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  1. Hello Wolter Happily, I am no longer getting the error. I don't know if it was Rod's FSX compatibility fix from a few days ago or the final installation of the Orbxlibraries but it all works great now. If it appears again, I'll be sure to post.
  2. Hiya Rod!!! After a bit of a flight sim hiatus and a 're-do' of my gaming rig, I have re-installed FSX and am in the process of dropping my Orbx products back in. After multiple tries of downloading from the Flightsim Store over two days and unzipping with 7Zip, I am still getting the same error message when trying to set my regions. Is this the error message that you are getting?
  3. Simply stunning shots Andrew!!! I live here in the area and was at the museum for a private function last week. They opened up the Halifax for the group and we could wander around inside her. I can't imagine doing 10-12 hour missions in that aircraft. I really think we have gone soft in the intervening 65+ years. Thanks for sharing that with us.
  4. Simply WOW!! Many thanks for sharing your obviously hard work.
  5. Haven't been able to locate good free stuff like Skyvector but aerodrome charts can be had from http://www.navcanada.ca/NavCanada.asp?Language=en&Content=ContentDefinitionFiles\Publications\AeronauticalInfoProducts\CanadianAirportCharts\default.xml You need to right click on "Current Issue" and save it somewhere or else it will take forever to open.
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