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  1. I like this idea too Jonnie. Show all purchased airports, regions, etc as one color and the balance of unowned products another color.
  2. Yes, it's a separate download. You would have to uninstall the HD version first, then install the SD version.
  3. Getting older does have it's advantages!
  4. ha ha Ok, my turn. My Dad, who is mostly deaf told this one to me. Two old guys were chatting when one said to the other "these new hearing aids are wonderful. I can even hear the birds chirping now!" His buddy says "that's great Jack, what kind is it?" Jack replies "O, about 6:30"
  5. Terry, we share the same birthday 9-30-xxxx
  6. Thanks for the memories John. For me the times were a bit different, but still the bands, the girls, the courtesy to all were the norm. Met my future wife when I was 16, her 15.
  7. Not so bad....lol. This is by Trout Creek on the east side of Mt. Shasta, CA
  8. I can't wait to see it on my PC and enjoy Orbx's involvement with it. Love the new technology. We'll just have to wait and see where it will take us. Good times!
  9. Hope the Birthday went without a hitch and you had enough cake n ice cream Terry. Enjoyed our MP flights in the past over NZ and hope to reconnect for a flight or two.
  10. Thanks guys! I don't get around on the forum as much as I'd like and always enjoy the lot of ya.
  11. I enjoy a hobby where I regularly camp out in a primitive style. Nothing allowed in camp unless it's 1840 or earlier. Light is not an issue and the stars look beautiful in the dark.
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