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  1. Hello, Does anyone have the 64 bit CMeteoXmlx64.dll from Carenado that they could share with me please? I need it to make the weather radar work in the Hawker, for p3dv4, but it does not come with the install, and Carenado, is not very helpful, they keep sending me the 32 bit version. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I believe it comes with the install of the B1900D, if anyone has this aircraft. Thank you again for anyone's help. MC
  2. Nice video, great tour! I have both sims, and like them both! For serious IFR I use P3D, mainly because they have the aircraft and addons for it. For night flying and VFR I like X-Plane 11, they have such great night lighting. Both have come a long way, really happy to see X-Plane addons picking up. Thanks Orbx for your support of X-Plane!! Cheers, MC
  3. Looks pretty real to me, actually a lot better than on my P3D v4!!! Beautiful shots, thanks for sharing.
  4. Welcome, Great to hear!! Next step is moving on from that old 32bit technology and really being blown away by P3D v4, it's waaaaay worth it!!! FSX SE is soooo yesteryear!!! Of course, that's just me!!! Glad you're enjoying, Merry Christmas to all as well. MC
  5. Hello, You may want to repost this question in the OrbxDirect and FTX Central 3 support Forum area. Sometimes when support questions get posted in the General Discussion area, they go unnoticed. Cheers, MC
  6. Hi Windshear, I have all these add ons on my system, which is not nearly as good as yours, and have no problems as long as I fly the stock aircraft in those area's. If I try to fly a Carenado, or PMDG aircraft, then I VAS out. I can fly any of my RealAir products just fine as well. I don't know if that's much help to you, I do love the ORBX scenery in these regions, I think they look really nice. MC
  7. Hello, Where should this file be placed please? Thanks for adding it!! MC
  8. Yes, Thank you to all the creators, very nice!! Really appreciated . MC
  9. Nice shots, can I please ask what airplane this is? Also please, what YVR airport add on are you using, if any, or is that the standard orbx, and how to you get the AIr Canada aircraft, are you using a AI Traffic add on? Thanks for sharing, nice pictures!! Cheers, MC
  10. Can you tell us where you were flying when you shot this, it's just perfect!! Thanks for sharing.
  11. You're right, it should! I was speaking of P3D in general. Let's wait for a developer to help you on this one, it should look as advertised. Cheers.
  12. Hi, Just my 2 cents, for what it's worth, after I upgraded to P3D I noticed AI traffic was never what is was in FSX, I assume because P3D was designed as a training tool, where FSX was for entertainment. I use Ultimate Traffic 2 to up the AI traffic on my P3D v3 setup, I find it works wonderfully. If you need any help installing, just search on youtube, there's lots of informative video's to get you going. Merry Christmas. MC
  13. Great Shot, I wonder, have you had any out of memory errors? I can't fly my Carenado aircraft in PNW, without getting OOM's, especially with add on airports. Great aircraft, glad you're enjoying it!! Cheers and Merry Christmas. MC
  14. Glad it's working!! Always good when things work right!! Cheers.
  15. Hi there, I'm no expert, and hopefully someone who is will chime in here, but just looking, I think your Orbx Libraries might be in the wrong place. In my sim, they are at the start of all the Orbx stuff, so you may want to try moving line 73 up and placing it so that it is just under Addon Scenery at line 58. Also, I'm sure you probably already have them, but make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest Orbx Libraries. Just my thoughts, hope this helps. MC
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