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  1. Dream come true, and oh boy I know how our country looks from above :-) Stunning stuff gentlemen
  2. LEBB in P3Dv4

    Great shots curious what your settings are in PTA or SweetFX? Are you willing to share because I love those settings? Or did you use an after effect?
  3. Few from LEBB. 4K.

    Great shots can't wait to see this one in P3Dv4
  4. FTX ESSA Service Pack

    Same here :-) Great work :-)
  5. Great shots love the openLC series :-)
  6. Well let see how they cope with a simple 64 bit development of a dll, because that one seems already difficult enough for them and is rather amusing to see...
  7. Nice but I prefer the cockpit real life ;-)
  8. A few around LEBB - P3Dv3.3

    Amazing will add it to the collection when the time comes ;-)
  9. FTX Innsbruck a few more.

    Great shots and it shows the love for art ;-)
  10. Amazing shots instant buy this one
  11. Well why not make life simple and make a backup solution in FTX Central V3 and copy the whole directory structure plus files to a backup medium. With a simple option to (re)install via one button click ;-) We can then skip all the drama and make the most of us happy since we are already making backups of our installer files. In that case you would avoid the need to download everything again and we both have our simple but effective solution. Cheers,
  12. Eight years today.

    Congrats floating around here since 2008 too only with a few less posts We came from a long way with amazing stuff nowadays, lucky us, up to the next set Iain of great shots
  13. Piece of art Scenery and shots
  14. Germany North: Berlin

    Great shots amazing stuff :-)