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  1. Okay Filou, my current GPU is a GTX 1070 and I sure will knock on you door, if my smile will not tickle my ears.
  2. I think most of us will forget about XBox anyway and will fly the PC version of this new sim.
  3. Your efforts on the new MAX sim are just plain fantastic Frank. Also the videos sre very professionally made. Keep it up, Wolfgang PS: I have to admit, I'm a bit jealous.
  4. Oh, that's interesting. The more as there is no MS2020 beta yet. It is still in alpha.
  5. By looking at the lighting and the shadows it looks like these dunes are not only textures, but actually 3D.
  6. Maybe this is a chance for Orbx as an FS2020 third party developer to provide missing POIs and missing details etc., also for more abscure areas as you call them
  7. Yes, this was amazing. But also the sounds of the waters are incredible. I just hope these sounds won't be hearable from within the plane. Not as it is in FSX and P3d, where you can hear the birds singing while sitting in the cockpit during approach.
  8. Hi Derek, Thank you for your suggestion. I have 72.4 GB free space, as per the product page only 65 GB of free space are required, hence my question. But Smudger and Jon have explained why 72.4 GB are not enough after all. Smudger, Jon, Thank you very much for your explanation. This of course makes sense. I only had assumed that this was already taken into account under Minimum/Reccomended Specs on the product page. I think this would make sense. So all the SSDs and HDs I have in my PC will not have enough space left. But I have got an 1 TB SSD for Christmas and it seems as it is finally time now to install it into my PC.
  9. Hallo Manuel, vielen Dank für den Stadtplan mit der Markierung. Ich kenne die Lichter, sehe auch von zu Hause aus. Ist ziemlich eindrucksvoll, wenn sie bei Dunkelheit über eine niedrige Wolkendecke huschen. Der Name "Rabbit" war mir aber neu. Ich kannte sie nur unter LDIN (Lead In Lighting). Aber man lernt nie aus. LG, Wolfgang
  10. Hi Jarrad, are there any chances to overcome those tech limitations and to include the rabbits into a future service pack? Cheers, Wolfgang
  11. Scheint leider nicht inkl. zu sein, weder bei niedriger Sicht noch in der Nacht. Werde morgen nochmals testen. Bin mir jetzt auch nicht mehr sicher, ob ich es in der P3d-Version von Jarrad gesehen habe oder ob das nicht in der alten Aerosoft-Version für FSX war. Habe P3d leider nicht mehr installiert, um das zu überprüfen. Melde mich morgen.
  12. Aso, auch aus Innsbruck In der P3d Version sind sie inkludiert. Die X-Plane Version habe ich noch nicht so lange und hab' deshalb nocht nicht alles getestet. Wenn's in P3d inkl. ist, sollte es wohl auch in X-Plane dabei sein. Werd's heute Abend mal checken. Ciao
  13. What do you mean? I live in Innsbruck, but didn't know that we have got rabbits throuhout the city.
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