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  1. Hi Doug, you are right. I just entered the Orbxdirect website for buying Brisbane and realized too that there still is the old logo. Really strange.
  2. Great set of pics John. Can you fly under the bridges without turning off crash dedection?
  3. I am not sure, why the new logo should not fulfill the criteria you mention the same way or even better than te old logo did. Old New Okay, the old logo contained the writing "simulation systems", but this could have been any kind of simulation. And even if you assume simulation is only flight simulation, you couldn't tell from the old logo if Orbx created sceneries or perhaps aircraft or maybe is a weather engine. I personally think, he name Orbx is so well known
  4. We had a Qantas Q300 and an Air New Zealand Q300 here at LOWI once, but it seems I have missed that AA 737 . The Q300s stopped on their delivery flights from the Bombardier plant (or has it still been Boeing then?) in Canada for refuelling at LOWI. They took the longer route via the eastern hemisphere to avoid flying over the vast Pacific Ocean.
  5. Great set of shots. The sky, especially in the 2nd pic, looks like real world.
  6. I don't think it will be released this weekend. Greg's shots are early beta and I'm not sure if beta testing has even already started.
  7. Could you please post another shot of the issue, perhaps from outside the plane and in bright daylight, because I cannot spot anything wrong in your shots. Thanks.
  8. I hope we then won't have the same problems with Orbx Paris like we now have with the Orbx London scenery.
  9. It should not be a pain looking up frequencies. As a real world pilot you have always to cross check if the autotuned frequency corresponds with gthe ILS charts. And the majority of aircraft don't have frequency autotuning anyway.
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