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  1. I was stationed at Adak, Alaska for 18 months ( '70-'71) and had the best King Crab ever! A processing ship pulled into Finger Bay and we could get fresh cooked King Crab for 50 cents each. Sweet as butter.
  2. Made me laugh too! Wonder how good the inflight service is on that thing!?
  3. Very nice Gerold! @ Stillwater....... maybe turn up the road traffic slider? I'll have to go try that, any excuse to go back for another look.
  4. Wonderful Pete! Love the water reflections in MSFS. I should remind myself to look more at the beauty (like in your screens) instead of just looking for bugs..
  5. Brisbane City Landmarks is absolutely my favorite of them all. All very good, but Brisbane feels special. Will be great when YBBNv2 is ready to go!
  6. +1 for the Buffalo Burgers at the DC3 Cafe! Wasn't on the list but I love a good lamb roast....A
  7. Some great angles Adam. Love the one looking through the leaves.
  8. Happy belated, Roger! Sorry, I have a sore throat or I'd sing too.
  9. You guys are good! It is S433. Even with the current snow I thought maybe that red/white building would give it away. Airport is only a few miles from my daughter's house, been there several times IRL.
  10. Love it! And I'd like to hire the person that did the mowing.
  11. I've been to this field several times IRL. PNW area. Does the picture have to be taken by me, personally?
  12. I'm not seeing the 185 with floats, only a 182 with no preview of a float variant. I'll keep looking, really miss a good amphibian for MSFS. (the Icon doesn't quite fit the bill for me).
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