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  1. Have you already downloaded and installed the USA update, which is not included in the base update Perhaps this cures the issue.
  2. Interesting topic. Without overclocking my ancient i5 2500k GPU (1070 8GB GPU) to 4.3 Ghz I would be screwed. The "k" series was designed to be overclocked, its motherboards even came with oc software included. Out of the box these CPUs are clocked to 3.2 Ghz. After reading this topic I did some testing without overclocking yesterday. For this purpose I even fired up XP11 again, the first time after installing MSFS. The results of running my sys without oc were slide shows, in XP11 as well as in MSFS. With oc I can achieve more than decent performance in both sims.
  3. First I really thought both pics were real life ones and wondered why there is no traffic on the first shot. Only then when looking at the top left corner I saw that the first one is Orbx' scenery in MSFS. And then I also saw John's caption above the pic.
  4. Why shouldn't it be included? It is not Orbx' habit to release incomplete airports. I have counted 5 screenshots above in which the GA apron and area can be seen.
  5. It is not covered by LC Europe and wil be covered by Asia 2 as can be seen in the map incl. in the OP, which makes more sense landclasswise than to be included in part 1.
  6. What's up guys? Waiting so long for this but now not one reply and just one like ( in fact two now)?
  7. AFAIK no airport was ported directly from FSX to P3dV4. They have been ported from FSX to P3dV1, later fom there to P3dV2, then to P3dV3 and from there eventually to P3dV4.
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