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  1. Nick Thank you, yes that was the case for me. All sorted out now. Cheers Michael
  2. I can't find that Orbx Library folder no matter where I look, nothing like it
  3. Hello All For the like of me I am unable to locate the Orbx - Library Folder to copy my installed Orbx products from p3dv4 to p3dv5 Can anyone help? Could someone tell me in explorer what folders are before the Library and Orbx. Thank you Michael
  4. You should thank your lucky stars. I get pretty much 30fps at most of my major au airpsrts YMML YSSY YBBN but when I fly into YSCB I'm lucky to get 20 I tried uninstalling CB Cityscape to see if it would make a difference and it didn't. Cheers Michael
  5. Hello I have had the same issue , CTD about 10,000 - 11,000feet on departure as well. Michael
  6. Hi All Yesterday I tried the 5 step fix Unfortunately I ended up with more problems that I was trying to solve. On my first takeoff with the fully refreshed files I had a P3D Crash to Desktop at about 3,000 after takeoff from YMML (Orbx Scenery only installed - NO ADD-ONS) So back to square one
  7. To anyone following this post I will report any findings that I have tried and tested. Cheers Michael
  8. Hello Holger Thank you for your reply. Yes the blocks do appear to follow the aircraft along and they do change to and from proper scenery block and move on to different areas around the aircraft. No I have not done anything to shaders folder but will do that next. Third Party environment add-ons? - if you mean some sort of shaders, no I dont Only add - 0n I have is GSX Ground Services. Earlier on I Uninstalled it to see if that was causing it but same thing happened without GSX Thank you again for your input Cheers
  9. Hi David Yes, on descent and lower you get to worse it gets I have the Level of Detail set to ULTRA (one notch back from max) I'll try lowering it some and see what happens Michael
  10. Hello Nick This afternoon NZQN any help greatly appriciated Michael
  11. Today after clearing scenery by Morphing Fix above I did two flights First flight YSSY Tempa - YMML Orbx P3D V4.2 after first flight I reset the sim and restarted back at YSSY (this is my default P3D Scenario) I again flew YSSY - YMML - NO MORPHING on either flight, all good After the second flight to YMML I moved to NZCH via P3D Navigation/Go to Airport (I have ORBX NZ north and south island) Set up for a flight NZCH - NZQN (NZQN = Orbx) All good until 1500 feet AGL at Queenstown and MORPHING EVERYWHER. SO FRUSTRATING, I don't know
  12. Hi Larry Thank you for your comment. Generally I install all my ORBX Scenery at the same time through FTX Central, then Addon Scenery one at a time (I only have 4 non orbx airports) All the rest of my scenery is ORBX First time i saw this morphing was last October, P3D V3 (I have FSX installed on the same machine but rarely use it) I was flying in Cuba area coming in for a landing and morphing started, I have not been flying in that area before I generally fly in Australian and NZ. This morphing got worse with every flight even in Aus and NZ. (at that st
  13. Hello Anyone I have had texture problems now for at least 6months more on than off. I believe it's called Texture Morphing (texture morphing means that the textures change while flying over them) I have Orbx Global Base, Vector, AU, NZ north and south, EU and loads of orbx airports. I also have Fly Tempa Sydney and two others but the majority by far I have ORBX Scenery and am running P3DV4.1 but had same problem with V3 The problem of this texture morphing happens when i approach a flight destination (pretty much ANY destination airport), usually b
  14. Hello Holenger i have the same problem but it's not confined to Fly Tempa Sydney. My problem happens pretty much at any destination generally on descent at about 5000 feet and below the lower I get the worse it gets. I have lots of ORBX airports. and BASE VECTOR AU NZ EU i have aver tried the fix that you put up dated 2014 a number of times but problem keeps coming back I have tried a complete reinstall of all ORBX scenery I have done migration in central I have configured vector I have done insertion tool I'm really ru
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