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  1. I'm 61 and I'm flightsimming since I have been 25 (FS2 on a Commodore 64).
  2. If you have both installed, why not checking it by yourself?
  3. Thanks Ken for sharing this great video. I wonder if Harrison landed the Beaver on this tiny dirt strip by himself.
  4. But I guess only if the price provider is a US based company.
  5. John, did you make this flight in real world or in the sim?
  6. They do it by instinct or judgement. Remember this is just a right hand pattern of a visual approach. All commercial pilots have to do many supervised training landings at LOWI before they are allowed to land there as a PIC or a FO. So they all know the surrounding area and the terrain very well and are able to judge when to start the turn according to speed, altitude (yes, they don't have the same altitude when on downwind or base) lateral position etc. And for pilots of small GA planes the church is useless anyway.
  7. Reply #2 : I have now watched the point in the stream when the church should appear and have realized that buildings are generally quite sparse in this video. I assume the church is not there because FlightDeck2Sim has set the slider for the "Number-Of-World-Oobjects" too far to to the left. I assume pushing this slider to the far right would manage the church to be shown.
  8. I haven't bought the x-plane version of LOWI yet, but since the church is icluded in th P3d and the Aerofly versions I would assume it is also included in XP. Anyway, when you are up there on the tableland watching the incoming traffic to 08 you will realize that every pilot in command seems to have his own personal spot to initiate the 180° turn. So the church doesn't seem to be that important.
  9. Ian, I kow. But JV's last comment on Aerofly 2 in Nick's compendium is a bit outdated.
  10. Great comparison. The shots also proof that lighting in XP is almost perfect.
  11. Yeah it's actually located across the German border in Bavaria and quite popular with Innsbruck locals for day trips and wind surfing.
  12. JV, you write ZL 16 with an unsharpen mask. This does not make sense. I guess you mean a sharpen mask.
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