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  1. Just a quick post to confirm: everything is OK now with the new installer, HDTrees installed correctly under p3d v3, and now I've got some nice trees on my 4K display xD thanks a lot for a great customer support, Jose,
  2. On my way... I will give it a shot tonight, and I'll let you know how it goes. thanks a lot ! Jose,
  3. Update: tried to download again treesHD, but it won't work, either. The file is exactly the same as always (treesHD, version 1.00). Just going out on a limb right now, but ... it seems as if FSS' link could still be pointing to the old, non-p3dv3 installer ? It just doesn't make sense that the install menu won't show a p3dv3 option, only FSX, p3d v1, and p3dv2. As of now, I am still unable to use my purchased copy of HD Trees with p3d v3. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Jose,
  4. Thanks for your answers, gentlemen Dave: I already tried that one... I must admit, it was tempting just to run the installer from within the compressed downloaded file, since, well... it was a single .exe and an unimportant .txt file... and I did so (ehem)... and it failed... so, following that, I decided to stop being a smartass, and extract the whole thing to its own directory... ran it... and it failed again, with the exact error message which you can see on the screenshot... so no luck there. Voyager: purchase was on 17/10 (though FSS will insist on telling me that it was on 18/10.
  5. Dear Sir, a few days ago I purchased FTX Base + LC Europe + HD Trees (via the Flight Sim Store). I am a p3d v3 user, hence I went for those products which showed the "p3d v3 compatible" badge.) Thing is, Base and LC Europe work flawlessly (FTX Central 2 also got succesfully installed, "global" group applied, etc.). But, until now, I've not been able to install TreesHD. Please see my attached screenshot for further details; first and foremost, the installer won't show a "p3d v3" option, only FSX, v1 and v2 ones. Second, regardless of the install option you choose, an error pop-u
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