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  1. I just had some close encounter of the third kind with those floating lights upon an approach to LOWI. I flew into a flock of them and it was really impressive. The lightend up the interior of the cockpit when passing them. Looked really awsome. That made me curious and I checked it out. These lights are indeed copies of street lights below. When you place yourself axactly above one of these lights you will find a street light exactly below it. You can also see that the pattern of the lights are identical with patterns of streetlights beneath.
  2. That's really interesting and misterious. But isn't the Harbour Bridge modelled in other sims? So it should be possible to get a permission. But I like the idea that this was the reason for not modelling the bridge.
  3. Was now curious by myself and did a brief test flight. The localizer and the glideslope are there and you can tune them with 111.10. The localizer is even offset. So all good.
  4. apxp.info is just for XP. IRL the approach to rwy 26 at LOWI is an offset localizer approach with glideslope guidance. If the localizer was not offset it would run straight into a mountain about 17 NM east of the runway threshold. AFAIK The localizer is offset by 5 degrees to the runway heading, so I don't know why it is labeled as a LOC, because If the offset angle is greater than three degrees, a facility is classified as a localizer-type directional aid (LDA).
  5. Yes exactly. Orbx says in the introductory post of this topic "Over nine months in development, Cityscape Sydney is an enormous project that pushes the boundaries of what is possible with the current MSFS SDK. " So Asobo knew they did not have to bother about a Harbour Bridge.
  6. That's interesting. I was afraid of this and have therefore deliberately checked my settings after the install of the 2 patches, but it was all good, the settings had remained the same.
  7. Exactly the same sentiments here. I can't imagine going back to P3d or XP.
  8. Expensive? I have bought the game pass and play the basic version of MSFS for free. The costs of the game pass are 1 Euro for the first month (18 Aug - 17 Sep) and 4 Euros for the following 2 months each. So this is very cheap. And also without the game pass, the basic version of MSFS is in the same price range as P3d and XP are, but offers more than those 2 sims.
  9. Please scroll to Ed's post at the bottom of this topic:
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