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  1. """Currently, I am very open to use both and enjoy the best of each until one lets me down. Cheers Carlos"""" I echo your entire post Carlos. I'll use both for sure but only time will tell which one gets the most use. I'm looking forward to visiting Costa Rica in the new MSFS since my time there in 2016. Beautiful country and wonderful people. I don't think either one will ever let me down as I'll enjoy each one to provide me with what I'm looking for on any given day. I will have to run all the sims anyway for testing purposes but that's ok..........I like 'em all.
  2. Thanks for that video HiFlyer. Not completely sure just how to purchase this yet, but I'm primed and ready to take to the skies with it! I'll wait until the release before buying, at least a day or two.
  3. EDIT This IS an Orbx airport. No guesses? I visited this one last week on a trip to the PNW coast.
  4. Love it! Both ladies in red.
  5. Just applied it to P3Dv5. Thanks all for the reminder about this settings change.
  6. Thanks Jack. The Global AI that I bought can be installed into either v.5 or v5 too. Either way I now have nice looking AI everywhere so I'm a happy flyer!
  7. Installed last night and so far I like it a lot. Didn't know it was available 18 months ago and not nearly complete enough to be worth the money.
  8. Thanks again Craig. I did spend over an hour getting to grips with AIG but in the end the "one-click" solution won me over. Have to find something to spend money on, this Covid stuff has shrunk my world a bit. Thankful for flightsims.
  9. Thanks Craig! I did take a quick look at it but balked at the price, at least until I move more and more into P3Dv5. Still waiting on some scenery updates first. I don't like losing some of my paid for aircraft that aren't working in v5 but I have enough to play with now, esp with some A2A aircraft. I don't really fly all that much except for approaches while testing, but I do enjoy the AI flights adding to the airport realism. Really miss that part. Thanks again. Edit Just bought it. Now the momentum toward v5 is picking up speed. lol
  10. Hi all, I miss my AI traffic in P3Dv5. Scouring the internet and looking at what's out there leaves me more confused than when I started! Are there any good AI programs out there, either free or pay, that work with P3Dv5 and are are worth the money of payware? Thanks for any help Cheers
  11. Also if you go the the Lockheed Martin P3D site where you purchased P3Dv4.x you will see the latest download available in your downloads section. The latest one with a HotFix was v You can compare that number version with the one you found in the Help menu.
  12. Thanks Fabs, I have it copied into 5 but the textures don't show...all black.
  13. Thanks guys. I've been on the fence about the A2A Cub but you've convinced me to fall off. lol Not super realistic to switch airplanes in mid flight if I want to change from water to land or vice versa but I love flying the Cub and am willing to make a sacrifice! Just bought it and also the 172 Trainer.
  14. Hi all, I'm looking for a small amphibian for P3Dv5. So far no luck! Any ideas? I have the Scout amphibian from FSX/P3Dv4 but it doesn't display correctly in v5. Thanks in advance
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