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  1. He remained clear to the end and wrote the obituary for his disappearance in his own hand: " I Ennio Morricone is dead. So I announce it to all the friends who have always been close to me and also to those more distant than I greet with much affection. Impossible to name them all. There is only one reason that drives me to greet everyone like this and have a funeral in private: I don't want to disturb anyone " The moving greetings to his wife, children, grandchildren and relatives and collaborators follow.
  2. Today is a sad day for Italy and for lovers of beautiful music. The master and Oscar winner Ennio Morricone died today at the age of 91, leaving us his precious gift: his music that will never die! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CP_uwRtj0g
  3. Have you updated LOWI to version 1.3.0 with Central?
  4. With the update texture problem solved.
  5. Hi Marcus, As for Orbx KSAN you can try the free modification of IniBuilds made for Dynamic Light of many pay airports including some Orbx airports such as KSAN. As for Orbx KSAN with this modification, remember to disable Dynamic light in KSAN configure with Central. To me with this modification the fps have increased and to KSAN and the illuminated surface has also increased of parking lots. This is the link and the modification for Orbx KSAN is located in the North America - USA - third page section. https://www.inibuilds.com/dynamic-lighting Regards, Roberto
  6. The new Game Ready Driver provides full support for the new DirectX 12 Ultimate graphics API. This includes support for DirectX Raytracing (DXR) version 1.1 as well as support for mesh shaders, sampler feedback, and variable-rate shading (VRS). Additionally, this driver supports Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling when used with the Windows 10 May 2020 Update.
  7. " Hello Everyone, The second hotfix will be available early next week. The hotfix will only require a client update. Updating content and scenery will be optional but will have fixes as well if needed for your use case. Thanks again for your patience and sorry again for the delay between updates. Regards, Rob McCarthy "
  8. Less GPU memory usage can be achieved by changing the max visibility configuration in ASP3D and LOD_RADIUS = 6.500000 in [TERRAIN] of Prepar3D.cfg. P3D 5 loads hundreds of km at 360 ° and is found if for example we fly to FL300 with default clear sky but with an ASP3D weather engine, in reality the real visibility is considerably less and we can also decide what is the maximum visibility in flight in case of clear sky. The test I did was to have changed the value of LOD_RADIUS = 3.500000 in [TERRAIN] of Prepar3D.cfg then P3D 5 has loaded less textures but more than enough to not have blurry textures with the 50 miles of max visibility configured on ASP3D - Options - Visibility options - Maximum surface visibility and Maximum upper. In this example with LOD_RADIUS = 6.500000 and 75 miles on ASP3D at Orbx LIEO OLBIA I got 4.5 GB of GPU memory used: https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img922/6774/Q7XqqO.png https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img924/3558/lHjp6R.png With LOD_RADIUS = 3.500000 and 50 miles on ASP3D at Orbx LIEO OLBIA I get 3.8 GB of GPU memory used therefore 0.7 GB less: https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img924/8667/SgU2Pn.png https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img924/4301/umejHJ.png
  9. Hi David, From ... Italian I thank you for what you wrote. There are different pay scenarios of apt., of Orbx there is LIEO Olbia in the island of Sardinia, but very few that concern the beauties of the landscape of Italy which, not surprisingly, together with China which is a ... little bit bigger, holds the record with 55 sites declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Creating a True Heart Italy HD would be fantastic but I understand that in a total area of 300,000 km2 with over 60 million inhabitants, many cities, an arch of mountains like the Alps over 400 km long, lakes, rivers, active volcanoes such as Etna which with the 3,300 m. it is the highest in Europe and Stromboli and landscapes of rare beauty would be a work ... titanic by GB! However you could start by dividing Italy into several parts but today the question to ask is: "With the evolution of simulators that focus on "satellite photography" to give "real" images of any territory, it is worth creating scenarti graphics like the ones we currently use? ". Thanks again for your post. Best regards, Roberto
  10. This is today's answer from Rob McCarty to those who asked about the HOTFIX 2 of P3D 5: " Hello Everyone, We apologize for the delay on getting the second hotfix out. We are working through a couple final fixes we want in and will get this released as soon as possible. I'm locking this thread due to recent posts going off topic. Regards, Rob McCarthy "
  11. To me the files that lengthened the loading times of P3D 5 are those of Scenery of FTX_VECTOR_EXX. I left .BGL: Bridges Raylways Traffic Utilities and put .OFF the other files and the loading speed of the scenarios in P3D 5 is increased. Another thing that I checked out concerns Windows 10 2004: in my case after installing Windows 10 2004 the initial loading do P3D 5 had become much longer and in the scenario the duration of the stutters increased. I have verified that it depended on Windows 10 2004 Antimalware Service Executable which started working on the folders of P3D 5 and the situation returned to normal when I have excluded all P3D 5 folders from the Antimalware Service Executable verification in Start - Settings - Update & Security - Windows Security - Security Virus and Threat Settings - Virus and Threat Protection Settings Manage settings - Exclusions Add or remove exclusions - + Add an exclusion - Folder and the path. I have also excluded those of the scenarios external to P3D 5 such as the Orbx library.
  12. At the cemetery... In front of a grave a man sobs and despairs screaming: " You shouldn't have died, you shouldn't have died, because you are dead?…" A passerby is moved and tries to console him by saying: "I understand his great pain because I too have lost a person very dear to me but strong and patient because his only with the passage of time despair will calm down. " The man, however, at these words begins to sob even more saying: " No! For me every day that passes will only increase my despair over the loss of this man because he was the ... first husband of my wife! ".
  13. The deaf husband. A wife goes to an otolaryngus doctor and asks to help her because her husband is becoming more deaf but does not want to bring it to him because he is afraid of sorrow. The otolaryngus tells him that he cannot make a diagnosis if he does not bring her husband but she says to him: "Madam, let's make an attempt to see the severity of deafness of her husband. Now you go home and as soon as you enter ask her a question and ask her repeat advancing towards him and then let me know how far her husband answers her. " The wife goes home and on entering sees her husband sitting on the sofa and asks him : "Dear, what have you done? "... no answer from her husband, she goes two meters and repeat the question ... no answer, go 2 more meters ... no answer, she advances another two meters and is very close to her husband and repeats the question but this time the husband finally replies: "Dear, since you entered I have ... replied you four times!"
  14. I also found this problem caused by Vector and my case depends on it from FTX_VECTOR-EXX. Waiting for a solution I did this procedure: since the Enable in Scenery Library of P3D 5 cannot be removed from FTX_VECTOR-EXX with Orby AddonOrganizer I deleted FTX_VECTOR-EXX and then reinstalled it manually in P3D 5 Scenery Library with Add Area and when I have to make a flight planner first I remove the Enable for FTX_VECTOR-EXX + OK then I do the flight Planner and at the end I put the Enable to FTX_VECTOR-EXX + OK.
  15. To have an increase in the brightness of Dynamic Lighting on many pay airports including Orbx KSAN and others, you can use the free ones from Inibuilds. After these changes I also found an improvement in the fps as in KSAN and on several other apt. https://www.inibuilds.com/dynamic-lighting
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