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  1. MSFS 2020 February 20th, 2020 - Development Update There is also a world map to know: "WHERE IN THE WORLD IS THAT?" https://www.flightsimulator.com/
  2. I don't own Orbx EGNM but I had the same problem with Orbx LEBB and in my case it depended on AA's P3D setting. With my hardware configuration of my PC all the Orbx scenarios in my possession such as ESSA-KSAN-KJAC or LIEO I can set in P3D AAx8SSAA and have between 35/40 fps stable without stutter obviously depending on the weather and air traffic while at LEBB I was having the same problems you had with EGNM. I resolved the situation at LEBB by lowering the AA to AAxMSAA and I have a minimum of 40 fps and the stutters are gone. So I suggest you try to lower the setting of AA in P3D to see if the situation improves a EGNM.
  3. Hi Marcus, In my case I think I found what these low fps depend on only at LEBB. Normally I use two configurations on P3D: AA: 8XSSAA and Dynamic light disabled if I fly during the day and AA: 8XMMAA with Dynamic light enabled in night flights and with these configurations the fps remain stable between 30/40 obviously depending on weather and air traffic conditions, and not only in all ORBX scenarios such as ESSA, LOWI, KSAN, KJAC and LIEO but also in other pay scenarios such as for example for EGLL, EHAM, KSFO or EDDF. Given that after the new installation of LEBB with Orbx Central, I had only made tests during the day with 8XSSAA-Dynamic ligh disabled to my surprise I checked that with the configuration 8XMMAA and Dynamic light enabled both at night and during the day the FPS are stable at 40. Best regards, Roberto
  4. After a mothernoard replacement with Asus Prime z390, CPU with I9 9900 5GZ and 2x SSD M2, one for P3D and the other where I reinstalled the ORBX library and I have, on all scenarios, one implementation of fps that never drop below 35 fps such as ESSA, LOWI, LIEO or KSAN instead only at LEBB both on the ground in apt and in its vicinity, there is a collapse of fps up to 10/15 fps and obvious stutter. As soon as I fly away from the apt but I'm definitely still inside the scenario, the fps even exceed 40 and the stutters disappear.
  5. https://www.nvidia.it/Download/driverResults.aspx/157137/us
  6. For the moment I have found that if you configure the fps on Max Frame Rate it is disabled Target frame rate on P3D. Obviously only by flying will you see if there will be improvements with this driver.
  7. The Max Frame Rate setting was added to the driver updates to optimize games. https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/156281/en-us
  8. Microsoft has released update KB4515384 for Windows 10 with the fix for the high CPU usage caused by SearchUI.exe. https://support.microsoft.com/it-it/help/4515384/windows-10-update-kb4515384
  9. Thanks Smudger, I learned that this issue of Cortana is known to Microsoft and awaiting a fix, as specified in this link, you need to uninstall the update KB4512941. https://www.windowscentral.com/how-fix-high-cpu-usage-after-installing-update-kb4512941-windows-10#fix_high_cpu_KB4512941_uninstall_windows10
  10. After the last Windows 10 update KB4512941 I found a loss of about 15 fps on P3D. I have verified that after starting Windows 10 Cortana always occupies the CPU for about 40%. Only after having disabled Cortana using Start-Activity management- Cortana- End activity employment drops to 1% (Desktop only) and fps on P3D return as before the Windows 10 update. The deactivation of Cortana does not happen at the first End activity but it is necessary to do it several times, I have it had to do 7 since Windows 10 not restarted Cortana.
  11. Hi Ben, a clarification on Central regarding Global Base pack or Global OpenLC. In the event of a complete reinstallation of P3D, will Central reinstall them automatically?
  12. I have reinstalled all Orbx products on P3D v4.5 and the loading times of both apt such as ESSA, LOWI, LIEO, LEBB, KSAN or scenarios like Germany South, Norway or Ireland are the same as P3D v4.4 while True Hearth Netherlands HD (with the default EHAM apt) has a much longer time with a break of around 2 minutes at 36% of its loading that with P3D v4.4 did not occur.
  13. I have installed only the P3D V4.4 Client and I have not found problems with Orbx scenary like KSAN-ESSA-LOWI and TrueEarth Netherlands instead with P3D v4.4 are not compatible FFTF Dynamic and ASP4.
  14. ASP4 Update 062518 with P3D 4.3 compatibility (Beta) https://hifisimtech.com/downloads/
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