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  1. Thanks..I had overlooked that...all good now
  2. Is there any update in being able to configure the night lighting in P3D v5 as the configurator still only configures for P3Dv4 Clive Alexander Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  3. Thank you, the solution was obvious and staring me in the face. I had looked at the add on list but my mind was set on believing that the solution would be more involved
  4. Hello In order to utilise disk pace, I decided to reinstall Orbx scenery files onto an external SSD which had previously been installed on my main SSD inside the P3D folder. When I looked at the scenery listing inside P3D I noticed that I had lost the option of enabling or disabling individual scenery areas. If i wish to enable or disable individual scenery areas do the scenery files have to be installed inside the P3D folder or is there a way in which I can install the scenery files on an external SSD and retain the option to enable or disable individual scenery areas? I tried using a program called Lorby Addon Organiser but this program only allows me change the order of the entry in the scenery library Clive Alexander
  5. Hello Will this be picked up by the team?
  6. Hello Does the night lighting configurator work correctly in P3D v5? I have installed Orbx Global into V5, I called up the lights configurator but it will only allow me to select P3D v4 or FSX as the simulator Clive Alexander
  7. Problem solved, had not updated Central correctly
  8. Hello I have installed P3D v5 When I run Central v4.1.5 I have the Active Simulator as P3D v4.5.12, how do Ichange this to P3D v5 Clive alexander Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  9. Why has the 737 immersion V2 being made compatible with older 737 600/700 models but not with the 800NGX? Clive Alexander
  10. Yes I did read that, however wished to confirm as the NGX and NGXu so similar Pity no discount for previous users who purchased V1 for the NGX
  11. Hello Is the 737 Immersion v2 package compatible with 737NGX or only with the NGXu? Clive Alexander
  12. That is odd I have never installed Australia
  13. Hello When I load P3D I am getting a message (Scenery.cfg file error) informing me that it is unable to load the following files in area 156's, 157, 158 &159 and do I wish unload this area ORB\FTX_AU\FTXAU48_CUSTOM\SCENERY ORB\FTX_AU\FTXAU38_CUSTOM\SCENERY ORB\FTX_AU\FTXAU28_CUSTOM\SCENERY ORB\FTX_AU\FTXAU18_CUSTOM\SCENERY What scenery area do these files relate to and how do I resolve this issue? Would it be Asturias Airport (LEAS) ?? Clive Alexander
  14. Hello Now that I have True Earth for Gt. Britain (North , Central & South) will the UK regional scenery enhance True Earth or is the regional scenery not required? Clive Alexander Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  15. That is where I am trying to access EGLC from FTX Central (
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