. I'm not having any issues with addon AUS sceneries from Orbx but if you do be sure to post in the support forum so we can help out. :-)
  7. I think it may just come down to the way each sims graphics engine draws things, even with the same basic source files as JV pointed out. Looks good to me in both sims.
  8. I can feel the pain and worries of those in the path of fire and send my prayers their way. Donating with the link posted by both Nick and Shermak was fast and easy. Last year my family was evacuated from a huge fire in N Calif. Luckily it stopped short of my house, but my best friends lost their house and other friends at least know someone personally that lost there home. The entire town of Keswick near Shasta Lake is gone. The town of Paradise near Chico burned. I know the Australians will rebuild as we are doing here. Hope it ends soon.
  9. Thanks Nick. So sorry for all the loss. We had horrific fires here last year that wiped out whole towns. Praying for rain.
  10. When I've had similar problems I deleted my saved startup flight (my default). The sim reverts to P3D default and loads ok.
  11. Same from KRDD. Lot's to look forward to this year.
  12. Horse walks into a bar. Bartender asks "Why the long face?" C'mon, someone had to do this one! Happy New Years to all with a fun year ahead with many new Orbx goodies.
  13. Well spotted Jack! Since I already have all the Orbx titles you can concentrate on helping out TTM.
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