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  1. Having spent some frustrating hours trying to have fun, I need to share. Trust me, you don't need to read this. In past incarnations I have worked with companies to whom ergonomics was a word and little else. So it is a 'thing' with me. I have some time on my hands and decided to get into flight sim. I have many fatal flaws and one of them is 'upgradeitis'. So I found myself drifting towards Prepar3d, as FSX is so last decade in terms of graphics. (And I guess this is also where you are coming from). I went down the scenery upgrade route, marvelling at the whole enthusiastic amateur aspect of tweaking FSX. But - probably inevitably - Prepar3d made it's way onto my desktop when I eventually figured out I was an 'academic', but not before I had Orbx stuff on board. Reinstalling Orbx is not fun. I think it has finally reinstalled after all of the usual fun and games - reboots and etc etc etc etc. Some little foibles. Where the heck is the ability to un-install Orbx? not even Revo UnInstaller Pro sees it. Where are the instructions ? Forums are fine - if you want to spend hours poking around in corners and either gaining abstruse knowledge, or in my case getting very confused. I was about to post a long accoubt of my attempts to sort but one last attempt to launch "FTX Central" came good. So, I may even get to learn how to fly a flightsim. But guys, putting stuff on YouTube with lots of insider warnings about little catches to an installation is not substitute for an install that works reliably. Any body want to tell me either a) where to get stuffed or where to learn about navigation!
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