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  1. Afternoon all, is there a perticular way I can remove scenery that is included in regional Packs? reason being I've found regardless of what order or where I put the injection point, Orbx True Earth Heathrow has doubled up on top of my Heathrow Professional Airport pack. When Orbx does its organizing of layers shouldn't it be removing any airports already taken by a third party
  2. is it possible to manually remove individual airports, as I have GBS and the heathrow of the GBS is doubling up on top of my heathrow Professional scenery causing duplication of buildings and assets. I throught it was suppose to remove these its self when it installed the 3rd Party airport but appears to have not done so?
  3. Thanks for the Suggestion John, I have actually managed to resolve the issue now but it wasn't the Jets speed as I was at leisure pace of 250kts at the time of the cap it was my old HDD couldn't keep up Moved FTX all over to the SSD and boom was sorted XD so was kinda speed but not from the right place. one additional thing I want to question on tho with all these packages is it Best to install my Heathrow Pro first then FTX or oppisite I've always done FTX first using central on default org settings however I am getting GBS south Concord and some additional builds Clip with the Aerosoft one tanking my FPS to 10
  4. Wondering if anyone can help Diagnose why my Orbx Scenery isn't displaying correctly? please see example screenshots and this is with Everything on max settings and it looks terrible. System Specs CPU: i9 9900k at 5,0ghz RAM: 16GB GPU: RTX-2080 Hard drives: 2tb standard WD Black SSD: Samsung Evo Pro 500GB SSD: Sata 3 SSD 240 OS drive Windows 10 Pro 64bit P3D V4.4 Addons: Global: Base pack, Trees HD, Vectors, Open LC EU and NA Regions: England, Great Britain South with Lib packs, Netherlands HD, North Cali, South Cali Misc: Object Flow and SODE Utilities GSX Airport - Aerosoft London heathrow Pro, FSDream Team KLAX Aircraft: Stock F22 used in test but also have NGXu and 747V3 more to add later if issues are resolved Game settings Traffic: zero'd Realism: Max'd Display settings: FXAA: on AA: 8xMSAA Texture Filtering: Anisotropic 8x Texture Res: 4k Display Res - 1440p Vsync: on (G-sync display) Triple Buff: on Target Frames Unlim World Settings: LOD High Tess: Ultra Mesh Res: 1m Texture Res: 7cm Use High Res Terrain is on Scenery Objects Scen Complex - Extremely Dense Auto gen Scenery Draw - High Autogen Veg: Dense Autogen Buildings: Dense Dyanmic Veg off Water High Special Effects High for both Lighting - HDR off Dynamic Ref off Dynamic Lighting On Landing Lights Illum on Display Lens flare: On Shadows Ultra quality Draw dis medium Weather is on default until I install active Sky Any suggestions greatly appreciated
  5. Nevermind, Issue resolved, Not sure by what but after a 4th Reinstall of FTX Central seems to have now rectified its self temporary glitch or maybe a temp file I didn't clear properly
  6. Operating system: Windows 10 Pro 64bit Simulator: Lockheed Martin P3D V4.5 Issue: Unable to install EU England or Great Britain South True earth scenery after P3D reinstall. (P3D was fully removed from my Computer succesfully and removed all traces including uninstalling all my Existing addon's to start a Fresh install) All my other Orbx products install fine minus these two who give me the error as seen in screenshot, I've seen previous posts of people just re-triggering the install works for them but this has been the same for a few days now I even uninstalled FTX Central and reinstalled with no change
  7. If anyone else gets an issue similar to what I have done an you've done all of the current fix's then do as I've done an run the Orbx installer in compatibility mode set to either windows 7 or 8 when running windows 10 pro
  8. Thanks for the info but I've already done all that but still seem to be getting this issue :/ Might be Windows 10 pro related issue so I will be getting my test bench out an trying it on a fresh install an see what happens perks of being an IT tech
  9. Hi all an before you all say it yes i've searched the forums, i've ran TweakFS's registary repair. I've got the latest installer from Flight Sim store an still no matter what I do I get the Radial button 1 error there is no traces left on my PC from my boxed version of FSX ive uninstalled it from add an remove programs to the point of it no longer being there. i've deleted all files assosaited with it an i've cleaned the registry. any further ideas i'm running windows 10 64bit
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