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    Flight Sim - FSX; Train Sim - TS 2016; Ship Simulator extremes; Combat flight sims. Guitar and bass player, musical director in my church. Enjoy reading 1st hand accounts by flyers from WW1 and WW2. Enjoy gardening.
  1. Thanks Jim. In my case, the files appear to download, but the extraction process fails to start, and this freeze starts at 23%. I have no problems downloading other large files, for example via Steam, so hopefully the developers will identify the issue, which I agree must be to do with Central.
  2. Hello Nick. Would you have a timeline by which the development team will have considered possible solutions to my extraction issues? Thank you.
  3. Hello Nick. I have done what you suggested, re-started my computer then launched Central. I let it run for several hours, then closed it down, and re-opened. No progress, I'm afraid. It simply continues to shows 23% progress, and does not appear to have started the extraction process, as far as I can tell. Log attached. I have a dedicated 1TB hard drive I use for Xplane, but install the libraries on my C drive. central log 13.06.20.zip
  4. Hello. I followed the steps suggested by Nick. I'd actually run Windows system scan about 6 weeks ago, it identified a handful of corrupt files which were replaced or repaired, although none seemed to have any obvious link to Orbx. I uninstalled then re-installed the pre-requisite software, again I had done this several times before. I then uninstalled Orbx Central and deleted the files listed. I then re-installed Orbx, and launched the install of TE GB Central. I'm afraid I got the same result, it all worked smoothly until the 23% mark, then seemed to just stop working. I ran Central for 48 hours, but no further conversion appears to have taken place. I'm happy to try the steps once again if it would help provide more data. I have Orbx Central ticked as trusted in my Firewall and allowed Orbx Central and Orbx FTXEUNIR110 as trusted apps. I've set my anti virus to allow Orbx apps etc. through. Thank you. central log 11.06.20.zip
  5. Thanks both. Re my antivirus, I have it set to recognise Orbx and have set permission to download. I will try the steps you suggest, Nick, including updating the prerequisite software and let you know how I get on. Thank you both for your prompt response.
  6. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: Xplane 11 Screenshot: Issue: Over a year ago, I purchased all the True Earth GB regions. I still can't enjoy my scenery despite posting several requests for help, spending hours searching the forums, and uninstalling and reinstalling Central countless times. My most recent post was uploaded at the start of May, and no one has responded. Central appears to download and unzip the files and folders, but for each region, freezes the process at 23%. I have just kept Central running for 3 days withy TE North, all the pre-requisites are in place, I have plenty of drive space and a system which runs Xplane at a good frame rate and high resolution textures. Please advise why install freezes, and how to bypass this message. Otherwise, please advise how I can obtain a refund. Thank you. Central log attached. central log 07.06.20.zip
  7. Operating system: Windows 10 64 bit Simulator: Xplane 11 Screenshot: Log.txt Issue: On starting Orbx central and selecting True Earth GB Central, download starts as normal but then freezes OR will crash before reaching 23%. Similar results for TE GB North & South. All required pre-requisites are in place.
  8. Hi Nick. I believe so, yes. I have read the Central guide, and have a link to it saved in my favourites. I have created a library in my C drive to manage downloads; the Install button was visible and presented as per the guide; I have set my firewall to recognise Orbx; my purchases are showing in Central as semi-transparent; I have automatic updates turned on in settings. Have I missed a step? Thanks.
  9. Detail Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: Xplane 11 Screenshot: Issue: appears to download compressed file but won't install. Several months ago, I purchased the entire True Earth GB series. I couldn’t install with FTX Central, and although I followed some suggestions posted on the forum, nothing worked. Finally, it was suggested I download Central, which I did. I still can’t enjoy my scenery and am really frustrated and disappointed. Central was supposed to solve installation issues, well it hasn’t for me. I added a 4TB hard drive to my system which I use only for Xplane (my D drive). I created a separate library folder on my C drive. I even tried a manual download and install, but Central still won’t install. It appears to download and possibly open the compressed files, but then won’t convert them. I tried with all of the scenery packages, with the same result; none showed a successful install. Log and screen shot attached. Please just tell me how I can enjoy my scenery, I have spent many hours trying to install it. central log.zipcentral log.zip
  10. Thank you to Senior Member for your reply, once the installers are changed it will make life much easier! I'm quite happy to wait. I'm a long time FSX user (and of all the previous versions of FS), andcrelaly enjoy flying over FTX scenery. To ORBX team moderator Nick - I will include the product order number with future posts. Thanks.
  11. Hi. I installed ORBX Europe region scenery in FSX acceleration, and also FTX EU Northern Ireland V1.1. I have purchased FSX steam edition, and while I was able to work out how to install the Europe scenery in FSX steam, I am unable to install the FTX Northern Ireland scenery. Can anyone help, for example, do I need a patch? Each tme I run the installer, it tries to find FSX acceleration, which I have uninstalled. Thanks.
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