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  1. Thanks again for all your efforts Richard! I confirmed that my UAC is turn completely off. I also completely deleted my fsx.cfg and let FSX create a new one. Still no joy. I forgot to mention 2 airports that I am also having issues with from my last post. 1WA6 - No runway 2W3 - No Buildings I understand finding a small problem within all these sceneries is quite difficult. I am more than happy to try different methods to try and fix it. Thank you!
  2. Hello! I have tried many options listed in both those topics but still have not solved my problems. With FSX:SE installed, I checked the dll.xml in my Roaming folder. I made sure that both the dll.xml in both the FSX folder and FSX:SE folder were identical. I also did the offline objectflow updater, but it said my version was correct. And just to be sure, I checked and made sure the objectflow.dll was in the correct location within FSX. After all this, I went back into vector and still saw that all the airports were on the enabled side after auto-detect. I then went to disable all of them again to get the scenery working normally. I have gone through each airport that was contained in my rather large order and have noted the ones with errors below. 0S9 - One building missing 11S - No hangar buildings 74S - Lights on even in daylight? KFOT - One solid black fuel truck with no other issues KSFF - All buildings are missing roofs KTVL - No buildings KWYS - No buildings OG39 - No buildings S43 - No runway S93 - No buildings WA56 - grass not showing? WA79 - grass not showing? KCGX - Missing stadium, museum, etc. I am trying to avoid a full reinstall of FSX:SE if at all possible, but if I need to, I will do it to get it all working correctly as my FSX:SE is installed in D:/ProgramFiles(x86). Please let me know how we should more forward. Thank you so much!
  3. Good morning all! I just recently installed numerous ORBX Airports to go along side my NA Regions and Global/Vector in FSX:SE. Before I got all the airports installed, all seemed fine. After moving forward with the airports, some of them are missing buildings and POI like KCGX (no stadium), KTVL (no buildings), 11S (no buildings), etc. Also, after the airport(s) install, I notice that in the Airport Elevation Corrections that the disabled side is completely blank after running the auto-detect. Some how, all elevations are still correct in-game for both ORBX scenery and not. I have tried some solutions. I tried running the modularinstaller.exe for Object Flow with no solution. I downloaded the most recent Libraries from ORBX website, but can't manually reinstall them to FTX Central V3 so I would think I have a current and correct version? Should I try seeing if the priority list is correct? All help is much appreciated. Thank you all! Brian
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