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  1. Hi @Josh Koz Latest Central log attached after numerous attempts to install TE GB Central have failed. Thanks. central log 14.10 26%.zip
  2. Hi @Josh. Still no success. I have plenty of disc space, and the system requirements are more than met. I've attached a fresh log, which seems to show all going well up until the extraction process is due to start. At the point as shown in the log, the process froze, although didn't crash, my system. I closed down Orbx Central using Task manager, then re-started. It went back to the same point at which it had frozen, but this time, crashed my system. I've used Control panel to make sure no other programmes are running other than the Windows essentials, which use very little p
  3. Hi Josh. On re-launching Orbx Central, it picks up at the same point as when I closed it, which is captured in the shots I sent you. It still shows 26%, can you advise how I can know if the conversion is proceeding? For example, when can I expect to see the %'age progress move? Thank you.
  4. Hello Josh. Sending you an update on progress to date. I removed C:\Users\Desi\Orbx Library\xp11\Orbx Libraries\Custom Scenery\Orbx_OrbxlibsXP\ and created the path you directed. I also removed all shortcuts, and started again. Initially, I selected to install GB Central into the main library, C:\Users\Desi\Orbx Library\, however as before, the process stopped at 23%. So I started again and selected install direct into Xplane. This time, the download and extraction process seemed to work as it should; it reached 42% complete, then Central displayed only the "downloading and installing" scree
  5. Hi Josh. Thanks for your detailed response, which I've read and understand and is hugely helpful, particularly the background you provided. I've attached the screen shot you requested - E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery\. It's definitely a folder, however I see that the Orbx central folders are marked as shortcuts pointing to this path on my C drive; C:\Users\Desi\Orbx Library\xp11\Orbx Libraries\Custom Scenery\Orbx_OrbxlibsXP\. I've attached the appropriate screen shot. I was careful to delete all previous folders I could find before attempting to install
  6. To the developers. So, I have made progress basically using trial and error over many (frustrating) hours. I decided trying to try installing TE GB Central directly in the Xplane folder; initially after several freezers and re-starts, it seemed to work. I got a message stating Central had been installed, and GB Central turned solid white in My Products. BUT..I also got an error message saying some files had not installed correctly, and prompting me to use the verify files option. Which I did. I got another message confirming a successful install, then the error message popped up agai
  7. Clearly Chuck, there is a fundamental problem with Orbx Central. It's now one and a half years since I purchased at the TE GB areas, and I still can't enjoy my scenery. For me, like you, it is the conversion process that seems to be causing the problem, I really wish that someone on the development team would acknowledge there is an issue, and create a patch to fix it, rather than suggest the same steps over and over again.
  8. Hi Nick. No, I've not overclocked my processor, although the option is available should I ever decide to do so. It's a little old, being an AMD FX 8350 8-core processor, but is fine for my needs at present and gives me excellent frame rates with Xplane. The small change has only come about because I sat down for several hours focussing on GB Central and constantly re-started my computer and Orbx Central after each crash, but clearly there is still a fundamental issue. To John - I'm fairly certain that is the case, but I'll check again just in case I missed something.
  9. To Clipuff. I agree that it is for the developers to provide a solution. I have tried virtually every suggestion previously suggested in the forums, as well as the ones in this thread, with no success. The issue does not lie with my system. I've actually made very limited progress, insofar as I've got to 25% as opposed to 23% with GB Central, but now instead of just freezing, my system crashes and won't go beyond 25%. So the files download OK, it is the conversion process that is causing the problem. To ldgrant77. Thanks for your suggestion. I've monitored my texture folder as part
  10. Hi A Dale. Thanks for your suggestion. I'll maybe have another go at following the steps which worked for you, until I hear further from the developers.
  11. To John, thanks for your suggestion and advice, I'll keep this in mind, although the download seems to work fine, it's the conversion process once the files are downloaded that seems to be the main problem. But I'd never thought of setting up a VPN, so may try this. To fsx pilot 1 (newbie) I have the same issue with all the TE GB scenery areas, the files download, then the conversion process stops and eventually freezes my computer so that I have to re-start. It is only Orbx central that gives me problems when downloading large files. Thanks for taking the time to post, it's good t
  12. Hopefully the developers can sort out the issue, it seems a number of users are experiencing the same problem. I haven't been able to enjoy my TE GB scenery for more than a year.
  13. Hello. No joy, I'm afraid, same outcome, the extraction process fails to start. I've attached my log and also a screen shot which may be of help. I have a dedicated 1TB hard drive I use for Xplane, so plenty of space available and no other programmes other than Xplane related on this drive. Desmond central log 16.07.20.zip
  14. Thanks Jim. In my case, the files appear to download, but the extraction process fails to start, and this freeze starts at 23%. I have no problems downloading other large files, for example via Steam, so hopefully the developers will identify the issue, which I agree must be to do with Central.
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