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  1. As a GA nut, I quite liked Dangerous Flights about ferry pilots. There’s a few episodes still available on You Tube.
  2. Does anyone know how much should be left free on a D-drive 1TB SSD? Some online sources are stating 10 percent. I’ve got the whole U.K. True Earth on my drive, and hoping I can cram Washington in too with 10 percent to spare. Given that this drive is solely for X-plane, is it still advisable to leave 10 percent?
  3. When can we expect True Earth Netherlands for X-plane 11? Is it still on the 2019 roadmap?
  4. Yes...can't wait to get this one! Hope there are plans to make Airfoillabs KAWO UHD compatible too.
  5. Any news on bone animations with XPlane 11 so we can see some flow technologies?
  6. Will this scenery get upgraded to Prepar3d v3? Currency it's only version 1. I bought it for FSX before shifting to Preoar3d - I'd like to be able to use it again.
  7. I have the Palm Spings airport package plus ORBX global and North California. If I'm flying from KPSP to KMRY can I set things up so that ORBX global and North Cali work in unison. Is this the purpose of ticking hybrid? Also, does the check mark I see on the hybrid mode window mean a tick (i.e. it means: yes??). Sorry, this is possibly the most confusing message I've ever posted )
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