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  1. Thank you very much for the support, I already got the xVision and my sceneries change a lot, now they look more beautiful. Regards from Ecuador.
  2. I found these errors related to Orbx packages, are they normal?, can they be fixed?; I already verify the files using the Orbx Central tool. Line 1976: 0:04:28.269 E/SCN: Failed to find resource 'Autogen3_ALB.png', referenced from file 'Custom Scenery/Orbx_B_US_Washington_TE_Overlay/buildings/farms/silos/'. Line 2001: 0:04:28.269 E/SCN: Failed to find resource '../sea-tac_textures_2048/TE_USA_RG_Courtyard_by_Marriott_Seattle_Federal_Way_ALB.png', referenced from file 'Custom Scenery/Orbx_A_US_Washington_TE_Custom/objects/sea-tac/'. Line 2003: 0:04:28.269 E/SCN: Failed t
  3. Thank you for the reply; I would like to know where that cellular radio tower is located into the scenery. Finally, may you please confirm the right order for Orbx packages into the "scenery_pack.ini"?; I deleted the last one and now the Global Airports have more priority so I need to fix it.
  4. Hello Orbx team, new customer here. I bought some sceneries by Orbx including the TE Washington SD and 1SD airport; I was looking at my scenery and it doesn't look as yours, I understand you used some extra addons for the visual but I was trying to find the place of some promotional pictures and I don't know where they are like the picture attached to this post, I think my scenery is loading incomplete. Anyway I also would like to know which external addon you used to change the colors so I could have my Orbx sceneries as yours. I send the next files in order to you can
  5. I restarted the Orbx Central and the stuck files already finished to download.
  6. Hello, I started to install the Orbx products since I was away from the flight sim during some years due to work; the issue is that the Global Vector is stuck, I have enough disk space (SSD) so I don't know why it takes so much time, it has been more than 40min and it's still stuck in the same task.
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