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  1. This morning I swapped RAM back to the suspect stick and pretty much immediately a shutdown, then on restart, and 2 minutes into a flight, another. Now swapped back, and running smoothly, so definitely looks like bad RAM is the cause. As for P3D, I’m not using it, as XP11 is my sim of choice these days. Since I’ve experienced shutdowns in XP11 VR flights, it seemed like a logical place to compare performance.
  2. I removed one RAM and seems to have worked. So far no issues after three flights in fairly demanding scenery. Will switch to the other stick tomorrow hoping to see crashes!
  3. Hope it is the RAM. I’ll try the swaps over the weekend when I have more time. Would be far easier to fix as still under warranty, unlike the overclocked CPU. Anyway, cheers for taking the time to offer some advice. Appreciate it!
  4. Appreciate that. I realise it’s the wrong place, but no response yet on XPlane forum and stuck for ideas.
  5. My new PC built in February is now shutting down randomly after working perfectly. Anybody know good methods for identifying the culprit? Wondering whether it’s RAM, mobo, or CPU. Suspect the latter, but after various tests with different apps I’m confused. This was my first build running an overclocked i7-8770, 2x 3200 Corsair Ram, and Z390 Pro WiFi. One of the things I tried was a system diagnostic. Received multiple warnings on memory, cpu, graphics. I have a post over at XPlane forum too with screenshots (link below). Also did memory check and got some fails. Right now I’m lost. The PC works fine in non-taxing situations, but in VR during flight everything eventually freezes. Each time I’ve kept an eye on CPU temps and they seemed fine in 60s. There are no sudden spikes before it happens either. I’m lost. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/186109-hardware-issues/&tab=comments#comment-1709351
  6. As a GA nut, I quite liked Dangerous Flights about ferry pilots. There’s a few episodes still available on You Tube.
  7. Does anyone know how much should be left free on a D-drive 1TB SSD? Some online sources are stating 10 percent. I’ve got the whole U.K. True Earth on my drive, and hoping I can cram Washington in too with 10 percent to spare. Given that this drive is solely for X-plane, is it still advisable to leave 10 percent?
  8. When can we expect True Earth Netherlands for X-plane 11? Is it still on the 2019 roadmap?
  9. Yes...can't wait to get this one! Hope there are plans to make Airfoillabs KAWO UHD compatible too.
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