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  1. Well.. golly partner you must be special!
  2. Hello can someone direct me to whom I should write to get the above situation corrected. FYI, I have a new email address and changed it in my profile. My Orbx orders come in but the payment info that is handle by Stripe keeps going to my old email address. I tried going to Strip direct but it doesn't recognize me. Thanks for any assistance provided. -Rich
  3. Here is what I see and my world settings:
  4. FYI, I never delete things just change the extension to ".OFF:. I checked my EGHA folder and both the EGHA.bgl and Cvx.blg is ".OFF".
  5. Hi Ronald, Please inform us as to which airport you are referring.
  6. Hi Carlos can we get the coordinates to verify? Thanks much!
  7. Thank you Ed for recognizing defects in your QC/ Beta testing procedures. One can not improve without an acceptance of ones failings. This is a new year and new progress will be made to achieve customers new satisfaction!
  8. Thanks for the explanation. You've got issues ...we've got issues! Looking forward to a "new and improved" release!
  9. Hello my Tasmanian friend, I was referring to the file size in the Orbx directory. I'm just a user trying to assist, not a moderator. If I'm not mistaken, when your downloading it usually takes up twice that size.
  10. Hey Steve I have 1.16 GB. Hope that helps?
  11. Noticed the same even on just simple update of Central. Would be be great if while we are waiting Orbx would let us know that we are queued. Or maybe offer us a ginger beer! Patience is a virtue but by gosh never been too virtuous myself.
  12. Hello Charlie, I checked my install and everything looks fine. I am attaching a picture of a search of my KSNC files in my ORBX for your perusal. BTW, I did a verify files and checked my vecctor config and KSCN was disabled.
  13. My understanding is that verify files does exactly what it says. It makes sure that you have the most updated files for that particular scenery.
  14. Sorry to say but you'll will probably have to clear your temp folder and try again!
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