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  1. I hope it will be released for Eye Candy 2020 first.
  2. How should a "basic" ETA be advised, if the devs have to solve a beforehand unknown problem? And two weeks is not that long at all when it comes to software patches. I hate to say it, but I would understand, if a patch for a € 8.00 product is not on top of the devs' priority list. BTW, patience is a virtue.
  3. Via Highway 20 I'd say. Bella Coola is not that remote. Trucks and Busses can be seen there.
  4. The rabbit lights at LOWI are also not depicted in XP.
  5. Fantastic set of shots Ikbenik.
  6. Nick, since Orbx was officially involved in creating World Update 4 by contributing some of the updated airports and Orbx' partner Gaya by doing the upgraded cities (Paris?) it looks like at least Orbx and Gaya are working hand in glove with Asobo.
  7. OT, very nice livery of the Caravan Adam. Where to get it?
  8. I only just now came across this thread. It is great to have one of the developers of the real world EGNT here in the forums. Thanks for commenting.
  9. Your issue has actually nothing to do with what the OP is describing. He is wondering why the FPS are higher when flying away from the densely built up area than when flying towards it. He is not referring to stutters. So Nicks's answer is perfectly right. Edit PS: you will also notice differences in FPS in Paris and London depending on the direction you are flying to.
  10. Hm, I really don't know. I own Orbx' KORS, but so far I have only flown during daytime there.
  11. As I understand it, Asobo has to fix them area by area. They do not even know all affected areas. So if somebody discovers any floating lights it was a good idea to report this to Asobo.
  12. Same here, I have been also very lucky so far with MSFS. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
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