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  1. Hi Ben, a clarification on Central regarding Global Base pack or Global OpenLC. In the event of a complete reinstallation of P3D, will Central reinstall them automatically?
  2. I have installed only the P3D V4.4 Client and I have not found problems with Orbx scenary like KSAN-ESSA-LOWI and TrueEarth Netherlands instead with P3D v4.4 are not compatible FFTF Dynamic and ASP4.
  3. ASP4 Update 062518 with P3D 4.3 compatibility (Beta) https://hifisimtech.com/downloads/
  4. I preferred to return to v4.2 replacing the client waiting for the adaptations of the addons to v4.3 given that beyond those reported in the previous post also because of problems to me also UT Live.
  5. I used the installation procedure replacing the Client 4.2 with the 4.3 but FFTF Dinamic and ASP4 do not work because not updated to this v4.3 while the weather engine of REX Sky Force works.
  6. The problems I encountered between EU Netherlands TrueEarth and FlyTampa EHAM and those in other areas of the scenario, have been significantly reduced stutters, fps increase and elimination of the growth effect as tree mushrooms, following the directions of @awf and with the addition of my changes as specified in the following link: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/153456-eu-netherlands-trueearth-and-flytampa-eham/ The problem remains, but only in a few areas of the scenario and in small surfaces of the loaded textures, the adjustment of the elevation of the terrain.
  7. HDD and SSD is much faster than the SSD ... M2. Obviously then depends on whether the motherboard supports the SSD M2 and especially from ... its own economic availability to purchase.
  8. Sorry, in the configuration of my PC I forgot the video card that is a GTX 1070 8 GB.
  9. I did an EU Netherlands test after installation and these are my first impressions: very nice and detailed scenery, excellent fps except in the area of Fly Tampa Amsterdam apt where, above all, obvious stutters occur while the only problem detected in other areas, is the incomplete loading of the textures that produce, even closely, the " birth "of some houses, trees and land as if they were ... mushrooms. Obviously it could be due to my configuration even if this does not happens in other scenarios. My Pc: GA Z270X ULTRA GAMING - i7 7700K 4.8 Ghz - RAM 16 GB 3200 Mhz - SSD M2 Samsung 500 Gb + SSD Samsung 500 GB.
  10. Hi Nick, A question: if the necessary GB space is calculated between download + installation, it is possible that FTX 3 calculates by 3 including the "Extracting" phase after the download?
  11. Hi, Yes and I thank you for your kind reply. Best regards, Roberto
  12. Hi Syzygy, A courtesy, can you tell me how many GBs are in EU Netherlands installed on \ Orbx in the P3D main program ?. I had a space problem insufficient to launch the download with FTX 3 solved by replacing the destination driver of the downoad, which is still in progress, to have the certainty that there will then be enough space for installation on \ Orbx in the P3D main program. Thank you.
  13. My problems with the 1709 update of Windows 10 were: horizontal lines that flowed on P3D images especially in side views and the update of Nvidia drive of the GTX 1070 gave an error and did not perform the installation. Returning to Windows 1703 everything was regularly reworked.
  14. Hi Manners21, From the tests I did with the default weather of P3D v4.1, snow appears on the ground at LOWI only from 1 January to 28 February.
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