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  1. It really was something to be standing so close to these iconic guitars. I love his music, a real big influence in my playing
  2. I did managed to bag a couple of David Gilmour's guitars
  3. Extended Night Lighting is stand alone add on. It is freeware and you can get it here https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/168501-bringing-extended-night-lighting-to-xp/ Just chose the region you need it for
  4. I am using UWXP lights.. you can configure the near and far lights brightness. Also using extended night lighting that increases the distance and adds more lights
  5. Yeah, that was a bit of slam.. but I am just an armchair pilot
  6. All settings max apart from shadows, reflections and AA half way. Smooth performance
  7. Here's a low level flight with the Ultra Light around Downtown Seattle. All graphics sliders maxed apart from water reflections and AA halfway setting
  8. So much time can be had just exploring these remote and picturesque airstrips.. There are just so many of them! Another challenging approach into Lake Wenatchee, just skimming the tree tops into this airstrip located at 1935ft above sea level
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