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  1. Hi Lars, the site seems to be inactive. There it only says: "The webpage is parked for free, courtesy of godaddy.com"
  2. Orbx has already relessed a scenery for France, namely Courchevelle Altiport.
  3. Now that's interesting. Thanks for the explanation Holger.
  4. How should they implement seasons, when the whole thing is based on Bing in real time?
  5. One of the major drawbacks of FS2020 is, that there will be no seasons. For many simmers seasons are an absolute must. Also, MS advertises real world weather in realtime as one of the selectable main features of the new sim. I'm afraid this then will only be usable during a few months of the year in many regions, because flying in a snowstorm over summer textures is not as eal as it gets.
  6. Thanks for sharing renault. I love all those Locher videos.
  7. Actually the departure airport is more challenging. There a lots of videos about this private Locher Airfield on youtube. They are all pretty much enjoyable.
  8. FSX wasn't good at all, when it came out. It took for years until it came to the level on which it is now and this only with the help of addon developers like Orbx.
  9. Lars ├╝bertreibt nat├╝rlich absichtlich ein bisschen. Aber im Grunde hat er ja vollkommen recht.
  10. 2020 will be just one sim between others. Or do you really think P3D or XP will be abandoned? For running FS 2020 the way it is shown in the preview videos, one will need hardware likeng like the "Summit" supercomputer. Not everybody can afford this.
  11. Thank you very much JV for explaining the situation, this is very much appreciated. However you should have bitten back the thing with the contract for finishing Open LC. But if you had, you wouldn't be the JV we all know for years now. Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  12. Ah, now I see what you mean. Where have you got this shot from? Is it an official one? Despite the sim is in pre alpha I wonder that MS is releasing a shot showing these faults.
  13. If I remeber correctly Orbx said all legacy FSX/P3d products will eventually be ported to X-Plane. If ESSA will happen in 2020...?
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