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  1. Here's what KPSP looks like for me. What Orbx products do you have installed? Is this Orbx Palm Springs or default. Region or only OpenLandclass NA. I'd Verify Files v ia Orbx Central for the products you have installed, then go to settings/Help/Sync Simulator. See if that helps.
  2. Was able to spend the night in a Westin Hotel behind that Otter last May. Fun watching them from a higher viewpoint, coming and going.
  3. Hi Landon, Like you I also only have PNW, some Orbx airports installed right now and am proceeding slowly. This way I can tell when something new may be causing an issue, rather than installing too much at once and not knowing where to start looking! Luckily I haven't been seeing any CTD as of yet. Most of my sliders maxed and even using the new Atmosphere beta I'm seeing rock solid performance. Haven't been to Seattle yet though! I'm sure LM is on it and we'll all breath easier soon. Hope you and yours are doing ok during this medical crisis. Also, to all of the forum members too!
  4. I started from a default airport and then went to S43 (after installing the Orbx version). No issues here. Have to admit I didn't try it multiple times.
  5. You'll find it on the product page in Orbx Central for TE GB South.
  6. Thanks for this Walter! I'll give it a try.
  7. There is a free mesh for S America located in Orbx Central in the Global Range where the openLC SA product is as well.
  8. Hi Tikishark Welcome to the Orbx forums! Given the airports you listed all you need is the Northern Rockies and Pacific Northwest regions. They combine all the elements needed. If you plan to fly in other areas not covered by a region product then the Global Base pack, Vector, OpenLC series will be needed for best results. Saying all that I would suggest that Trees HD and Buildings HD will bring a LOT of realism to your flights and are good buys. Don't hesitate to ask any questions here! Cheers, Rob
  9. Here is a kmz file that will show them all in Google Earth OLC_AF_poi.kmz
  10. Glad I stopped by today. Get well soon Terry. I'll also say a prayer for your wife to have you stuck in the house. Hope everyone weathers this storm in a good way.
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