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  1. Richard, start asking people from germany for the own house scenery, England failed but Germany maybe not!
  2. Hi aero, i did some quick tests, but will do more, but so far i would say there is no benefit, the VR resolution is not enough, you see no differences. Texture_size_exp 10 looks especialy superb on standard monitor in 4K.
  3. Hi Richard, i Like the idea! I could you also offer my House as a 3D modell, i already created it for Steam vr destination with photogrammetry technique. I Just need to created a low poly Version, this would be so cool maybe it would fit nice into FTX Germany South :-D i live in southgermany right to the swiss Border.
  4. Dont expect anything new before mid 2019 or even later. Maybe a new prototype will be shown in 2018. The first Gen hardware first have to pay off, this will take some time. What's allready startet is new additions for the Headsets. After 1 year of using my Vive, last month i bought the new Deluxe Audio Strap for my HTC Vive, the next thing will be the Wireless Kit. New Knuckles-Controller are also underway. I also glued a Leap Motion in front of my Vive, I'm sure all this new knowledge/expirence will one day be incorporated into the second Gen. VR Headsets.
  5. MarkH there is no hard problem, nothing needs to be fixed here, you can fly with your non VR setup and learn to use the real buttons, like everyone use it this way....but VR is for immersion, the feeling that you are flying, no buttons needed for this feeling.... and VR is not only about flightsims, it beams you up to new worlds, straight into racing cars, tanks, space ships....
  6. what J van E said, i dont have a "real simulator" at home, i just dont have the massive $. But my HTC Vive give me the feeling sitting in an airplane and not infront of an Monitor, to be honest, i dont need more, everytime i takeoff from an airfield i have a smile in my face :-D Yes resolutions and wider FOV, this will all come one day, but i'm very satisfayed what i have right now.
  7. absolutely right, i installed both a few minutes ago, superb looking and so ultra smooth everything, even i have everything on ultra settings ! :-D what AFS2 now needs are Helis! :-D
  8. you search something like this? https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=16TLldaoxxmFv7wOWfYyM8zV-bgM&ll=41.132548858551104%2C0&z=2
  9. i dont know how people dislike steam, i own over 220 games/3d software on steam, steam is like the new FTX Central, you dont need to hoard anything at home, just click on the game you like to install/uninstall, games get updated automaticaly if you like. Steam was one reason i sold my Oculus Rift and kept my HTC Vive, i just dont need another Store (ie. Oculus store, UPlay). Beside Prepar3D, every other flightsim i own is on steam, its so easy and nice to have everything under one roof, thats why i like the new FTX Central, it will work with your steam software too.
  10. I will keep both (P3D4 & AFS2), but i doubt i will buy the same thing for both Sims, in the end this would be just way to expensive to have everything for two systems. We know ORBX is creating fantastic scenerys for AFS2, but what is with airplane designers? I love the Planes from A2A Simulations but only availible for P3D, that leads to AFS2 will be for quick VR fun flights, but the more In depth sim is still Prepar3D, thats just my opinion.
  11. hi aero, i didnt knew about PTA before, just found it and installed for P3D4 ! :-D I use the standard MattDavies_v1.ini, have to test this app more, looks really great!
  12. Dont like the question as we flightsimmers are allways on the move, see the video below: Today i use my HTC Vive for the best simulated flying expirience, ...BUT i still like to start flightsimulator 95 where you can build you own airplanes an testfligt it, not possible today.
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