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  1. As per JV's post linked below the initial release will be for PC Win10 and then maybe for XBox. As I understand it, XBox ist just the new name of the former MS Game Studios which covers any MS game no matter for which platform it will be released.
  2. You will find the team members in Jarrad's announcement post.
  3. The Global Base Pack won't correct shorelines. Therefore you need Global Vector.
  4. You are a Gold Member now. PS: I hope they will not exchange my wife and kids also.
  5. Mate, it took me ages to find out where exactly this screenshot was taken.
  6. And you even got a "like" from me for your above post to improve your reputation (+534 up to date).
  7. Posting and commenting in the screenshots forum is essential if you are keen getting lots of likes i. e. a high reputaion. It is quite easy to get that there.
  8. Great piloting. Thank you very much for sharing Benny. This image shows the moment of impact and also shows that the pilot lost his glasses through the strike and had to do the landing without them.
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