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  1. Wow, that sounds exiting. I wonder which country it is. Any guesses fellow simmers?
  2. Could be that they are waiting to see what MSFS 2020 will bring along, before confirming or cancelling any major project.
  3. Thanks Ed. May I ask who is the designer of this great looking airport? Or have I overlooked it?
  4. @boetie @VH-KDK Well done guys, you are absolutely right, it is Brissie. And yes, the cranes in the background are the clue I was referring to. I think it is obvious, that it is an Australian airport (Jetstar, Qantas) and YBBN is AFAIK the only Australian Orbx airport with harbour cranes in the vicinity. Regarding the trees, maybe they have been cut down in the meanwhile?
  5. I am fully aware of that Nick. My post was actually meant not to be too serious. It was a bit of a heads up for those with ridiculously exaggerated expectations. There has even been a shot or a video of Syney Harbour released earlier without any Harbour Bridge at all. So MS is making some progress.
  6. Naja, "schön" ist es nicht wirklich, Gerold, aber vielleicht ein bisschen was zum Knobeln. Obwohl, schwierig ist es eigentlich auch nicht. I think this one is not too difficult, although no airport building can be seen in this shot. But there is a clue in the pic which IMO makes it clear which airport it is. When posting the answer, please tell us, why you have figured it out So no guessing please. BTW, the pic was taken on July 22, 2013. Have fun!
  7. By looking at the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the downtown Sydney skyscrapers in below shot, I fear that all those who were looking forward to find an exact replica of their home in MSFS 2020 might be disappointed. And I'm sure Orbx will make loads of business by creating scenery add ons for MSFS 2020.
  8. What do you mean with the weather was static in X-Plane? When set to "match real world conditions" one can also set a time interval for updating the real world weather. Of course also regional differences are depicted during a flight. Or are you talking of manually set weather?
  9. Welcome to the forums Tyler. ChasePlane is not an Orbx product, it is by //42. It is only distributed via Orbx. So I assume for support you have to contact //42 directly.
  10. As per the product homepage TE Oregon for XP has a Portland cityscape included. So I assume TE OR for P3d will it also have included.
  11. I guess the reason, why there is just one TE WA in P3d ist, that P3d is much more efficient in handling of disk spaces than XP11. Following the disk spaces the installed products require for TE Washington: XP HD: 208,82 GB XP SD: 57,61 GB P3d HD: 53,56 GB So IMO, since TE HD for P3d already takes less space than TE SD for XP, there is actually no need for a P3d SD version.
  12. Great shot. Gulliver in the land of the giants.
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