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  1. Very impressed with EGLC and London landmarks (apart from night textures being bright!), So thanks very much. Is there a way to link my Marketplace purchases to Central? I bought on the marketplace in haste last night.
  2. My frame rate isn't an issue Nick, was another thread by someone else sorry.
  3. Now got to work after verifying the TE South Files :S
  4. My parking lots are completely empty!
  5. Just bought and installed, changed nothing else from a full working xplane. TE South and Central 16gb RAM 7600k Gtx1070 Log says xplane totally out of memory, never had this issue until installed EGNX
  6. Shots 3 to 8 are very blurry on the ground, looks like you have zoomed in to the aircraft and not used EZDOK to "move" into the aircraft. Rest are lovely.
  7. This will be an awesome addition for the YSCB, will be hard on frames though i should think in something like the NGX.
  8. Ah! Shade is a bugger to setup but looks great when you get it right. Keep em coming though, lovely shots.
  9. Great shots just far to much contrast in the edit.
  10. Nice shots, but there tends to be a heck of a lot of colour saturation, Happens a lot in pics on here, detracts from what are great angles etc.
  11. Cant wait to be flying into EGLL in the NGX or at some other date the 777.... Will be beautiful.
  12. I think the channel islands will be covered by Earth Simulations too.
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