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  1. Any plans to do some Japanese airports to compliment the MSFS package coming 29th? Tokyo has a good GA at Chofu: https://taiken.co/single/a-visit-to-chofu-airport/
  2. You should be redirected to 650mb download in the MS store which was paused initially for me, so maybe you need to check and unpause it. Can you see MSFS2020 in the store? Then when you restart the sim, the big 15gb download will start.
  3. Thanks for a swift answer. Hopefully Asobo will add those features soon. Anyway, a great little airport that’s never looked better!
  4. Darrington is gorgeous. One issue is a couple of rogue cars suddenly appearing and running around the airport like maniacs in loops. Hope these can get removed going forward. Also, anyone else seeing an abundance of ground staff waiting with tugs? I counted three on my last circuit and no AI in site.
  5. I’m using a curved ultra (21:9) and two standards with MS2020, also have G1000 popped-out on 4th screen. With high settings I am getting good performance in even dense cities like LA or London. Performance is superb with the RTX2080. Definitely recommend the curved ultra. If you are just using the 1 screen you could easily max out all the settings. But dialing down a little for 4 screens doesn’t lose much in visual brilliance. Only issue right now is the lack of MSFS2020 customization on the triple set up. But hopefully it’s in the pipeline.
  6. Yes. Hopefully that will happen. Flying around you notice many landmarks are missing. Hopefully distinct and non-generic landmarks will be gradually added with Orbx packages. The landmarks idea is a good one and hopefully the naysayers will see the benefits once the modelling is upscaled a weeee bit. Anyway, MSFS 2020 certainly blows everything else out of the water, so we enter a new era with greater expectations. Exciting times for developers and simmers, especially with VR coming. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out.
  7. Just bought the first add on but purchased through the sim mistakenly without getting the cross-platform discount. Can I get it refunded?
  8. I’m setting up a networked rig but having to put True Earth products on both pcs is a time and memory sink hole. Since I use the master pc only for flight model and real sim GNS pop-outs, is there a way I can make a symbolic link to the other PC for the scenery? I tried running the network with scenery only on the other visual PC, but the issue is the plane is below the runway before take-off. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d be grateful.
  9. Any plans for XP11? Having the airport would be nice a long with any enhancements this could add to TE South California.
  10. Releasing more ported/fresh airports for empty regions like North California hopefully. But for newer regions, Greece or Italy! Personally, I’d love the former for island hopping. Alaska also would be great, but for XP the lack of seasonal changes and no snow would make it less desirable for me.
  11. Any news on some airports for TE Northern California?
  12. The Orbx Central data on download and install size needs altering. Download and install size are inverted.
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