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  1. Hi When is EGLC ( London City) available, I have been searching for it on ORBX site but cannot see it Clive Alexander
  2. No. I realise which forum I am on. The first part of my question I was enquiring about the use of ORBX & FSGlobal Ultimate and the second part of my message was to obtain opinions regarding BMV and ORBX Vector Clive Alexander
  3. Hello If I use ORBX Global and OpenLC Europe can I also use FS Global Ultimate. Recently I have chosen to delete ORBX Vector and use Black Marble Vector instead. Although currently the coastlines are not produced with Black Marble Vector I have found that BMV provides better system performance compared with ORBX Vector. As I understand BMV is more current and precise than ORBX vector, is this correct?? Any opinions or comments welcome. Clive Alexander
  4. Hi How far North does the Great Britain Scenery go (does it cover Birmingham ) Clive Alexander
  5. Thank you for the information. I did not realise that this page also included the amount paid Clive
  6. Hello Please would you provide the link in my account where I am able to view the products I have purchased and the amount charged Clive Alexander
  7. Thanks for your reply. Hopefully I have resolved the problem as I had also had problems using PTA correctly. Researching the problem I deleted my shaders and shaders HLSL folder, deleted and re run the P3D v4 client. This action as corrected my use of PTA and also my night lighting is now working correctly and as expected. As an added bonus my simulator is running much better than before Learn something new everyday
  8. Hello I am trying to improve my night lighting as at present the lighting appears very yellow and the major roads espicially at low level appear too vivid . I have used FTX Light Configurator (V1.30) without success. Is there any setting I may have overlooked? Should the FTX lighting entries within the scenery library be at a specific level? Observation......everytime I run the lighting configurator i have to enter the simulator that I wish to configure the lights for. Is this correct I am flying in the United Kingdom using Global, Vector and England Landclass P3D v4 resolution 3840 x 2160 x32 Clibve Alexander
  9. Hello I use P3D, would it be possible to network ORBX, Global, Vector & Open LC products to assist with VAS useage (OOM)
  10. Hello Is it possible to network ORBX, Global, Vector & Open LC products to assist with processor load Clive Alexander
  11. Yes I scan read the guide. With work commitments and being excited to see big improvements compared to my previous setup i may miss a lot of detail. I will have to slow down and take my time. Asking questions on this forum i am able to get clearer answers and advice but i wish to make it clear i do not inend or wish to use this forum as a substitute for reading the manuals.
  12. Hello I may be getting very confused here and now confused about which package is best for my requirements The majority of my flights will be high 37,000 over the UK Europe and Spain. Very few of my flights will VFR (although with improved graphics scenery I may be doing more VFR flights) So what would be the best package for me? Global & Vector+ Europe? My specifications are i7-4790 (3.6Ghz) 16Gb Ram 2Gb GTX950 Graphics Card FSX STEAM PMDG 737-800NGX Cessna With these specifications would I also install FTX England, Scoctland & Wales
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