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  1. Hi. Is this P3D 3.4? I have not been able to install the 707 in 3.4. How did you do it? Bill
  2. I tried to install the PNW Patch 006 but the installer will not let me choose FSX but automatically points to P3D. I had installed the Iceland Demo in P3D V2, so I un-installed the demo from P3D and deleted the Orbx Folder from the P3D folder. I also cannot run FTX Central as it is trying to find the P3D folder. My FSX installation is on a separate drive by itself. P3D is installed under Programs X86 on a different drive. I also restarted my machine and cleaned the registry. Please let me know how to proceed. Thank you, Bill Roth
  3. Jarrad, I have visited KSFF many times and this looks spectacular. My father learned to fly at KSFF in the thirties and went on to be a 747 captain for Northwest Airlines. There is picture of him and some flying friends in the Skyway Cafe. My mother was a stewardess for Northwest in the late thirties and early fourties. She probably did her first flying out of Felts. Thanks for all your hard work. Bill Bill
  4. Hi Holger, I read the thread you sent and discovered I had an extra BGL file from My Traffic. I renamed the file and all is well. Thank you for your help.
  5. I recently re-installed PNW, the latest patch and library. Now I notice the tower at KBFI is duplicated. Is there something I need to do? Thanks
  6. After installing SP3 for PNW and the new libraries I notice that some of the buildings in Seattle appear duplicated. I followed the instructions for the install. Thank you, Bill Roth Order # 59712 Here are two images of what I am seeing.
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