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  1. Hi Nick, thank you for your feedback, looking forward to the fix. Best regards Toby
  2. Hi Tranceshark, "glad" to see, that I'm not the only one fighting the issue with that building, which blocks the railway and destroys immersion quite a lot. I reported it and asked for help over two weeks ago - so far without the slightest reaction from the devs. Quite disappointing for a loyal customer, who bought almost every P3D-scenery from them... So, let's wait and see when they fix that issue - but for the time being I'll definetly keep my hands off any other scenery. Best regards Toby
  3. Hi there, first of all congratulations to your first releases for the new sim, it's great to know, that you're still "on board"! I just bought the "Premium Deluxe Versions" of MFS and installed your EGLC-scenery through Orbx Central directly into the sim. After my first breathtaking approach into EGLC and parking at the gate, I saw that the train tracks to "London City Airport"-station are unfortunately partly covered by "default buildings". I already tried to uninstall/reinstall the scenery without any success. As I'm unaware if there is still some sort of
  4. Thanks for the quick reply, Nick! Just realized, that exactly that problem was stated in the error log, my bad! Your suggestion did the trick... By the way, great idea to be able to change the direction of the temp-location within the new version of the Central! Many thanks for your help, keep up the great work! Regards, Toby
  5. Hi there! After experiencing problems with night textures around Florence during daylight time, I tried to solve that by reinstalling OpenLC Europe. Unfortunatelly I've been unsuccesful so far, as during the installation process, the download is constantly interrupted. I tried the reinstall through your FTX central and several times by the manually downloaded zip-finally as well, but the result was/is always the same. Attached is the screen shot of the respective error log, transaction ID is 5825cae0eae8b . Help is very much appreciated! Many th
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