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  1. Please consider Gold Coast CityScene for MSFS too. The default photogrammetry in MSFS is pretty underwhelming. It would pair beautifully with Brisbane and would be an instant purchase for me.
  2. No worries. I was hopeful they may have announced something. The last update has me mostly grounded.
  3. No worries. I was hopeful they may have announced something. The last update has me mostly grounded.
  4. I know they mentioned this being under consideration in the live twitch session, but where was this confirmed?
  5. I slept on it. Finally managed to download at normal speeds this morning!
  6. Any issues with the Orbx servers? Just bought Brisbane, but the download is averaging 190 kb/s. My current speed test is 388mb/s.
  7. Agreed. I was getting good frames with the Orbx scenery for London. Now with the update, stutters galore, and London looks like it's been melted with a giant blow torch. Photogrammetry really needs more time to develop.
  8. Too bad. I know there are some developers managing to implement bone animations, so was getting hopeful. Anyway, all in good time I suppose.
  9. Any further updates/presets planned? Given the season, it would be nice to see a ‘Snowy Thaw’ setting with snow covered landscapes, moderate cloud, but milder temperatures. Some GA planes are near impossible to fly in the current snow settings due to de-ice limitations. In addition, an ‘April Showers’ setting with low to moderate rain, but less cloud and more visibility to enjoy the landscapes, would also be great. Finally, any haze options possible? An ‘L.A Haze’ could reduce visibility a modicum and alter the colour tint for a warmer effect (similar to the scattered cloud look in the default settings). If you like your movies, the effect in the opening credits of “To Live and Die in L.A.” Is exactly where I’m heading! Anyway, just some suggestions. Enjoying the presets!
  10. Uninstalled. Still no buildings at Wycombe. Any idea on cause/fix?
  11. The uninstall issue was my mistake. Minimized window!!! Able to reinstall now.
  12. Something odd going on with my Orbx Central. Tried Wycombe after the update and now no scenery after loading. Central says its installed, but cannot uninstall to try a reinstallation. In fact, there are now no uninstall options for any of my sceneries in Central. Tried deleting from the Community and verifying in Central. It then quickly re-adds, but the no uninstall/scenery problems persist. Any ideas on a cause/ fix?
  13. I can totally understand why that is necessary to protect piracy and sharing single license purchases amongst different users, but hopefully a way can be found to allow network users to share the same purchases. Many of us invest a fair amount on scenery, and expecting those who network to triple, or even quadruple their investment, is ridiculous and unreasonable. I’ve raised the issue with MS and Asobo, a long shot I know, but they state it’s under consideration, so fingers crossed. Perhaps Orbx can add their voice too. I just cannot see how MSFS is going to work satisfactorily on multiple monitors without the network option.
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